This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Cost codes'.

Cost Centre,Cost Centre Name,Service
aa0100,Business Support,Lifestyle Services
aa0113,Estment of a County-fuel syndicate grant,Lifestyle Services
aa0201,Planning Policy,Performance and Economy
aa0202,Development Management,Lifestyle Services
aa0207,Local Development Plan,Performance and Economy
aa0210,Conservation Team,Performance and Economy
aa0211,Recreational Boating Scheme,Performance and Economy
aa0213,Countryside Rights of Way,Performance and Economy
aa0215,Coastal Access,Performance and Economy
aa0216,Wales Coast Path (DI&M) Project,Performance and Economy
aa0302,LS Dummy Admin Recharges,Lifestyle Services
aa0304,LS Dummy Planning Recharges,Lifestyle Services
aa0500,Lifestyle Services Service Mgmt,Lifestyle Services
aa0601,Community Wellbeing Service,Lifestyle Services
aa0602,Rent Smart Wales Funding,Lifestyle Services
aa0700,Commercial Services,Lifestyle Services
aa0701,Animal Feed,Lifestyle Services
b07000,Estates & Misc Properties,Performance and Economy
b07001,Estates&other-Vacant properties,Performance and Economy
b07003,Former Tregaron School,Performance and Economy
b07100,Estates & Other Prop - North,Performance and Economy
b07101,Glanyrafon Industrial Estate,Performance and Economy
b07107,Unit A,Performance and Economy
b07110,Aber Gas Site,Performance and Economy
b07121,Tregaron Industrial Estate,Performance and Economy
b07200,Estates & Other Prop - South,Performance and Economy
b07203,"Paragon House, New Quay",Performance and Economy
b07251,Industrial Est - Cardigan,Performance and Economy
b07900,Surplus Assets for Disposal-Holding Acc,Performance and Economy
b08000,Industrial Estates-Budget,Performance and Economy
b09000,Buildings General-Budget,Technical Services
b09102,Swyddfa`R Sir Aberystwyth,Technical Services
b09104,31 Bridge Street Aberyswyth,Technical Services
b09111,Lisburne House Aberystwyth,Technical Services
b09113,4 Corporation St Aberystwyth,Technical Services
b09121,District Office Tregaron,Technical Services
b09199,Admin North,Technical Services
b09211,Neuadd Cyngor Aberaeron,Technical Services
b09212,County Hall Aberaeron,Technical Services
b09214,Welsh Water Offices Aberaeron,Technical Services
b09215,District Office New Quay,Technical Services
b09216,Mobile Unit Pen Morfa,Technical Services
b09217,Felinfach Campus,Technical Services
b09221,Government Buildings Lampeter,Technical Services
b09222,Lampeter LDO,Technical Services
b09231,Llandysul LDO,Technical Services
b09241,Adpar LDO,Technical Services
b09251,Cardigan LDO,Technical Services
b09253,"Green Villas, Cardigan",Technical Services
b09254,"Canolfan Rheidol, Aberystwyth",Technical Services
b09256,Aberystwyth Biomass,Technical Services
b09257,Aberaeron Biomass,Technical Services
b09258,Canolfan Alun R Edwards,Technical Services
b09299,Admin South,Technical Services
b09999,Other Operational Buildings,Technical Services
b13000,Depot-Budget,Technical Services
b13010,Energy Management,Technical Services
b13040,Electricity Charge-Holding Account,Technical Services
b13050,Legionella Charge - Holding Account,Technical Services
b13100,Energy Initiatives,Technical Services
b13101,Llanbadarn,Technical Services
b13102,Glanyrafon Depot,Technical Services
b13103,Glnyrafon T.M.U.,Technical Services
b13104,Queens Road,Technical Services
b13105,Lovesgrove,Technical Services
b13106,Brynymor Nursery,Technical Services
b13107,Plascrug Parks Depot,Technical Services
b13108,Llanbadarn Printing,Technical Services
b13110,Llanbn Employment For Work,Technical Services
b13111,Mill Street Depot Engin.,Technical Services
b13112,Former Huw Lewis Depot,Technical Services
b13121,Tregaron Mart Site,Technical Services
b13122,Tregaron Highways Depot,Technical Services
b13123,Ystrad Meurig Depot,Technical Services
b13211,Aberaeron-Clogfryn Depot,Technical Services
b13212,New Quay Depot,Technical Services
b13231,Penrhos Depot,Technical Services
b13232,Penrhos-TMU,Technical Services
b13241,Adpar Depot,Technical Services
b14001,Street Lighting,Technical Services
b14003,Grassed Areas,Technical Services
b14005,Undeveloped Land,Technical Services
b19111,Aberystwyth Market Hall,Performance and Economy
b19112,Aberystwyth Street Market,Performance and Economy
b19121,Tregaron Street Market,Performance and Economy
b19221,Lampeter Street Market,Performance and Economy
b19251,Cardigan Market Hall,Performance and Economy
b21111,Aberystwyth Mart,Performance and Economy
b21121,Tregaron Livestock Mart,Performance and Economy
b24900,Rhandir Cardigan,Performance and Economy
b24902,Maesllyn Cardigan,Performance and Economy
b24903,Garnfach Llanrhystud,Performance and Economy
b24904,Pencarreg Aberaeron,Performance and Economy
b24905,Cilgwygan Aberarth,Performance and Economy
b24908,Y Bryn Tregaron,Performance and Economy
b24910,Ystrad Caron (2) Tregaron,Performance and Economy
b24913,Llwyndyrus Meadow Llechryd,Performance and Economy
b24914,Tyngrug Uchaf Cwmsychpant,Performance and Economy
b24915,Rhydyfodrwydd Cwmsychpant,Performance and Economy
b24916,Blaenpant Llanwenog,Performance and Economy
b24917,Llwynhenwas Caerwedros,Performance and Economy
b24918,Pencaeau Glynarthen,Performance and Economy
b24919,Brynaeron Nursery,Performance and Economy
b24920,Ystrad Caron(3)Playing Field,Performance and Economy
b24999,General (County Farms),Performance and Economy
b25001,Property Rechargeable Works,Technical Services
b25002,Property Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25010,Penrhiwpal - dangerous structure,Technical Services
b25012,Dangerous Structure-Alexander Hall,Technical Services
b25016,Mobile-Penmorfa,Technical Services
b25017,Magistrates Court Aberystwyth,Technical Services
b25018,Emergency Services Centre Cardigan,Technical Services
b25019,Swimming Pool Electricity Recharged,Technical Services
b25021,Mill St Lampeter - Dangerous Structure,Technical Services
b25022,Gas Contract,Technical Services
b25027,"DangerousStructure1,3CambrianQ&GrovenorH",Technical Services
b25028,"Dangerous Structure-Old Forge, Gwenlli",Technical Services
b25029,"DangerousStructure-Crymant Farm,Brongest",Technical Services
b25030,"Dangerous Structure-33 Brynsteffan, Lamp",Technical Services
b25031,Dangerous Structure Guildhall - Cardigan,Technical Services
b25032,"Dangerous Structure Haulfryn,Llandyfriog",Technical Services
b25033,Dangerous Structure-Towyn HouseCardigion,Technical Services
b25034,Dangerous Structure-Llangrannog ERC U509,Technical Services
b25035,Dangerous Struct Chapel Annex-Ship Inn,Technical Services
b25036,"Dangerous Structure - 8 Buarth Rd, Aber",Technical Services
b25037,"Dangerous Structure - 7 Buarth Rd, Aber",Technical Services
b25300,Aberystwyth Floral Enhancement2003,Technical Services
b25401,89 Heol Tyn Y Fron - Broken Window,Technical Services
b25402,Aberaeron Comp (Westwoods),Technical Services
b25404,109 Heol Tyn Y Fron - Lostr Keys,Technical Services
b25409,Theatr Felinfach Storm Dammage,Technical Services
b25410,2 Penybont Repairs,Technical Services
b25416,Heol Y Bryn,Technical Services
b25417,Police-Seawind llanon,Technical Services
b25418,70 Garth Dinas front door replaced,Technical Services
b25419,36 Ridgeway -Tenant lost Keys,Technical Services
b25421,9 Brynrheidol - Fire damage,Technical Services
b25422,Vandalism Damage-3 Maes Amlwg,Technical Services
b25423,Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25426,108 The Beaches -Repairs Fire Damage,Technical Services
b25427,7 Queens Road damage to internal door,Technical Services
b25428,1 Thespian St Flats-Board up Window,Technical Services
b25429,39 Bro Henllys-Secure Property,Technical Services
b25430,32 Brynrheidol - Fire Damage,Technical Services
b25432,Rechargeable to Tennant No85284,Technical Services
b25433,Rechargeable,Technical Services
b25436,Tenant 8 Llys Idwal Lampeter 86783,Technical Services
b25438,Park Ave DC - Remedial Works to Door,Technical Services
b25439,Marine Terr Railings - Rechg to GW Hide,Technical Services
b25442,Tenant of 19 Felinban MayNo.88359,Technical Services
b25443,Tenant 3 Tremafon aberystwyth 88614,Technical Services
b25449,Swyddfa Sir-crime BAA/1020/05/11/2003-1c,Technical Services
b25500,"6a Plas Helyg, Penparcau - Door & Frame",Technical Services
b25501,Llwyn yr Eos CP - Board up Skylight,Technical Services
b25502,123 Tyn Y Fron - Front Door Vandalised,Technical Services
b25503,15 Bryn Glas Aberporth Crime ref in file,Technical Services
b25505,6 Yr Odyn Trefechan - mayrise 92795,Technical Services
b25506,112 Heol Tyn Y Fron - Mayrise 93346,Technical Services
b25507,15 Bynglas rechg to tenant mayrise 93911,Technical Services
b25508,7 Gwel Rheidol-chg tenant mayrise 94393,Technical Services
b25510,24 Maes Y Deri- Mayrise 95585 to tenant,Technical Services
b25511,8 Ystwyth Close- Mayrise 95558 to tenant,Technical Services
b25512,General Rhydfach-remove dilapidated stru,Technical Services
b25513,Rchg 61 Marine Terr-Mayrise 97213,Technical Services
b25514,Mr/s Robinson 2 Broncynfelin May 97248,Technical Services
b25515,Rchg to tenant 24 Ffynonbedr-Mayrise 975,Technical Services
b25516,Rchg to tenant 45 Beeches-Mayrise 96168,Technical Services
b25517,Rcg Town council-move chair to bandstand,Technical Services
b25518,Rchg to tenant 101 TynyFron-Mayrise98401,Technical Services
b25519,Rcg Tenant - Mayrise 98574 lost keys,Technical Services
b25520,Rchge tenant 3 HeolyGarth-Mayrise99205,Technical Services
b25521,Rchg pre tenant 36HeolAberwennol 99332,Technical Services
b25522,Felinfach CP - Mayrise 99562 Ins Claim,Technical Services
b25523,44 Rhydybont-Mayrise 99684 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25524,Rcg tenant 16 Rhydybont-Mayrise99822,Technical Services
b25525,Rchg 38 Rhydybont Penparcau 100494,Technical Services
b25526,"39 Brynglas, Aberporth - Mayrise100576",Technical Services
b25527,37Maeshenfford-Mayrise 101663,Technical Services
b25528,Lampeter Comp -Mayrise 101281,Technical Services
b25529,6a Plas Helyg-Mayrise 101381,Technical Services
b25530,37Maeshenffordd-Mayrise101663 RepairsFir,Technical Services
b25531,39Bynglas-Mayrise101664Renew Window,Technical Services
b25532,Brynyreglwys-Mayrise101788 Roof Vandalis,Technical Services
b25533,LlanonCP-Mayrise102023 Fire Dam Door,Technical Services
b25534,FfyninbedrCP-Mayrise102415repair ceiling,Technical Services
b25535,24 Rhydybont-Mayrise 102644 Vand`ed Door,Technical Services
b25536,Brynrheidol-Mayrise 102739 Rchg Com Coun,Technical Services
b25537,105 Bynglas-Mayrise 102785 Rchg WW Hospl,Technical Services
b25539,30 Garth Dinas-Mayrise 103149 Rchg Pr Te,Technical Services
b25540,13 Tremafon - Mayrise 104051 rechg tenet,Technical Services
b25541,11HeolyFelin-Mayrise104308 Rchg DESH,Technical Services
b25542,Ysgol Llwynyreos-Mayrise104595 Vandalism,Technical Services
b25543,Victoria Hall-Replace vanda Fire Exting,Technical Services
b25544,47 Brynglas-Repair UPVC Windows,Technical Services
b25545,Storm Damage on 07/01/05,Technical Services
b25546,10 Tremorfa-Mayrise105525 Vandalism reps,Technical Services
b25547,33Garth Dinas-Mayrise105567 vand repairs,Technical Services
b25548,Aber Library-Mayrise106002 repair door,Technical Services
b25549,Llandysul CP-Mayrise1065124 SewerageSpil,Technical Services
b25550,47 GarthDinas-106234 Rcht Vacant Propery,Technical Services
b25551,1 Propect St-106248/701 Fire Ins Claims,Technical Services
b25552,Penparc CP-106519 Ins Claim,Technical Services
b25553,106 The Beeches - Mayrise 106580,Technical Services
b25554,General Glascoed Flats-106613,Technical Services
b25555,4 Trem y Foel-Mayrise106690Rechg Police,Technical Services
b25556,39 Maesheli-Mayrise106789 Replace window,Technical Services
b25557,63 HeolTynyfron-Mayrise106822 Rechg Tenn,Technical Services
b25558,Storm Damage (2/10/04),Technical Services
b25561,39 MaesyDeri-Mayrise107555 Board window,Technical Services
b25564,Make safe ten court fence-Mayrise108212,Technical Services
b25565,Cribyn CP-Mayrise108742 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25566,16Rhydybont-Mayrise109304Rpair glassdoor,Technical Services
b25567,33GarthDinas-Mayrise109309 Rchrge tenant,Technical Services
b25568,Llanfarian CP - Insce Cattle broke fence,Technical Services
b25569,Plascrug CP - Welsh Water Camera Survey,Technical Services
b25570,Aberaeron Swimpool-Mayrise109713 Gulleys,Technical Services
b25571,37Maeshenffordd-Mayrise109717RechgTenant,Technical Services
b25572,85 Heol Tyn y Fron-MayriseRchg to Tenant,Technical Services
b25573,2 Fourth Ave-Mayrise110016 Rchrge Tenant,Technical Services
b25574,Memorial Hall Newquay-Mayrise 110069,Technical Services
b25575,33 Glunpadarn-Mayrise 110072 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25576,51 Brynrheidol-Mayrise110351 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25577,New Quay Rec-Mayrise Rchg- Mrs Hamilton,Technical Services
b25578,57HeolDinas-Mayrise110897 Rchg C.Bradshw,Technical Services
b25579,16 Rhydybont-Mayrise110927Lost key rechg,Technical Services
b25580,60HeolTynyFron-Mayrise111548 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25581,21Bro Hafan-Mayrise111661 Rechg Tenant,Technical Services
b25582,44 Rhydybont-Mayrise112419 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25583,18 MaesYDeri-Mayrise112635 Rechg Tenant,Technical Services
b25584,Gwenlli CP-Mayrise112766 Insurance Claim,Technical Services
b25585,6 Bryn y Mor-Mayrise112845 Rechg Tenant,Technical Services
b25586,13TheBeeches-Mayrise113110-Insurance Clm,Technical Services
b25589,41 Bronllethi-Mayrise 113894-Recharge,Technical Services
b25590,BroncynfelinClarach-May114493 Bird guard,Technical Services
b25592,"Rchg Memorial Bench, Riverside,Aberaeron",Technical Services
b25593,38 Ridgeway-Mayrise 115703 Change Locks,Technical Services
b25594,Llanwnnen CP School-insurance claim,Technical Services
b25595,19 Second Ave-Mayrise116630 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25596,4 BrynYmor-Mayrise116900 Rchg to Tenant,Technical Services
b25597,2 BroDeri-Mayrise117061 Bleed CH Rch Ten,Technical Services
b25598,Comins Coch C.P-Mayrise117096 Burst Pipe,Technical Services
b25600,Insurance Claim-Various burst pipes etc,Technical Services
b25601,Various Burst pipes-Insurance Claim,Technical Services
b25602,"27Maesheli,Penparc-Mayrise117695 FireRep",Technical Services
b25603,23 MaesyrAwel-Mayrise117209 Flood Damage,Technical Services
b25604,86 The Beeches-Mayrise117415 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25605,"Agri House,Wdlands-Mayrise117475KeysLost",Technical Services
b25606,"8BroMarles,Pontsian-Mayrise117508 RcgTen",Technical Services
b25607,22Maes Aeron-Mayrise117539 Ins flood rep,Technical Services
b25608,"13 Rhydfach,Llwyncelyn-Insurance repairs",Technical Services
b25609,11 Trenchard Est.Mayrise117176 RchTenant,Technical Services
b25611,7 MaesyFelin-Mayrise 117710 Burst Tank,Technical Services
b25612,24 Ffynnononbedr-Mayrise117865 Rchg DSS,Technical Services
b25613,41Bronllethi-Mayrise118168 rch to tenent,Technical Services
b25614,53Beeches-Mayrise118211 Rchg Crim Damage,Technical Services
b25615,"10 Tremafon,Penparc-Mayrise118232 RchTen",Technical Services
b25616,57 Heol Dinas-Mayrise118266 Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25617,6 Penybont-Mayrise118267 Rch prev tenant,Technical Services
b25619,Woodlands Flat4-Mayrise118787 Rch Tenant,Technical Services
b25620,"23 Garth Dinas,Penparcau-Rewire Property",Technical Services
b25621,"70 Beeches,Mayrise-119513 Rchg Tenant",Technical Services
b25622,51 Brynrheidol-Mayrise119602 Rch Tenant,Technical Services
b25633,LlanwnnenCP-Mayrise119654 Rch Portacabin,Technical Services
b25634,"60 Maesheli,Pen Mayrise119884 Rch Tenant",Technical Services
b25635,18BroLlan-Mayrise119957 ClearingProperty,Technical Services
b25636,TalgarregCP-Mayrise119441 RchWestern Pow,Technical Services
b25637,Llandysul Comm Cnl-Supply&Deliver Seats,Technical Services
b25638,37Glynpadarn-Myrise121079Tenant lost key,Technical Services
b25639,32Maesyrawel-Mayrise121085 Change Locks,Technical Services
b25640,11 HeolyFelin-Mayrise121203 RchPrevTena,Technical Services
b25641,95MaesYDeri-Mayrise121439 Clear VP,Technical Services
b25642,21Hillfield Place-Mayrise121518 RchPrevT,Technical Services
b25643,9 Bryn Ysgol-Mayrise121695 Rechg Police,Technical Services
b25644,45Glanymor-Mayrise121746 Supply&FirStore,Technical Services
b25645,Install New Bench and Rch Megan Evans,Technical Services
b25646,2Heol Gwyddalis Mayrise121970 RplceGlass,Technical Services
b25647,20Rhydfach-Mayrise122105 RemoveWallPanel,Technical Services
b25648,33Drawbridge-Mayrise122316 RchPrevTenant,Technical Services
b25649,87MaesglasGarage-Mayrise122399 Chge lock,Technical Services
b25650,75Garages BlockE-Mayrise 122504 Locks,Technical Services
b25651,77Garages BlockE-Mayrise 122505 Locks,Technical Services
b25652,Trefeurig CP-Mayrise122792 Doors&Windows,Technical Services
b25653,SwyddffynnonCP-Mayrise122793 Door&Window,Technical Services
b25654,BrynherbetCP-Mayrise122794Doors&Windows,Technical Services
b25655,FerwigCP-Mayrise122795 Doors&Windows,Technical Services
b25656,HarbourShed-Mayrise122860 Pickup&Dispose,Technical Services
b25657,25 Maes Deri-Mayrise 123124 Heating Syst,Technical Services
b25658,6 Heol Hawen-Mayrise123176 Rch RA Beechy,Technical Services
b25659,9 Ridgeway-Mayrise123177,Technical Services
b25660,4Penrodyn-Mayrise123196 Remove flooring,Technical Services
b25661,5 Rhydyfelin-Mayrise123958 Carpets&Doors,Technical Services
b25662,2HeolyFelin-Mayrise123963 VP rch tenant,Technical Services
b25663,23DerwenGardens-Mayrise123968 VP RchTena,Technical Services
b25664,5Penrhodyn-Mayrise123969Rch Scheme,Technical Services
b25665,15BroDewi-Mayrise123976 RchDESH,Technical Services
b25666,Glascoed Flats-Mayrise124097 water dam,Technical Services
b25667,44 Bronllethi-Mayrise124147Rch LE Davies,Technical Services
b25668,24Rhydybont-Mayrise124296 Glass Window,Technical Services
b25669,Aberaeron Yth Centre-Ins claim Sec upgds,Technical Services
b25700,TheatrFelinfach-Mayrise124395 Rch Driver,Technical Services
b25701,"37Glynpadarn-Mayrise124558,board window",Technical Services
b25702,5ParcYFelin-Mayrise124724 Rch Ann Evans,Technical Services
b25703,19 MaesyDeri-Mayrise124921 Rch Mrs Price,Technical Services
b25704,Llanwenog CP Sch-Ins claim after flood,Technical Services
b25705,16 Brynglas-Mayrise125248 Rch S Baggaley,Technical Services
b25707,88Brynglas-Mayrise125982 Rch Tenant,Technical Services
b25708,12Ridgeway-Mayrise125985 RchMrPhillips,Technical Services
b25709,9 Greenfield St Mayrise126112 Lost Keys,Technical Services
b25710,123 Maesglas Mayrise126348 Rch Connaught,Technical Services
b25711,54Tregerddan-Mayrise12666 Roof Tiles,Technical Services
b25712,12CaerFelin Mayrise126667/126675 StormDa,Technical Services
b25713,"AfallenDeg,BowSt-Mayrise126691 Storm Dam",Technical Services
b25715,Cartref Tregerddan OPH-Mayrise 126716 ,Technical Services
b25716,AberaeronComp-Mayrise126724 Rch Oil Spil,Technical Services
b25717,23MaesAmlwg-Mayrise126767Repair oil pipe,Technical Services
b25718,37Bronllethi Mayrise126772 RchPT Surgery,Technical Services
b25719,8Maesyderi-Mayrise126783 VP Rech,Technical Services
b25720,64 Beeches-Mayrise126917/902 StormDamage,Technical Services
b25721,7 Brongwinau-Mayrise126926 VP Recharge,Technical Services
B25722,33Maesyrawel Mayrise126929-Clear ContsVP,Technical Services
b25723,21Brongwinau-Mayrise126930 Clear content,Technical Services
b25724,10Heol Isaf-Mayrise127026 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25725,GrosvenorHouse Mayrise127042 StormDamage,Technical Services
b25726,44Rhydybont-Mayrise127331 Rch Tenant,Technical Services
b25727,59Brynrheidol-Mayrise127477 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25728,Bryn Ysgol Pen-Mayrise127572 Storm Dam,Technical Services
b25729,Gwel Rheidol Pen-Mayrise127573 Storm Dam,Technical Services
b25730,25Ridgeway Card-Mayrise127601ReplaceLock,Technical Services
b25731,10Rhydyfelin Card-Mayrise127604 Prev Ten,Technical Services
b25732,2Annwylfan Aporth Mayrise127623 DoorGlas,Technical Services
b25733,"Heol Yr Efail,Sarnau 127847 Storm Damage",Technical Services
b25734,2Cae Bittfald Mayrise127864 ClearContsVP,Technical Services
b25735,Storm Damage 18&19/1/07-VariousPropertie,Technical Services
b25736,4HeolyGarth-Mayrise128012 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25743,17Glanyrafon Terr-Mayrise128047Rem fence,Technical Services
b25751,33Bronllethi-Mayrise128110 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25753,3BroDewi-Mayrise128116 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25756,22Brongwinau-Mayrise127847 Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25757,"3BroDeri,Betws Bled-Mayrise Storm Damag",Technical Services
b25759,9Rhydyfelin-Mayrise128466Secure door&win,Technical Services
b25760,12Caerfelin Mayrise128704 ClearContsVP,Technical Services
b25761,12BroTeifi Mayrise128825 Storm Damage ,Technical Services
b25762,4HeolYstrad Mayrise129182 RplceGlassDoor,Technical Services
b25764,2GwelRheidol Mayrise 129562 ClearContsVP,Technical Services
b25765,LlandysulCP Ins Mayrise129655Erect Scaff,Technical Services
b25766,TregroesCP Ins Mayrise129656 RepFlatRoof,Technical Services
b25767,26AfallenDeg-Mayrise130038 Change locks,Technical Services
b25768,7QueensRd-Mayrise130105 Gain access,Technical Services
b25769,41 Beeches-Mayrise 130159-61.130174,Technical Services
b25770,Ysgol Llwynyroes-Mayrise130255 Storm Dam,Technical Services
b25772,86Beeches-Mayrise 130303 Rch Mr H Harris,Technical Services
b25773,32Brynrheidol-Mayrise130405 Ins Claim,Technical Services
b25775,Minyddol Bus Shelter-Repair Roof,Technical Services
b25777,13Tremafon Flats-Mayrise130648 RchTenant,Technical Services
b25778,"33MaesYDeri-Rch SDavies,Plas Newydd,Lamp",Technical Services
b25780,8Bronllethi-Mayrise130781 MrC Carscadden,Technical Services
b25784,11Llys Deri-Mayrise131453 Change Locks,Technical Services
b25785,Ffynonbedr CP-Flood Damage,Technical Services
b25787,Lampeter Comp-Storm Damage 14/6/07,Technical Services
b25791,Rch work-Llangoedmor Comm Council,Technical Services
b25792,38Ridgeway-Mayrise132180 Rch Miss Cane,Technical Services
b25793,2Brynheulwen-Mayrise132195 Chg Locks,Technical Services
b25794,44Rhydybont-Mayrise132201 Chg Locks,Technical Services
b25797,YrHafan-Mayrise132368 Fire Ins Claim,Technical Services
b25798,20MaesYrAwel-Mayrise132460 bedroom windo,Technical Services
b25800,Rchg Jeffery Brookes-Penweddig School,Technical Services
b25801,Bodeifion-Mayrise132649 Rch Cantref,Technical Services
b25805,Swyddfa`r Syr-Vand Window ArchebP5040,Technical Services
b25806,Old Ffynnonbedr Sch-Vand window archebP5,Technical Services
b25807,"85 Beeches,Llandysul mayrise 133509",Technical Services
b25808,Rechargable-Ins claim -Llwynyreos School,Technical Services
b25810,Pontsian CP-Provide Security Lighting,Technical Services
b25811,10 Penybont Flats-Penparcau Mayrise no59,Technical Services
b25812,"21 Heol Dinas,Penparcau-Mayrise no127",Technical Services
b25813,"4 Bryn Ysgol,Penparcau-Mayrise no 128",Technical Services
b25814,"3 Bryn Ysgol,Penparcau-Mayrise no 129",Technical Services
b25815,"40 Felinban,Cardigan-Mayrise no 134110",Technical Services
b25816,Garage 2D Penybont Chords no:337,Technical Services
b25817,2 HeolHafod Rch to DESH Chords no 419,Technical Services
b25818,"Joint Equip St,Felinfach-Ins Claim 6022",Technical Services
b25819,"Joint Equip St,Felinfach-Ins Claim 6024",Technical Services
b25820,"8Bro Marles,Ponstian-Chords o/n 851",Technical Services
b25821,44Maesyderi-Chords1309-Rchg Tenant,Technical Services
b25822,35 Bronllethi-Chords1319-Rch Ms Male,Technical Services
b25823,LlwynyreosCP-roof repairs no 6637,Technical Services
b25824,Youth&Comm Cent Penparcau-repairs 6647,Technical Services
b25825,23 Glanymor-Chords2261-Rch Tenant,Technical Services
b25826,Marine Ter-Ins Claim brick wall-Arch6367,Technical Services
b25827,Bodlondeb OPH -Archeb7056-Ins Claim,Technical Services
b25828,LlancynfelinCP Sch-Archeb7114-Ins Claim,Technical Services
b25829,47 Maesheli-Replace glass rch ChordsH304,Technical Services
b25830,Minaeron-ArchebP7441/3 Ins Claim Flood,Technical Services
b25831,"Llys Deri,Lampeter-ChordsH3190 Ins Claim",Technical Services
b25832,54 The Beeches-Clear VP Rchg Mr&MrsDLowe,Technical Services
b25833,57 The Beeches-Clear VP Chords NoH3877,Technical Services
b25834,53 The Beeches-Clear VP Chords No H3878,Technical Services
b25835,Broxap Seat with plaque-HPW1356 Rch Hosk,Technical Services
b25836,"Cross Hill,Bangor Teifi -Rplc glass-door",Technical Services
b25837,"Awelfryn,Abery Rd,Cardigan-Replace locks",Technical Services
b25838,36 Ridgeway Card-Chords No H4591,Technical Services
b25839,"9 Brynysgol,Penparcau-Chords No H4606",Technical Services
b25840,"10 Danygraig,Cenarth-Chords No H4768",Technical Services
b25841,MIND - Recharge for self closing gate,Technical Services
b25842,2Erwlas Aberporth-Glass Door Chord 4963,Technical Services
b25843,"42 Rhydybont,Penparcau Change locks 5005",Technical Services
b25844,Rechg Commemorative Bench-Aberaeron Sq,Technical Services
b25845,"2BrynheulwenBlaenannerch,RepairVP CH5084",Technical Services
b25846,"47Maesheli,Penparcau-ChrdsH5173-Chg lock",Technical Services
b25847,Pennant CP School-Ins Claim-Flood Damage,Technical Services
b25848,23 Maesglas-Vacant Prop H5377 JL Davies,Technical Services
b25849,52 Terrace Road Dilapidations,Technical Services
b25850,10 Felinban-GarageRepairs H5550 Mr.Ander,Technical Services
b25851,Penmorfa North Rd-Repairs electric box ,Technical Services
b25853,"19 Felinban, Cardigan-Rch Miss Cannon",Technical Services
b25854,"37 Maesyderi,Lampeter-Chords no H6284",Technical Services
b25855,Aberaeron Comp - Oil Spillage,Technical Services
b25856,"17 Glynpadarn, Llanbadarn Rch H Morgan",Technical Services
b25887,"75 The Beeches,Llandysul, Recom Boiler",Technical Services
b25888,"34Penmorfa Flats,NorthRd fix fire exting",Technical Services
b25889,"6 Ridgeway,Card-Ms EJones 80 Bro Teifi ",Technical Services
b25890,"35 Maesyderi,Llechryd,Card-new door lock",Technical Services
b25891,"38 Rhydybont,Penparcau-Rch Ms M Wilson",Technical Services
b25892,"63 Broteifi,Cardigan-Ins Claim-repairs",Technical Services
b25893,"12 Rhydyfelin,Cardigan-Rch Mr A Cameron",Technical Services
b25894,F30 Garage Rheidol Close - Mr Jenkins,Technical Services
b25895,Pontsian CP-Insurance Claim Flood Damage,Technical Services
b25896,"7 Rhydyfelin,Card-Rch Dyfed Powys Police",Technical Services
b25897,"Canolfan Meugan,Card-Ins Claim fire dama",Technical Services
b25898,Cenarth CP School- Insurance Claim,Technical Services
b25899,Llangybi CP School-Ins Claim Burst Pipe,Technical Services
b25900,Renew front&back door locks-rch tennant,Technical Services
b25901,Repair to window at 7 Stanley Road,Technical Services
b25902,Purchase bx2020-c1 east gate seat&plaque,Technical Services
b25903,Tregaron Comp-Ins Claim Burst pipes ,Technical Services
b25904,"9Danygraig,Cenarth-Rchg D Carter&MsBrown",Technical Services
b25905,"9 Trenchard Est,Aberporth-Rchg Ms Lumley",Technical Services
b25906,"2 Maes yr Odyn,Rhydowen Ins Claim",Technical Services
b25907,"18 Glanyrafon,Cenarth - Insurance Claim",Technical Services
b25908,"121 Maesglas,Cardigan-Insurance Claim",Technical Services
b25909,"Heol y Felin,Penparc-Rch VP Ann Pugh",Technical Services
b25910,"85 The Beeches,Llandysul-Rch Mr Abba",Technical Services
b25911,"Tourist Info Centtre,Aberaeron-Ins Claim",Technical Services
b25912,"Dyffryn Teifi Comp,Llandysul-Ins Claim ",Technical Services
b25913,"11 Maesyrawel,Treg-Rch tenant-repl glass",Technical Services
b25914,Castle Toilets - Fire Damage,Technical Services
b25915,"9 LlysPedr,Lamp-Rch Mr Shepherd,11 LlysP",Technical Services
b25916,"37Bronlethi, Llanarth-Rch Buddug Lewis",Technical Services
b25917,13 Rhydfach-Rch Tenant-Replace glass,Technical Services
b25919,"85 Brynglas,Aberporth-Rch S Hamer,Penlon",Technical Services
b25920,"35 Maeshenffordd,Card-Rch Mr Jennings",Technical Services
b25921,"7 Anwylfan,Aberporth-Rch Ann Pugh",Technical Services
b25923,Supply one BX2020 BP seat cast iron side,Technical Services
b25924,Llandewi Brefi Community Playground-Rch,Technical Services
b25925,Borth Community Playground - Rch Council,Technical Services
b25926,Minaeron SS&ICES Felinfach-Rch aber Remo,Technical Services
b25927,"6HeolYGorwydd,Llanddewi Rch Mr J Morris",Technical Services
b25928,"11 Gwelrheidol,Penparcau Rch T Rebhan",Technical Services
b25929,Clearance of household-Rch Mrs Anthony,Technical Services
b25930,Tenant Locked out of Flat,Technical Services
b25931,Supply 1xBx17 4019 Kennington Bench,Technical Services
b25932,Clear Property-Rch Mr & Mrs Ring,Technical Services
b25933,26 The Beeches-Insurance Claim,Technical Services
b25934,"25 Maesyderi,Llechryd-Rch tenant",Technical Services
b25935,"16 BroDewi,Henllan,SA445TL Rch tenant",Technical Services
b25936,"24A Penmaesglas Rd, Aber SY231JP Rch ten",Technical Services
b25937,"35 Broteifi,Cardigan SA43 1DS Rch tenant",Technical Services
b25938,"9 Parc Yr Hydd,Ciliau SA431DS-Rch tenant",Technical Services
b25939,Cwrtnewydd CP-Ins Claim oil spill theft,Technical Services
b25940,"39/40/41 Maesyderi, Lampeter-House Fire",Technical Services
b25941,Broken Windows,Technical Services
b25942,Removal of Asbestos,Technical Services
b25943,"32 Maesyderi, Llechryd",Technical Services
b25944,Fit new bedroom door,Technical Services
b25945,"2 Penybont, Penparcau",Technical Services
b25946,construct concrete pads&bolts-xmas tree,Technical Services
b25947,Install electric supply for xmas tree,Technical Services
b25948,"4 Parc Yr Hydd, Ciliau Aeron",Technical Services
b25949,"59 The Beeches, Llandysul",Technical Services
b25950,"Prom, Aberystwyth - Supply & erect sign",Technical Services
b25951,Flood damage at Lampeter Leisure Centre ,Technical Services
b25952,"Dangerous Structure-TyNewydd,Llandyfriog",Technical Services
b25953,"Dangerous Structure-OldSmithy,Blaenplwyf",Technical Services
b25954,Vandalism at Cardigan Leisure Centre,Technical Services
b25955,Board up and replace glass - No 3,Technical Services
b25956,Tregaron Secondary Sports Pavilion-flood,Technical Services
b25957,Pontsian CP Retaining Wall,Technical Services
b25958,Penglais Park - Engineers Report,Technical Services
b25959,Canolfan Hamdden Caron - Water Damage,Technical Services
b25960,Ysgol Y Dderi - Water Damage,Technical Services
b25961,Canolfan Rheidol Defect,Technical Services
b25962,Plascrug Biomass Defects,Technical Services
b25963,Ins Claim - Replace fire alarm Llanon CP,Technical Services
b25964,Ffynnonbedr PS - water damage repairs,Technical Services
b25965,Purchase of bench - Mrs S Langley,Technical Services
b25966,Menter Aberystwyth - Refurbish Bandstand,Technical Services
b25967,Purchase of bench - Mrs Lisa Bray,Technical Services
b25968,WLGA Regional Collaboration Grant,Technical Services
b25970,Purchase of Bench - Tony Harley,Technical Services
b25971,Electricity - Former Ferwig School,Technical Services
b25972,Flood Damage at Aberaeron CP School,Technical Services
b25973,Min Y Ddol Pavilion - Insurance Repairs,Technical Services
b25974,Ffynnonbedr CP - Burst Pipes - Insurance,Technical Services
b25975,Sir John Rhys - Burst Pipes - Insurance,Technical Services
b25976,Aberaeron Comp - Burst Pipes - Insurance,Technical Services
b25977,Llangwyryfon CP - Burst Pipes-Insurance,Technical Services
b25978,Tregaron Leisure - Burst Pipes-Insurance,Technical Services
b25979,"County Hall, Aberaeron - Burst Pipes-Ins",Technical Services
b25980,Llanwnen CP - Water Damage Kitchen - Ins,Technical Services
b25981,Split in biomass heating pipe 07/01/11,Technical Services
b25982,Bicycle Shelters - Penrhyncoch School,Technical Services
b25983,Lampeter Comp - frost damage,Technical Services
b25984,Aberaeron TC - remove Christmas trees,Technical Services
b25985,Plascrug Leisure Centre - Storm Damage,Technical Services
b25986,Insurance claim - Llandysul Leisure Cent,Technical Services
b25987,"Bay Hotel, Aberystwyth-Dilapidation Work",Technical Services
b25988,SIM Search - Terra Nova,Technical Services
b25989,Purchase of Bench - Mr and Mrs Wheeler,Technical Services
b25990,Property Rechargeables - Misc re EJMO,Technical Services
b25991,Canolfan Rheidol - Heating Pipe Replace,Technical Services
b25992,Tregaron Comp-RTA Jun11-Recharge Parent,Technical Services
b25993,Penrhyncoch CP - Ins Claim Leaking Rad,Technical Services
b25994,Dangerous Structure-Pollys Chalybeate St,Technical Services
b25995,Llangwyryfon CP & Bronant CP - Food Cost,Technical Services
b25996,Cardigan LC-InsuranceClaim-DamagedWindow,Technical Services
b25997,Ffynnonbedr CP - latent defects,Technical Services
b25998,Bronze Plaque - Recharge to C Beardmore,Technical Services
b25999,Canolfan Padarn - flood ins claim 090612,Technical Services
b26000,Lampeter Comp - insurance improvements,Technical Services
b26001,Storm damage to shed at Aberaeron Comp,Technical Services
b26002,Canolfan Rheidol Water Harvest 211212 ,Technical Services
b26004,Greenfield Square PC Cardigan - fire dam,Technical Services
b26005,Ysgol Syr John Rhys (Target Hardening),Technical Services
b26007,Assitance to Fire - NLW,Technical Services
b26008,Cardigan Leisure Centre - damaged canopy,Technical Services
b26009,Latent defect issues Plascrug CP,Technical Services
b26010,Replace fire alarm panel at CardiganComp,Technical Services
b26011,Replace glass house Beulah CP-insurance,Technical Services
b26012,Pantyfedwen Public Loos Borth-insurance,Technical Services
b26014,Ysgol Bro Pedr-repairs to main entrance,Technical Services
b26015,Felinfach CP Fire (insurance claim),Technical Services
b26016,Llanwnen pumping station repairs-TaiCant,Technical Services
b26017,Mill St Development - Asbestos Surveys,Technical Services
b26018,Canolfan Padarn intruder alarm,Technical Services
b26019,Loose cladding Canolfan Rheidol ins,Technical Services
b26020,"Purchase of Bench for H Davies, S Davies",Technical Services
b26021,Purchase of Bench for Emma Box,Technical Services
b26022,Purchase of Bench for Brenda George,Technical Services
b26023,Bench for Morgan sisters at the Castle,Technical Services
b26024,Ysgol T Llew Jones - Diesel Spillage,Technical Services
b26025,R 682863 Damage to Laural Hedge,Technical Services
b26026,Memorial Bench - Katie Grover,Technical Services
b26027,Memorial Bench - Charlotte Osbourne,Technical Services
B26028,Awel Deg Works for Hywel Dda move,Technical Services
b26029,County Hall - NMWTRA move,Technical Services
b26030,Llwynyroes acciden damage main ent gates,Technical Services
b26031,New Bench - Lynn Kynason,Technical Services
b26032,Borth CP School Water damage/Burst pipe,Technical Services
b26033,Llwyn Yr Eos CP vandalised sky light,Technical Services
b26034,Old Boots Store broken panes of glass,Technical Services
b26035,Rechg Town Council - opp 15 North Parade,Technical Services
b26036,"Tarmac Council Entrance, Minaeron",Technical Services
b26037,Install new plaque on bench New Quay,Technical Services
b26038,Install new plaque bench-Ellen Knowles,Technical Services
b26039,Old Library Corp St - rear elevation,Technical Services
b26040,Inst memorial bench opp Penwig New Quay,Technical Services
b26041,Inst memorial bench CoastalPath Penmorfa,Technical Services
b26042,Fit plaque on bench opp Penwig New Quay,Technical Services
b26043,Minaeron Hywel Dda HB FM & Serv Costs,Technical Services
b26044,Supply New Bench & Plaque-Mr J R Thomas,Technical Services
b26045,Various Office & School moves Ref P W,Technical Services
b26046,G Griffiths-Bench at New Quay Pier,Technical Services
b26047,D Richards - Bench at New Quay Pier,Technical Services
bs2281,Service Charges-Aberaeron CP,Technical Services
bs2283,Service Charges-Caerwedros CP,Technical Services
bs2284,Service Charges-Cilcennin CP,Technical Services
bs2285,Service Charges-Ciliau Parc CP,Technical Services
bs2286,Service Charges-Cribyn CP,Technical Services
bs2287,Service Charges-Cross Inn CP,Technical Services
bs2288,Service Charges-Dihewyd CP,Technical Services
bs2289,Service Charges-Felinfach CP,Technical Services
bs2290,Service Charges-Gwenlli CP Synod Inn,Technical Services
bs2291,Service Charges-Llanarth CP,Technical Services
bs2292,Service Charges-Llanllwchaearn CP,Technical Services
bs2293,Service Charges-Llanon CP,Technical Services
bs2294,Service Charges-Mydroilyn CP,Technical Services
bs2295,Service Charges-New Quay CP,Technical Services
bs2296,Service Charges-Ysgol Gynradd Penlon,Technical Services
bs2297,Service Charges-Pennant CP,Technical Services
bs2298,Service Charges-Talgarreg CP,Technical Services
bs2299,Service Charges-YsgolGymraeg Aberystwyth,Technical Services
bs2300,Service Charges-Brynherbert CP,Technical Services
bs2301,Service Charges-Capel Seion CP,Technical Services
bs2303,Service Charges-Commins Coch CP,Technical Services
bs2304,Service Charges-Cwmpadarn CP,Technical Services
bs2306,Service Charges-Llanafan CP,Technical Services
bs2307,Service Charges-Llangynfelyn CP,Technical Services
bs2308,Service Charges-Llanfarian CP,Technical Services
bs2309,Service Charges-Llanfihangel-y-CreddynCP,Technical Services
bs2310,Service Charges-Llangwyryfon CP,Technical Services
bs2311,Service Charges-Llanilar CP,Technical Services
bs2312,Service Charges-Mynach CP,Technical Services
bs2313,Service Charges-Penllwyn CP,Technical Services
bs2314,Service Charges-Llwyn-Yr-Eos CP,Technical Services
bs2315,Service Charges-Ysgol Syr John Rhys,Technical Services
bs2316,Service Charges-Rhydypennau CP,Technical Services
bs2317,Service Charges-Talybont CP,Technical Services
bs2318,Service Charges-Trefeurig CP,Technical Services
bs2319,Service Charges-Aberporth CP,Technical Services
bs2320,Service Charges-Beulah CP,Technical Services
bs2323,Service Charges-Llechryd CP,Technical Services
bs2324,Service Charges-Penparc CP,Technical Services
bs2325,Service Charges-Ferwig CP,Technical Services
bs2328,Service Charges-Cwrtnewydd CP,Technical Services
bs2332,Service Charges-Llanwnnen CP,Technical Services
bs2335,Service Charges-Capel Cynon CP,Technical Services
bs2336,Service Charges-Capel Dewi CP,Technical Services
bs2337,Service Charges-Coedybryn CP,Technical Services
bs2338,Service Charges-Glynarthen CP,Technical Services
bs2339,Service Charges-Llandysul CP,Technical Services
bs2340,Service Charges-Penmorfa CP,Technical Services
bs2341,Service Charges-Pontgarreg CP,Technical Services
bs2342,Service Charges-Pontsian CP,Technical Services
bs2343,Service Charges-Rhydlewis CP,Technical Services
bs2344,Service Charges-Tregroes CP,Technical Services
bs2345,Service Charges-Trewern CP,Technical Services
bs2346,Service Charges-Bronant CP,Technical Services
bs2349,Service Charges-Llanddewi Brefi CP,Technical Services
bs2350,Service Charges-Llangeitho CP,Technical Services
bs2351,Service Charges-Lledrod CP,Technical Services
bs2352,Service Charges-Penuwch CP,Technical Services
bs2353,Service Charges-Pontrhydfendiaid CP,Technical Services
bs2354,Service Charges-Swyddffynnon CP,Technical Services
bs2356,Service Charges-Tregaron CP,Technical Services
bs2357,Service Charges-Ysbyty Ystwyth CP,Technical Services
bs2360,Service Charges Blaenporth CP,Technical Services
bs2361,Service Charges-Plascrug CP,Technical Services
bs2362,Service Charges-Ysgol Craig yr Wylfa,Technical Services
bs2363,Service Charges-Penrhyncoch CP,Technical Services
bs2364,Service Charges-Aberbanc CP,Technical Services
bs2366,Service Charges-Ysgol Y Deri-Llangybi,Technical Services
bs2367,Service Charges-Cenarth CP,Technical Services
bs2368,Service Charges - Cardigan CP,Technical Services
bs2369,Service Charges - Ysgol Bro Sion Cwilt,Technical Services
bs2370,Service Charges - Ysgol Rhos y Wlad,Technical Services
bs2371,Service Charges - Ysgol T Llew Jones,Technical Services
bs2372,Service Charges - Ysgol Rhos Helyg,Technical Services
bs3058,Service Charges-Myfenydd VCP,Technical Services
bs3060,Service Charges-Trefilan VCP,Technical Services
bs3317,Service Charges-Llanwenog VA School,Technical Services
bs3318,Service Charges-St Padarn RC School,Technical Services
bs4042,Service Charges-Aberaeron Comprehensive,Technical Services
bs4044,Service Charges-Cardigan Secondary,Technical Services
bs4046,Service Charges-Ysgol Uwchradd Tregaron,Technical Services
bs4047,Service Charges-Penglais Comprehensive,Technical Services
bs4048,Service Charges-Gyfun Penweddig,Technical Services
bs4059,Service Charges-Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi,Technical Services
bs5500,Service Charges - Ysgol Bro Pedr,Technical Services
bs5501,Building services works - Tregaron 3-16,Technical Services
bsl050,Cardigan swimming pool-Service Charges,Technical Services
bsl060,Lampeter swimming pool- Service charges,Technical Services
bsl070,Teifiside swimming pool-Service charges,Technical Services
bsl080,Aberaeron swimming pool-Service charges,Technical Services
cc0001,Corporate Management,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc0002,Standby Team,Families and Children Services
cc0301,SSMSS C&F,Families and Children Services
cc0305,CF Central Business Unit Costs,Families and Children Services
cc0306,RCF Improvement Officer,Families and Children Services
cc0307,Business Support,Families and Children Services
cc0308,Volunteers C&F South,Families and Children Services
cc0309,Volunteers C&F North,Families and Children Services
cc0310,Family Meetings,Families and Children Services
cc0311,Childrens & Family Assessment Team.,Families and Children Services
cc0312,LAC/Leaving Care Team,Families and Children Services
cc0313,Fostering Team,Families and Children Services
cc0314,I.R & Quality Assurance,Families and Children Services
cc0317,Tim Plant Anabl,Families and Children Services
cc0318,SP Family Support Project,Families and Children Services
cc0319,Adoption Team,Families and Children Services
cc0321,Regional Safeguarding Childrens Board,Families and Children Services
cc0322,Tim Teulu,Families and Children Services
cc0323,Transition ESF Grant - Training,Families and Children Services
cc0324,Childcare,Families and Children Services
cc0326,SMAF/Parenting Programme,Families and Children Services
cc0328,IFSS Integrated Family support services,Families and Children Services
cc0329,Edge of Care WG Grant,Families and Children Services
cc0331,Family Contact Supervision,Families and Children Services
cc0332,TAF Holiday PlayschemeSupport,Families and Children Services
cc0333,WIR - When Im Ready,Families and Children Services
cc0503,Residential Accommodation,Families and Children Services
cc0507,Residential Accommodation LAC,Families and Children Services
cc0601,Children Looked After,Families and Children Services
cc0603,St David`s Day Fund,Families and Children Services
cc0604,Support for Care Leavers WG Grant,Families and Children Services
cc0801,Penparcau Family Centre,Families and Children Services
cc0802,JIGSO,Families and Children Services
cc0803,Integrated Childrens Centre,Families and Children Services
cc0804,Penparcau Mother and Baby Unit,Families and Children Services
cc1004,YOS Team,Families and Children Services
cc1005,Effective Practice,Families and Children Services
cc1010,YJB Arts Council,Families and Children Services
cc1015,Remand and Resettlement,Families and Children Services
cc1025,YCPF Restorative approaches,Families and Children Services
cc1026,YCPF Aspire Project,Families and Children Services
cc1027,YCPF ETE one to one,Families and Children Services
cc1028,YCPF PADO,Families and Children Services
cc1032,Restorative Approaches Officer,Families and Children Services
cc1033,YJPS Prevention,Families and Children Services
cc1035,Reaching Wider Funding,Families and Children Services
cc1036,Police and Crime Commissioner,Families and Children Services
cc1037,Serious & Organised Crime Grant - HO,Families and Children Services
cc1038,Community Payback (YRO),Families and Children Services
cc1039,Penparcau Forum,Families and Children Services
cc1040,Restorative Approaches,Families and Children Services
cc1041,Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO),Families and Children Services
cc1042,PPEYP Welsh Gov Bureau Project,Families and Children Services
cc1044,PCC via Penparcau Forum,Families and Children Services
cc1106,Women`s Aid,Families and Children Services
cc1108,Mudiad Referral Project,Families and Children Services
cc1109,Community Connections,Families and Children Services
cc1110,DASH,Families and Children Services
cc1111,Crossroads,Families and Children Services
cc1112,C&F Direct Payments,Families and Children Services
cc1114,Young Carers,Families and Children Services
cc1207,Families First,Families and Children Services
cc1303,SSMSS Older People,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1304,Volunteers South,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1305,Volunteers North,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1307,OP Central Business Unit Costs,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1309,Ceredigion Adult Safeguarding Team,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1401,Bryntirion,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1402,Hafan Deg,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1403,Yr Hafod,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1404,Min Y Mor,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1405,Awel Deg,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1406,Tregerddan,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1407,Bodlondeb,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1408,Res Income / General expenditure,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1410,Care Home Works,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1501,Ind Sector OP Beds,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1506,Adult Placement Scheme - OP,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1509,Joint Care Beds x2,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1510,Hafan Y Waun Nursing Home and EMI,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1601,Ind Sector Domiciliary Care,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1604,Voluntary Sector Day Care,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1606,Age Cymru North,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1607,Age Cymru South,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1611,Sheltered Housing,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1612,Maes Mwldan,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1613,Assistive Technology,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1616,Adult Placement Scheme OP Tenancy,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1620,Enablement Service,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1631,Adult Team North,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1632,Adult Team South,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1633,Adult Team Mid,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1701,Meals @ Home,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc1910,OP Direct Payments,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2101,Care And Repair,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2102,Ceredigion Crossroads,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2103,Age Cymru SLA,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2105,British Red Cross,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2112,PD Spot Contracts,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2200,SSMSS PD,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2201,COTSS,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2210,CAVO SLA / Volunteers,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2211,Disability Team Volunteer Transport,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2212,Physical Disabilities South - Volunteers,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2301,Ind Sector PD Beds,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2402,Community Equipment Store,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2403,Community Equipment ICF Grant,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2404,CILC Health Office Space,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2410,VI Equipment,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2601,Hearing Impaired,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2703,SP Disability,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2705,Direct Payments,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2804,Sight Centre Felinfach,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc2901,Age Cymru,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3001,SSMSS LD,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3002,LD Volunteers,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3005,CTLD Team,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3007,LD Central Business Unit Costs,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3008,RCF LD Accommodation and Efficiency Prog,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3101,Ind Sector LD Beds,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3106,Adult Placement Sch-LearningDisabillites,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3108,Mirus Bryn Place,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3110,Mencap Supported Housing,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3112,Short Stay & Respite Service,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3113,LD Floating Support spot contracts,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3201,Prospects,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3205,Gelli Lon Respite Care Home,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3217,Taxi Service for LD Clients,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3223,Ind Sector Day Care,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3228,Community Connections,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3229,LD Direct Payments,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3241,All Wales Forum for Parents and Carers,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3242,LD Supported Housing Out of County,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3243,Advocacy,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3250,Mirus/Supported Housing,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3275,Adult Placement LD,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3301,Canolfan Padarn,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3302,Canolfan Steffan ,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3303,Canolfan Meugan,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3308,ASD Adult,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3309,LD CSB General,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3701,Ind Sector MH Beds,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3703,Hafal Queen St Supported Hsg,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3706,Adult Placement Sch-Mental Health,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3707,MH Supported Hsg  - Out of County,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3800,SSMSS MH,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3803,CMHT North,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3805,CMHT South,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3807,Volunteers MH,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3809,MH Central Business Unit Costs,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3810,Mental Capacity Team,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3901,Hafal,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3902,W.Wales Action Mental Health,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc3903,Drugaid,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4101,"Hafal, Ystwyth Project",Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4102,Cyswllt/Prism,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4103,W W A M H,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4104,Kinora (Clynfyw),Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4105,Camfa,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4107,Noddfa,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4109,Cyswllt SP Project,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4110,MH SP Floating Support,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4111,MH Direct Payments,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4401,Cardigan Day Centre,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4402,Penrhyncoch Luncheon Club,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4404,Cilcennin Luncheon Club,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4406,Penparcau Luncheon Club,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4407,Aberystwyth Day Centre,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4408,Lampeter Day Centre,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4409,Bryntirion Day Centre,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4412,Llandysul day Centre,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4413,EMI Day Care,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4414,Hafan Y Waun Day Centre,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4415,Day Centres General,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4602,Commissioning Team,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4604,Central Business Unit,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4609,Social Services Pool Car,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4610,Supporting People Team,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4612,SP Homelessness,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4613,SP Housing Option Support,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4615,SP Cantref Projects,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4620,Coastal,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4623,Coastal ER,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4624,Workways+,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4707,91 Maesglas Cardigan,Families and Children Services
cc4803,SSWBA - SS Wellbeing Act,HR and Health & Safety
cc4813,Regional Social Care Partnership,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4820,EIF Mobile Learning Solutions,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4822,Carers Aware E-Learning Project,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4840,Carers Measures,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4841,Carers Resilience Wellbeing Feasibility,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc4901,Specialist Taxi Contracts,Families and Children Services
cc5004,Cavo,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc5014,Substance Misuse Team,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc5018,Domestic Abuse Fund,Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc5023,Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG),Adult and Commissioned Servs
cc9999,Social Services Suspense,Adult and Commissioned Servs
dd0101,DCLS - Dummy,Legal and Democratic
dd0200,Legal Services,Legal and Democratic
dd0201,Land Charges,Legal and Democratic
dd0203,Social Services External Legal Costs,Legal and Democratic
dd0204,Legal Service Management and Support,Legal and Democratic
dd0205,Monitoring Officer,Legal and Democratic
dd0299,P&E Dummy HoS Recharges,Performance and Economy
dd0309,Ceredigion Development Manager,Performance and Economy
dd0321,Horeb Food Centre-Training,Performance and Economy
dd0327,FCW-Farmers Market,Performance and Economy
dd0329,Incubator Units,Performance and Economy
dd0330,Marketing & TIC`s,Performance and Economy
dd0331,Overheads-Aberystwyth Tic,Performance and Economy
dd0332,Overheads-Borth Tic,Performance and Economy
dd0334,Overheads-Aberaeron Tic,Performance and Economy
dd0335,Overheads-New Quay Tic,Performance and Economy
dd0336,Overheads-Cardigan Tic,Performance and Economy
dd0337,Overheads-General AcC Tic,Performance and Economy
dd0341,European Affairs - non Tech Assist,Performance and Economy
dd0350,Growing Mid Wales Regional Engagement,Performance and Economy
dd0351,ERDF East Wales (81013),Performance and Economy
dd0352,ERDF WW&V (81015),Performance and Economy
dd0353,Promoting & Marketing,Performance and Economy
dd0354,ESF East Wales (81014),Performance and Economy
dd0355,ESF WW&V (81016),Performance and Economy
dd0356,Preparatory RDP 2014-2020,Performance and Economy
dd0361,Community Cohesion Fund,Performance and Economy
dd0374,Sea to Shore Festival,Performance and Economy
dd0375,Food Festivals,Performance and Economy
dd0376,Food Centre Wales General,Performance and Economy
dd0380,Beaches,Performance and Economy
dd0392,Refresh Kiosks,Performance and Economy
dd0398,Crown Estate Leases,Performance and Economy
dd0399,Aberystwyth Cycle Fest 2016,Performance and Economy
dd0400,Democtratic Services,Legal and Democratic
dd0403,Translation,Legal and Democratic
dd0410,Reprographics,ICT and Customer Services
dd0420,Registration Of Electors,Legal and Democratic
dd0423,Individual Electoral Registration,Legal and Democratic
dd0430,Community Council Elections,Legal and Democratic
dd0431,County Council Elections,Legal and Democratic
dd0432,Parliamentary Elections,Legal and Democratic
dd0433,European Elections,Legal and Democratic
dd0434,WG Assembly elections,Legal and Democratic
dd0437,Police Commissioners Election,Legal and Democratic
dd0480,HELIX RDP - Food Centre Wales,Performance and Economy
dd0700,Registrars - Llandysul,Legal and Democratic
dd0701,Registrars - Lampeter,Legal and Democratic
dd0702,Registrars - Aberystwyth,Legal and Democratic
dd0704,Registrars - Cardigan,Legal and Democratic
dd0706,Registrars General,Legal and Democratic
dd3054,European Fisheries FLAG,Performance and Economy
dd3058,EMFF 2014-2020,Performance and Economy
dd3059,Aberystwyth Business Improvement Dist,Performance and Economy
dd3060,Partnership for Growth Funding,Performance and Economy
dd3061,Regional Tourism Engagement Fund,Performance and Economy
dd3062,Coastal Communities Fund,Performance and Economy
dd3063,RDP Animation Project,Performance and Economy
dd3064,RDP Implementation Project,Performance and Economy
dd3065,RDP Co-operation Project,Performance and Economy
dd3066,Regional Tourism Engagement Fund 16/17,Performance and Economy
dd3067,Regional Tourism Engagement Fund 17/19,Performance and Economy
dd3068,Ports Development Fund 2017-18,Performance and Economy
dd3070,EMFF Animation,Performance and Economy
dd3071,EMFF Implementation,Performance and Economy
dd4380,EU Referendum,Legal and Democratic
dd8006,HCT Training Adviser salaries,Learning Services
e00104,Person Centered Practice,Learning Services
e00105,Grant Arloesi,Learning Services
e25301,Youth Erasmus,Learning Services
ea0104,Primary School Buildings,Learning Services
ea0105,Primary Pensions Costs,HR and Health & Safety
ea0204,Secondary School Buildings,Learning Services
ea0304,All Through Schools Buildings,Learning Services
eb4042,Aberaeron 14-19,Learning Services
eb4044,Cardigan 14-19 network,Learning Services
eb4046,Tregaron 14-19 network,Learning Services
eb4047,Penglais 14-19 network,Learning Services
eb4048,Penweddig 14-19 network,Learning Services
eb4059,Dyffryn Teifi 14-19 network,Learning Services
eb5500,Ysgol Bro Pedr 14-19 Network,Learning Services
ec0103,Support Supply Staff,Learning Services
ec0104,All Primaries General,Delegated Schools
ec2281,Aberaeron C P,Delegated Schools
ec2284,Cilcennin Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2285,Ciliau Parc Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2288,Dihewyd Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2289,Felinfach Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2291,Llanarth Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2293,Llanon Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2295,New Quay CP School,Delegated Schools
ec2298,Talgarreg Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2299,Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth,Delegated Schools
ec2303,Comins Coch Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2308,Llanfarian Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2309,Llanfihangel-Y-Creuddyn Cp,Delegated Schools
ec2310,Llangwyryfon Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2311,Llanilar Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2312,Mynach CP School,Delegated Schools
ec2313,Penllwyn Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2314,Llwyn-Yr-Eos Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2315,Ysgol Syr John Rhys,Delegated Schools
ec2316,Rhydypennau Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2317,Talybont Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2319,Aberporth Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2320,Beulah Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2323,Llechryd Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2324,Penparc Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2328,Cwrtnewydd Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2332,Llanwnnen Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2345,Trewen C P,Delegated Schools
ec2353,Pontrhydfendigaid Cpschool,Delegated Schools
ec2361,Plascrug Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2362,Ysgol Craig yr Wylfa,Delegated Schools
ec2363,Penrhyncoch Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2366,Ysgol Y Dderi - Llangybi,Delegated Schools
ec2367,Cenarth Cp School,Delegated Schools
ec2368,Aberteifi CP School,Delegated Schools
ec2369,Ysgol Bro Sion Cwilt,Delegated Schools
ec2371,Ysgol T Llew Jones,Delegated Schools
ec2372,Ysgol Rhos Helyg,Delegated Schools
ec2373,Ysgol Dyffryn Cledlyn,Delegated Schools
ec3058,Myfenydd Vcp School,Delegated Schools
ec3060,Trefilan Vcp School,Delegated Schools
ec3317,Llanwenog Va School,Delegated Schools
ec3318,St Padarn Rc School,Delegated Schools
ec3996,Primary Schools General,Delegated Schools
ecb339,Clwb Gwyliau,Delegated Schools
ed0001,IAR Cymru - Primaries,Learning Services
ed0002,IAR Cymru - Secondaries,Learning Services
ed0003,IAR Other - Primaries,Learning Services
ed0004,IAR Other - Secondaries,Learning Services
ed0005,IAR Cymru 16+,Learning Services
ed0007,IAR Cymru - All Through Schools,Learning Services
ed0050,SEN Equipment,Learning Services
ee0002,Suspense,Learning Services
ee0009,HRFLS SLA,Learning Services
ee0010,Financial Services,Learning Services
ee0014,Data Unit,Learning Services
ee0017,SIMS,Learning Services
ee0019,Pupil & Governor Support,Learning Services
ee0101,School Improvement,Learning Services
ee0102,Seren Network,Learning Services
ee0103,Siarter Iaith,Learning Services
ee0104,Catering Central,Learning Services
ee0105,Roots & Wings - EU,Learning Services
ee0108,Rheolwyr Canol,Learning Services
ee0115,Sensory Impairment,Learning Services
ee0122,Head of Learning Services,Learning Services
ee0135,Part Time Educ for 3 year olds,Learning Services
ee0150,School Leadership Module,Learning Services
ee0165,EIG EAL,Learning Services
ee0168,Read a Million Words in Wales,Learning Services
ee0174,14-19,Learning Services
ee0177,Alternative Curriculum,Learning Services
ee0180,Cyfnod Sylfaen - Nas Cynhelir,Learning Services
ee0181,FP Training & Support,Learning Services
ee0184,Cyfnod Sylfaen - Cynradd,Learning Services
ee0185,Cyfnod Sylfaen - Ysgolion 3-16,Learning Services
ee0187,PHIP,Learning Services
ee0188,NQT,Learning Services
ee0189,Technical Services,Learning Services
ee0190,Arloesedd mewn Ysgolion Bach a Gwledig,Learning Services
ee0195,WIMI,Learning Services
ee0203,ICT for Schools,Learning Services
ee0204,ICT for Schools - Equip & Supplies,Learning Services
ee0205,ICT Development,Learning Services
ee0207,Regional Collaboration Grant,Learning Services
ee0209,Cwmpawd,Learning Services
ee0301,Inclusion,Learning Services
ee0302,Uniform Grants,Learning Services
ee0311,Amddiffyn Plant,Learning Services
ee0501,Psychology,Learning Services
ee0502,ALN Advisory,Learning Services
ee0503,Speech & Language,Learning Services
ee1001,Cludiant Colegau,Learning Services
ee1501,Cludiant Cynhwysiant,Learning Services
ee1502,Ceredigion PRU,Learning Services
ee1506,Transport EOTAS,Learning Services
ee1801,LA Special Schools,Learning Services
ee1802,Independent Special Schools,Learning Services
ee1925,PFI Penweddig,Learning Services
ee1929,Post 16 Grant - Secondary Schools,Delegated Schools
ee1930,Post 16 Grant - Middle Schools,Delegated Schools
ee1942,The Hub,Learning Services
ee1944,Developing Education,Learning Services
ee1945,Closed Schools,Learning Services
ee1948,21st century schools,Learning Services
ee1949,Llandysul Community Grant,Learning Services
ee2492,Cymraeg i Oedolion,Learning Services
ee2502,Duke Of Edinburgh,Learning Services
ee2503,14-19 Learning Pathways,Learning Services
ee2508,Aberaeron Youth Club,Learning Services
ee2509,Cardigan Youth Club,Learning Services
ee2512,Penparcau Youth Club,Learning Services
ee2513,Lampeter Youth Club,Learning Services
ee2515,Youth Clubs General,Learning Services
ee2521,Voluntary Sector - Youth,Learning Services
ee2546,Quality Assurance/Activities Youth Work,Learning Services
ee2552,ESF Apprenticeship Youth Workers,Learning Services
ee2602,Dysgu Bro,Learning Services
ee2603,Ceredigion Learning Festival,Learning Services
ee2703,Youth & Continuing Education,Learning Services
ee4041,School-Based Counselling Service,Learning Services
ee4090,Engage,Learning Services
ee4092,NEETS,Learning Services
ee4093,Youth Engagement Grant (CYP),Learning Services
ee8001,HCT,Learning Services
ee8200,Equine,Learning Services
ee8210,Traineeships,Learning Services
ee8212,Administration,Learning Services
ee8213,Agriculture,Learning Services
ee8214,Carpentry and Joinery,Learning Services
ee8215,Childcare,Learning Services
ee8217,Engineering,Learning Services
ee8218,Electrical,Learning Services
ee8219,Hair and Beauty,Learning Services
ee8221,Plumbing,Learning Services
ee8222,Skill Build Youth,Learning Services
ee8223,Skill Build Adult,Learning Services
ee8224,Farriery,Learning Services
ee8230,Apprenticeships,Learning Services
ee8300,Faculty of Technology,Learning Services
ee8303,Faculty E2E Aberystwyth,Learning Services
ee8304,"Faculty of Hair, Beauty & Care",Learning Services
ef0001,Catering Team,Learning Services
ef0002,Primary School Kitchens,Learning Services
ef0003,Breakfast Clubs,Learning Services
ef0005,All Through Schools holding a/c catering,Learning Services
ef0104,School Milk under 5s,Learning Services
ef0105,All Through Schools holding a/c milk,Learning Services
ef0604,Cegin Felin-fach,Learning Services
ef0605,Canolfan y Felin - Arlwyo,Learning Services
ef0606,Canolfan y Castell - Arlwyo,Learning Services
ef1000,Penmorfa Canteen,Learning Services
ef1001,Canolfan Rheidol Canteen,Learning Services
ef2000,Residential Homes,Learning Services
ef2001,Day Centres,Learning Services
ef2002,Activity Centres,Learning Services
eg5000,School Effectiveness Grant,Learning Services
eg5001,School Effectiveness Grant - North,Learning Services
eg5002,School Effectiveness Grant - Mid,Learning Services
eg5003,School Effectiveness Grant - South,Learning Services
eg5004,SEG- Aberteifi,Learning Services
eg5005,SEG- Llanbedr,Learning Services
eg5006,SEG - Tregaron,Learning Services
eh0104,Primary Transport,Learning Services
ei0104,Secondary Pension Costs,HR and Health & Safety
ei4059,Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi,Learning Services
ej0104,Closed Schools Secondary Transport,Learning Services
ek0104,All Secondaries General,Delegated Schools
ek4042,Aberaeron Comprehensive,Delegated Schools
ek4044,Cardigan Secondary,Delegated Schools
ek4046,Ysgol Uwchradd Tregaron,Delegated Schools
ek4047,Penglais Comprehensive,Delegated Schools
ek4048,Gyfun Penweddig,Delegated Schools
ek4059,Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi,Delegated Schools
ek4606,Secondary Schools General,Delegated Schools
ek5606,All through Schools General,Delegated Schools
ekb044,Catering - Cardigan Secondary,Delegated Schools
ekb059,Catering - Dyffryn Teifi,Delegated Schools
el4042,Aberaeron School Leisure Centre,Delegated Schools
el4044,Cardigan School Leisure Centre,Delegated Schools
el5500,Lampeter School Leisure Centre,Delegated Schools
em0104,All Through Schools General,Delegated Schools
em5500,Ysgol Bro Pedr,Delegated Schools
em5501,Ysgol Henry Richard,Delegated Schools
em5502,Ysgol Bro Teifi,Delegated Schools
en0104,All Through Schools Transport,Learning Services
en4094,Cynnydd,Learning Services
ep0104,Secondary Transport - Central,Learning Services
eq0001,Emlyn Secondary,Learning Services
eq0002,Split School,Learning Services
eq0003,Ysgol y Preseli,Learning Services
eq0004,Ysgol Llwynhendy Llanelli,Learning Services
eq2284,Cilcennin,Learning Services
eq2299,Ysgol Gymraeg SEN Transport,Learning Services
eq2309,Llanfihangel y Creuddyn,Learning Services
eq2314,Llwyn yr Eos CP School,Learning Services
eq2316,Rhydypennau CP - Special Needs,Learning Services
eq2319,Aberporth Cp School,Learning Services
eq2353,Cludiant AAA Ysgol Pontrhydfendigaid,Learning Services
eq2361,Plascrug Cp School,Learning Services
eq2363,Penrhyncoch School,Learning Services
eq4042,Aberaeron Comprehensive,Learning Services
eq4044,Cardigan Secondary,Learning Services
eq4046,Tregaron Secondary,Learning Services
eq4047,Penglais Comprehensive,Learning Services
eq4048,Ysgol Gyfun Penweddig,Learning Services
eq4059,Ysgol Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi,Learning Services
eq4606,Secondary Schools Special Ed Transp Genl,Learning Services
eq5500,Ysgol Bro Pedr,Learning Services
eq5501,Henry Richard,Learning Services
eq5502,Bro Teifi,Learning Services
eq7006,Rhydygors Carmarthen,Learning Services
eq7008,"Canolfan Elfed, Carmarthen",Learning Services
eq7010,Craig y Parc Cardiff,Learning Services
eq7017,Rowden Hill School,Learning Services
eq7027,Portfield,Learning Services
eq7028,Seashell Trust,Learning Services
eq7029,Grately House,Learning Services
eq7030,Parc y Rhun Carmarthen,Learning Services
eq7031,St Mary`s East Sussex,Learning Services
er0001,Instruments/Assisted Purchase,Learning Services
er0002,Concerts,Learning Services
er0004,County Instruments,Learning Services
er0104,Peripatetic Music,Learning Services
es0104,Athrawon Bro,Learning Services
es0105,Canolfan y Felin,Learning Services
es0106,Canolfan y Castell - Teithio,Learning Services
et0104,Short Term Insurance,Learning Services
et2284,Cilcennin,Learning Services
et2285,Ciliau Park,Learning Services
et2288,Dihewyd,Learning Services
et2289,Felinfach,Learning Services
et2291,Llanarth,Learning Services
et2293,Llanon,Learning Services
et2295,Cei Newydd,Learning Services
et2298,Talgarreg,Learning Services
et2299,Ysg Gymraeg A`Ystwyth,Learning Services
et2303,Comins Coch,Learning Services
et2304,Cwmpadarn,Learning Services
et2306,Llanafan,Learning Services
et2307,Llangynfelyn,Learning Services
et2308,Llanfarian,Learning Services
et2309,Llanfihangel-Y-Creuddyn,Learning Services
et2310,Llangwyryfon,Learning Services
et2311,Llanilar,Learning Services
et2312,Mynach,Learning Services
et2313,Penllwyn,Learning Services
et2314,Llwyn-Yr-Eos,Learning Services
et2315,Syr John Rhys,Learning Services
et2316,Rhydypennau,Learning Services
et2317,Talybont,Learning Services
et2319,Aberporth,Learning Services
et2320,Beulah,Learning Services
et2328,Cwrtnewydd,Learning Services
et2329,Ffynnonbedr,Learning Services
et2332,Llanwnnen,Learning Services
et2337,Coedybryn,Learning Services
et2339,Llandysul,Learning Services
et2342,Pontsian,Learning Services
et2349,Llanddewi Brefi,Learning Services
et2353,Pontrhydfendigaid,Learning Services
et2356,Tregaron,Learning Services
et2362,Craig Yr Wylfa,Learning Services
et2364,Aberbanc,Learning Services
et2366,Ysgol Y Dderi,Learning Services
et2367,Cenarth,Learning Services
et2369,Bro Sion Cwilt,Learning Services
et2370,Ysgol Rhos y Wlad,Learning Services
et2371,Ysgol T Llew Jones,Learning Services
et2372,Ysgol Rhos Helyg,Learning Services
et3058,Myfenydd,Learning Services
et3317,Llanwenog,Learning Services
et3318,Padarn Sant,Learning Services
et5500,Ysgol Bro Pedr,Learning Services
et5501,Tregaron 3-16,Learning Services
eu0001,SEN Management,Learning Services
ev0104,Long Term Insurance,Learning Services
ev2281,Aberaeron C P,Learning Services
ev2284,Cilcennin Cp,Learning Services
ev2289,Felinfach CP,Learning Services
ev2291,Llanarth Cp,Learning Services
ev2295,New Quay Cp,Learning Services
ev2298,Talgarreg Cp,Learning Services
ev2299,Ygym A`Ystwyth,Learning Services
ev2303,Commins Cp,Learning Services
ev2304,Cwmpadarn Cp,Learning Services
ev2306,Llanafan Cp,Learning Services
ev2308,Llanfarian Cp,Learning Services
ev2310,Llangwyryfon,Learning Services
ev2311,Llanilar Cp,Learning Services
ev2312,Mynach Cp,Learning Services
ev2313,Penllwyn Cp,Learning Services
ev2315,Ysgol Syr John Rhys,Learning Services
ev2316,Rhydypenau Cp,Learning Services
ev2317,Talybont Cp,Learning Services
ev2319,Aberporth Cp,Learning Services
ev2320,Beulah Cp,Learning Services
ev2323,Llechryd Cp,Learning Services
ev2324,Penparc Cp,Education and Culture Services
ev2328,Cwrtnewydd Cp,Learning Services
ev2329,Ffynonbedr Cp,Learning Services
ev2332,Llanwnen Cp,Learning Services
ev2337,Coedybryn Cp,Learning Services
ev2339,Llandysul Cp,Learning Services
ev2349,Llanddewi Bcp,Learning Services
ev2353,P`Fendigd Cp,Learning Services
ev2356,Tregaron Cp,Learning Services
ev2363,Penrhyn Cp,Learning Services
ev2364,Aberbanc Cp,Learning Services
ev2366,Ysgol Y Dderi,Learning Services
ev2369,Bro Sion Cwilt,Learning Services
ev2371,Ysgol T Llew Jones,Learning Services
ev2372,Ysgol Rhos Helyg,Learning Services
ev3058,Myfenydd Vcp,Learning Services
ev3060,Trefilan Vcp,Learning Services
ev3317,Llanwenog Cp,Learning Services
ev4044,Cardigan Secondary School,Learning Services
ev4046,Ysgol Uwchradd Tregaron,Learning Services
ev4059,Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi,Learning Services
ev5500,Ysgol Bro Pedr,Learning Services
ev5501,Tregaron 3-16,Learning Services
ew0104,Closed Schools Primary Transport,Learning Services
ff0202,Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit,Finance
ff0203,Council Tax Collection,Finance
ff0206,All LDOs,ICT and Customer Services
ff0223,Housing Benefit Admin Account,Finance
ff0225,Local Taxation Grants,Finance
ff0226,Benefits Grants,Finance
ff0229,Customer Services,ICT and Customer Services
ff0230,Customer Services Transformation Project,ICT and Customer Services
ff0302,I.T.-Systems & Application Support,ICT and Customer Services
ff0308,Canon MFD Group,ICT and Customer Services
ff0309,P C Replacement,ICT and Customer Services
ff0402,Internal Audit,Performance and Economy
ff0499,P&E Dummy Internal Audit Recharges,Performance and Economy
ff0502,Council Tax Benefit Paid,Finance
ff0503,Rent Allowances Paid,Finance
ff0504,Rent Rebates Paid,Finance
ff0505,Benefits Grant,Finance
ff0510,Council Tenants IS-LA Error,Finance
ff0558,Discretionary Payments - Private Tenant,Finance
ff0583,Council Tax Benefit Grant,Finance
ff0584,Rent Allowances Benefit Grant,Finance
ff0585,Rent Rebates Benefit Grant,Finance
ff0586,Discretionary Housing Income,Finance
ff0601,Coroners,Legal and Democratic
ff0602,Celebrations & Receptions,Legal and Democratic
ff1000,Interest Payable and Similar Charges,Finance
ff1001,Repurchase on Early Settlmt of Borrowing,Finance
ff1100,Investment Interest Income,Finance
ff1930,Insurance Claims,Finance
ff1942,School Activity Insurance,Finance
ff2100,Non-Distributed Costs,Finance
ff3000,Grants & Contributions,Finance
ff3500,Telephones Account,ICT and Customer Services
ff3700,Contingencies,Leadership Group
ff3701,Invest to Save,Leadership Group
ff3702,Cardigan Castle-unavoidable expenditure,Leadership Group
ff3750,Citizens Advice Bureau,Finance
ff4000,NNDR Relief,Finance
ff4001,Council Tax Premium,Finance
ff4500,Bank Charges,Finance
ff4800,Other Expenses,Finance
ff4805,Job Evaluation,HR and Health & Safety
ff4808,Staffing Costs,Leadership Group
ff4809,Corporate Savings,Leadership Group
ff4817,Revenue Reserves Funding - Capital Prog,Levies AddFunding Bals and Res
ff4818,Severance Pay,Leadership Group
ff4820,Leadership Group,Leadership Group
ff4821,Substance Misuse Service Grant,Leadership Group
ff5050,Members Allowances & Associated Costs,Legal and Democratic
ff5051,Broadcasting - Meetings & Websites Grant,Legal and Democratic
ff5401,Aberaeron Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5402,Aberporth Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5403,Aberystwyth Bronglais Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5405,Aberystwyth North Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5407,Aberystwyth Penparcau Ward (2),Legal and Democratic
ff5408,Aberystwyth Penparcau Ward (1),Legal and Democratic
ff5409,Aberystwyth Rheidol Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5410,Aberystwyth Central Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5411,Beulah Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5412,Borth Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5413,Capel Dewi Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5414,Cardigan Mwldan Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5415,Cardigan Teifi Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5416,Cardigan Rhydyfuwch Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5417,Ceulanamaesmawr Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5418,Ciliau Aeron Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5419,Faenor Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5420,Lampeter Ward (2),Legal and Democratic
ff5421,Lampeter Ward (1),Legal and Democratic
ff5422,Llanarth Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5423,Llanbadarn Fawr Padarn Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5424,Llanbadarn Fawr Sulien Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5425,Llandyfriog Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5426,Llandysiliogogo Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5427,Llandysul Town Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5428,Llanfarian Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5429,Llanfihangel Ystrad Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5430,Llangeitho Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5431,Llangybi Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5432,Llanrhystud Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5433,Llansantffraed Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5434,Llanwenog Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5435,Lledrod Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5436,Melindwr Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5437,New Quay Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5438,Penbryn Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5439,Penparc Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5440,Tirymynach Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5441,Trefeurig Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5442,Tregaron Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5443,Troedyraur Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff5444,Ystwyth Ward,Legal and Democratic
ff7060,Mid&West Wales Fire Authority,Levies AddFunding Bals and Res
ff7080,Special Levy - Internal Drainage,Levies AddFunding Bals and Res
ff7501,Redundancy/Retirement - Non Teachers,Finance
ff7502,Redundancy/Retirement - Teachers,Finance
ff9010,Pensions Interest Cost,Pensions - FRS 17 Adjusments
ff9011,Expected Return on Pensions Assets,Pensions - FRS 17 Adjusments
ff9012,Contribution from Pensions Reserves,Pensions - FRS 17 Adjusments
ff9013,Transfer Pensions to CF,Pensions - FRS 17 Adjusments
ff9999,General Reserves and Balances,Levies AddFunding Bals and Res
g00000,Highways Department-Budget,Technical Services
g00294,Bow Street Station,Technical Services
g02010,North,Technical Services
g02110,Highways Group Manager,Technical Services
g02300,Highways Planned Maintenance,Technical Services
g02400,Street Scene,Technical Services
g02500,Development and Strategy,Technical Services
g02600,Corporate Passenger Transport Unit,Technical Services
g02700,Waste Management,Technical Services
g02850,TRaCC Contribution,Technical Services
g02860,TRACC - Regional Travel Plan Officer,Technical Services
g02870,TRACC - Smart Choices Program,Technical Services
g02880,TRACC - Program Officer,Technical Services
g02890,TRACC - Consultancy RTP Monitoring,Technical Services
g02900,Passenger Transport Strategy,Technical Services
g02910,Bus Funding Review,Technical Services
g02920,Cambrian Railways Ptnrship Dev Officer,Technical Services
g02930,Cambrian Railways Safety Film Project,Technical Services
g02950,WelTag stage 1 - Reop Railway Aber &Carm,Technical Services
g03000,Head of ATS,Technical Services
g03010,Ymlaen Ceredigion,Technical Services
g03110,Administration,Technical Services
g03120,Glanyrafon,Technical Services
g03130,Aberystwyth,Technical Services
g03140,Aberaeron,Technical Services
g03150,Regent Street,Technical Services
g03200,Financial Control,Technical Services
g03300,Business Systems Support & Technology,Technical Services
g04000,Head of Technical Services,Technical Services
g04110,Property Management & Projects,Technical Services
g04120,Architectural Section,Technical Services
g04140,Property Maintenance,Technical Services
g04190,Asset Management Plan Costs,Technical Services
g04220,Quantity Surveying Section,Technical Services
g04500,Carbon Energy Management Officer,Technical Services
g05550,SLA`s Tech Support,Technical Services
g06000,Local Environment Group Manager,Technical Services
g06300,Highways Reactive,Technical Services
g06400,Facilities and Consultancy,Technical Services
g06410,Facilities and Consultancy - NMWTRA,Technical Services
g06600,Social Services Transport Management,Technical Services
g06700,Engineering Trading Services Recharges,Technical Services
g06800,Engineering Grounds,Technical Services
g07000,Property Maintenance & Facilities,Technical Services
g07100,Property Contracts Section,Technical Services
g07400,Sth Dlo Unclass Rev.Direct,Technical Services
g07700,Property Trading Services Recharges,Technical Services
g08000,Computer Systems,Technical Services
g09000,Central Training Approved Courses,Technical Services
g10400,Trunk Road - Core Costs,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
g11413,Nth Dlo Principal Rev Direct,Technical Services
g11600,Cycleways,Technical Services
g21000,Highways Lighting - Budget,Technical Services
g21010,Public Lighting,Technical Services
g21016,High Light- MANWEB Area North Contractor,Technical Services
g21020,Public Lighting - South,Technical Services
g21030,Illuminated Signs,Technical Services
g21036,High Light SWALEC Area South- Contractor,Technical Services
g21040,Illuminated Signs - South,Technical Services
g21050,Traffic Signals - North,Technical Services
g21060,Traffic Signals - South,Technical Services
g21117,Sign Illum.MANWEB Area North Contractor,Technical Services
g31100,Wint Mtce North Princ Rds,Technical Services
g36000,Winter Maintenance - Fleet Costs,Technical Services
g40000,Highways Cleaning-Budget,Technical Services
g41000,North,Technical Services
g42000,Mid,Technical Services
g60000,Public Transport-Budget,Technical Services
g61000,Rail Travel,Technical Services
g62000,Bus Services,Technical Services
g62100,Park & Ride Service,Technical Services
g62200,Local Transport Services Grant,Technical Services
g62256,Young Persons Scheme,Technical Services
g62300,Bus Revenue Support Grant,Technical Services
g62400,Free transport week - x40 and x50,Technical Services
g63000,Integrated Passenger Transport Pilot1415,Technical Services
g64000,Country Cars,Technical Services
g65000,Concessionary Fares,Technical Services
g68000,BSSG (BSOG),Technical Services
g71000,Road Safety,Technical Services
g71100,Kerbcraft (was Child Pedestrian Co-ord),Technical Services
g71200,Walking and Cycling Initiative,Technical Services
g72000,School Crossing Service,Technical Services
g73000,Safety Camera Partnership,Technical Services
g74000,Flashing Amber Lights,Technical Services
g75000,A486 Synod Inn Approach Traffic Calming,Technical Services
g75020,Driver Simulator,Technical Services
g75050,Vehicle Activated signs at various sites,Technical Services
g75080,Local Road Safety (Grant Income),Technical Services
g75110,Motorcycle Ride Safely Signs,Technical Services
g75340,Road Safety Project Officer,Technical Services
g75410,WRCRP - county road telemetry sites,Technical Services
g75430,20mph advisory speed limit costs,Technical Services
g75520,Motorcycle Rider Improvement Scheme,Technical Services
g75530,B4333 Glaspant & B4337 Nebo - New V.A.S.,Technical Services
g75540,"A478 Tenby Road, Cardigan",Technical Services
g75550,Central Cardigan Pedestrian Scheme,Technical Services
g75560,Commuter Rural Route Analysis,Technical Services
g75660,Young Road Users ETP,Technical Services
g75670,Mature Drivers ETP,Technical Services
g75680,National Standards Cycle Training,Technical Services
g75750,Penybont/Heol y Bont jnc A4120,Technical Services
g75760,Hight Street Cardigan - prep works,Technical Services
g75770,NorthRd(Napier St to War Memorial) Cardi,Technical Services
g75780,Pendre Cardigan (signage),Technical Services
g75790,B4338 Mount Crossroads Synod Inn-Talgarr,Technical Services
g75800,Portable Speed Monitoring Device,Technical Services
g75810,B4449 Traffic Calming Rhydowen Llandysul,Technical Services
g75820,Blaenberllan Llangoedmor Crossroads Card,Technical Services
g75830,A475 Horeb approach to Gorrig crossroads,Technical Services
g75840,A484 Llwynduris bend Llandywydd,Technical Services
g75850,A484 Ivy Cottage bends Llechryd,Technical Services
g75860,A482 Hen Feddau Lampeter,Technical Services
g75870,B4338 Mount crossrds Synod Inn-Talgarreg,Technical Services
g75880,B4570 Blaenbarthen/Blaenberllan Llangoed,Technical Services
g75890,Early Years ETP,Technical Services
g75900,Casualty rate sign posts A&B routes KSI,Technical Services
g75910,A486 Synod Inn Approach Traffic Calming,Technical Services
g75921,East of Llechryd Bends,Technical Services
g75922,School Flashing Amber Light Replacement,Technical Services
g76000,Cycle to Work Infrastructure,Technical Services
g77000,Speed Limit Review,Technical Services
g78000,Parking Order Review,Technical Services
g79000,Aberystwyth Parking,Technical Services
g81000,North,Technical Services
g82000,Mid,Technical Services
g83000,South,Technical Services
g84000,NRASWA,Technical Services
g85000,Highways Acts Licences,Technical Services
g86000,Section 74 - NRASWA,Technical Services
g87000,NRASWA - Rural,Technical Services
g89000,NRASWA Urban,Technical Services
g91200,Client Transport,Technical Services
g91210,Transport Supervision,Technical Services
g92100,North,Technical Services
ga0000,Highways Maintenance-Budget,Technical Services
ga1040,Highways Gratuities,Technical Services
ga1111,Principal Roads,Technical Services
ga1116,North-Principal Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1121,Mid-Principal Rds-DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1126,Mid-Principal Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1131,South-Principal Rds-DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1136,South-Principal Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1141,HQ-Principal Rds -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1146,HQ-Principal Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1151,Maint Principal Rds Urban DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1152,Maint Prin Roads Urban DLO Tend,Technical Services
ga1156,Maint Principal Rds Urban Contractor,Technical Services
ga1161,Maint Principal Rds Rural DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1166,Maint Principal Rds Rural Contractor,Technical Services
ga1174,Highways General Standby,Technical Services
ga1211,Class2 Roads,Technical Services
ga1216,North-Class 2 Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1221,Mid-Class2 Rds-DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1226,Mid-Class 2 Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1231,South-Class 2 -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1236,South-Class 2 Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1241,HQ-Class 2 Rds -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1242,HQ-Class 2 Rds -DLO Tendered,Technical Services
ga1246,HQ-Class 2 Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1251,Maint Class 2 Rds Urban DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1252,Maint Class 2 Rds Urban DLO Tend,Technical Services
ga1256,Maint Class 2 Rds Urban Contractor,Technical Services
ga1261,Maint Class 2 Rds Rural DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1262,Maint Class2 Rds Rural DLO Tend,Technical Services
ga1266,Maint Class 2 Rds Rural Contractor,Technical Services
ga1311,Class3 Roads,Technical Services
ga1316,North-Class 3 Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1321,Mid-Class3 Rds-DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1326,Mid-Class 3 Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1331,South-Class3 Rds -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1336,South-Class 3 Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1341,HQ-Class 3 Rds -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1346,HQ-Class 3 Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1351,Maint Class 3 Rds Urban DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1356,Maint Class 3 Rds Urban Contractor,Technical Services
ga1361,Maint Class 3 Rds Rural DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1366,Maint Class 3 Rds Rural Contractor,Technical Services
ga1411,Unclassified Roads,Technical Services
ga1416,North-Unclassified Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1421,Mid-Unclass Rds-DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1426,Mid-Unclassified Rds-Contractor,Technical Services
ga1431,South-Unclass Rds -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1436,South-Unclass Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1441,HQ-Unclass Rds -DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1446,HQ-Unclass Rds- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1451,Maint Unclassified Rds Urban DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1452,Maint Unclassified Rds Urban DLO Tend,Technical Services
ga1456,Maint Unclassified Rds Urban Contractor,Technical Services
ga1461,Maint Unclassified Rds Rural DLO Direct,Technical Services
ga1466,Maint Unclassified Rds Rural Contractor,Technical Services
ga1511,BOATS,Technical Services
ga1512,North-BOATS-DLO Tendered,Technical Services
ga1546,HQ-BOATS- Contractor,Technical Services
ga1566,Maint BOATS Rural Contractor,Technical Services
ga1640,Maint Cycle Ways,Technical Services
ga1646,Maint Cycle ways HQ Contractor,Technical Services
ga1656,Maintenance - Cycle Ways - Urban - Ctr,Technical Services
ga1746,Highways General HQ,Technical Services
ga1846,Maint Unplanned Grant - Adverse Weather,Technical Services
ga1856,CPE Preparation,Technical Services
ga1866,Maintenance Unplanned - Adverse Weather,Technical Services
ga1876,Asset Mngmnt Grant Funded Local Rd Maint,Technical Services
ga1886,Timber Haulage Routes - Highway Maint,Technical Services
ga1896,Tywi Forest Project,Technical Services
gb0000,Remedial Earthworks-Budget,Technical Services
gb0122,B4340 Trefriw Improv.Tynygraig,Technical Services
gb0411,MinorReWorks-A routes,Technical Services
gb0413,Minor RE works-A Routes South DLO Direct,Technical Services
gb0421,Minor RE works-B Routes,Technical Services
gb0422,Minor RE Works-B Routes Mid DLO Direct,Technical Services
gb0423,Minor RE Works-B Routes South DLO Direct,Technical Services
gb0512,a482 falcondale east lodge lampeter,Technical Services
gb0531,Minor RE Works-C Routes,Technical Services
gb0532,Minor RE Works-C Routes Mid DLO Direct,Technical Services
gb0533,Minor RE Works-C Routes South DLO Direct,Technical Services
gb0541,Minor RE works U/C Routes,Technical Services
gb0542,Minor RE Works-U/c Routes Mid DLO Dire,Technical Services
gb0543,Minor RE Works-U/c Routes Sth DLO Direct,Technical Services
gb0613,a484 ty`r morfa cardigan,Technical Services
gb0641,Gerynant RW Cwmpadarn Lane,Technical Services
gb0713,a486 caer lan croeslan,Technical Services
gb0721,B44343 HighwaySupp Fuchesgau,Technical Services
gb0731,C1089 Rhosywlad Road,Technical Services
gb0813,a484 broga croesyllan,Technical Services
gb0822,B4342 High Supp Llwynmorris,Technical Services
gb0831,c1019 drws y coed talybont,Technical Services
gb0843,u5187 Blaenllanarth to foelcwm mawr road,Technical Services
gb0913,A484Brynalan-Highway Support Improvement,Technical Services
gb0923,b4338 north of talgarreg,Technical Services
gb0932,Remedial Earthworks C1040 Capel Pantglas,Technical Services
gb0944,U5311 Cwrtnewydd-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1014,A4120 Op Hafod Arms Devils Bri -RemEarth,Technical Services
gb1023,b4459 tafarn bach talgarreg,Technical Services
gb1034,C1015 Cribyn-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1114,A485 Lledrod-Remedial Earthwrorks,Technical Services
gb1122,b4342 rhiw rafael dihewyd,Technical Services
gb1134,C1116 Nebo-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1224,New Road-New Quay,Technical Services
gb1324,Glanystwyth Pontrhydygroes,Technical Services
gb1424,B4340 Abermagwr - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1524,B4338 Between y Graig&Talgarreg-RemEarth,Technical Services
gb1624,B4574 Devil`s Bridge(op car park)Rem Ear,Technical Services
gb1724,B4459 Tafarn Bach-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1824,B4321 Llangrannog-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1834,C1012 Tresaith-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1844,U1108 Ystumtuen-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1854,U1019 Llandre-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1864,B4340 Llanafan-Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1874,"C1002 Blaenpennal, N of Llain-Rem EarthW",Technical Services
gb1884,C1012 Opp Berwyn Banc Tresaith-Rem Earth,Technical Services
gb1894,B4342 Cefn Garsi (ED1720) - Rem Earthwk,Technical Services
gb1904,C1165 Bowls Road (ED2540) - Rem Earthwk,Technical Services
gb1914,B4459 Pontsian/Rhydowen(ED2541)-RemEarth,Technical Services
gb1924,B4459 StJohns Church Pontsian(ED2542)-RE,Technical Services
gb1944,C1130 Maesbangor - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1954,A475 Llandyfriog - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1964,A482 Felinfach - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1974,C1070 Rhydyfelin - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb1984,"C1010 Minafon, Penrhyn - Rem Earthworks",Technical Services
gb1994,A4120/B4343 Ponterwyd-Devils Bridge - RE,Technical Services
gb2004,B4576 Llangwyryfon (nr Gerwyre) - RE,Technical Services
gb2014,B4576 Llangwyryfon (S of Vicarage) - RE,Technical Services
gb2024,C1013 Cwmerfyn - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb2034,B4337 Gabionade Alltyblaca-Rem Earthwork,Technical Services
gb2044,Penwalle Rd Llandysul-RemedialEarthworks,Technical Services
gb2054,B4340 Y Ffynnon/Ffynnon Drindod-RemEarth,Technical Services
gb2064,A475/U5208 Derlwyn/Derwenlas-RemEarthwks,Technical Services
gb2074,C1140 Cwm Mabws Llanrhystud - Rem Earth,Technical Services
gb2084,B4337 Highmead Arms - Remedial Earthwork,Technical Services
gb2094,C1107 Parc Bach - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb2104,U5170 Royal Oak (2areas)-Remedial Earth,Technical Services
gb2114,Troedrhiw Llandysul - Remedial Earthwork,Technical Services
gb2124,C1010 Ty`n Cwm Penrhyncoch - RemEarthwks,Technical Services
gb2134,A485 Olmarch - Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gb2144,U5015 Penrallt House Llechryd,Technical Services
gb2154,C1072 passing place nr Castell Howell,Technical Services
gb2164,U5146 bet jct C1230 & U5145 Gilfachreda,Technical Services
gb2174,"U5093 Penmorfa, Sarnau, repair highway",Technical Services
gb2184,"U1409 Ty`n Cwm Cottage, Llanon, ret wall",Technical Services
gb2194,U5311 LandSlip betGarth&Gelli Cwrtnewydd,Technical Services
gb2204,C1133 & C1163 edge of c/way subsidence,Technical Services
gb2205,B4570 Manarafon Cardigan - c/way repairs,Technical Services
gb2206,C1006 above Capel Llwyndafydd - RE,Technical Services
gb2207,C1308 above Pont Llwni Maescrugiau,Technical Services
gb2208,U5179 Felin Cwm Ciliau Aeron - c/way rep,Technical Services
gb2209,A485 S of Llanilar (Coed Cwm-Croes)-slip,Technical Services
gb2210,C1013 Cwmdarren Penbontrhydybeddau-slip,Technical Services
gb2211,C1012 Tresaith - Highway Support - RE,Technical Services
gb2212,B4337 nr Cwmiago bet Cribyn-Llanwnen RE,Technical Services
gb2213,B4459 Dolwalter Capel Dewi-Llanfihangel,Technical Services
gb2214,C1010 2 locations N Ty`n Cwm Penrhyncoch,Technical Services
gb2216,C1070 Gwel Ystwyth Rhydyfelin - HwaySupp,Technical Services
gb2217,A475 Llwynderw Lamp to Pentre Bach Rd,Technical Services
gb2218,U5170 Five Oaks Gilfachreda - RE,Technical Services
gb2219,C1190 oppUwchYr AigCreigleTowynRdNewQuay,Technical Services
gb2220,A485 Betws Bledrws & Silian Bridge,Technical Services
gb2221,B4321 Ffynnon Fair Llangrannog-side supp,Technical Services
gb2222,Tree Llanwern Est to jct B4342-bank fail,Technical Services
gb2223,C1115 bet jct B4340 & saw mill Llanafan,Technical Services
gb2224,A475 E of crossroads Horeb-contruct gab,Technical Services
gb2225,B4338 Alltgoch Quarry Cwrtnewydd-gabion,Technical Services
gb2226,B4575 2locations Plas Lidiardau Llanilar,Technical Services
gb2227,C1030 The Lodge Pont Tywely-hway support,Technical Services
gb2228,C1127 Llanrhystud Primary Sch - ret wall,Technical Services
gb2229,B4337 Fish & Anchor Llanwnen - bank fail,Technical Services
gb2230,C1095 Pont Gogoyan to Llwynygroes-recons,Technical Services
gb2231,U1018 Allt y Coed Llandre - side support,Technical Services
gb2232,B4570 Treforgan Llangoedmor-Embankment,Technical Services
gb2233,B4574 Waterfalls Car Park Devils Bridge,Technical Services
gb2234,C1100 nr Ty Gwyn Clarach - hway support,Technical Services
gb2235,U1511 Soar y Mynydd - hway support fail,Technical Services
gb2236,No50 Brynglas Rd Llanbadarn Fawr-support,Technical Services
gb2367,C1069 S Bargoed Bridge Embank slip,Technical Services
gb2368,B4459 Capel Dewi - Highway supp fail,Technical Services
gb2369,U5146 Gilfach - wall & High supp fail,Technical Services
gb2370,C1022 Cwmnewydion - highway supp,Technical Services
gb2371,U5071 Rhydlewis - edge reinforcement,Technical Services
gb2372,U5171 Gilfachreda Farm - ret wall coll,Technical Services
gb2373,U5229 bet & U5227 Abergwrog jct Cwm Cou,Technical Services
gb2374,Bro Allt y Graig - gabionade,Technical Services
gb2375,C1104 Llangeitho - highway support,Technical Services
gb2376,U1423 Cefn Cledan Nebo - hgihway supp,Technical Services
gb2377,Cardigan - Highway Retaining Wall Fail,Technical Services
gb2378,B4570 Brynteg Rhiwshon Cwm Cou,Technical Services
gb2379,Llyfnant Valley 50m U1041 jct Glaspwll,Technical Services
gb2380,"C1139 300m west of Glayrafon, Glaspwll",Technical Services
gb2381,"C1240 nr Diffwys, Tregaron",Technical Services
gb2382,"U5215 Abermedeni Road, Brongest",Technical Services
gb2383,B4342 Pont y Capel Llangeitho,Technical Services
gb2384,B4337 Highmead Terrace Llanbydder,Technical Services
gb2385,B4334 Brithdir Bridge Rhydlewis,Technical Services
gb2386,C1070 St Hychan`s Church Rhydyfelin,Technical Services
gb2387,B4342 Woodlands Caravan Pk Gilfach,Technical Services
gb2388,B4575 West of Tyncoed Llanilar,Technical Services
gb2389,U/C Adj to Glan yr Afon Synod Inn,Technical Services
gb2390,B4321 Opp Capel Crannog Lane,Technical Services
gb2391,U1048 Nant y Moch Remedial Earthworks,Technical Services
gc0000,Bridge Maintenance-Budget,Technical Services
gc0111,Minor Works A Route,Technical Services
gc0112,Minor Works-A Route-Mid-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0113,Minor Works-A Route-South-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0121,Minor works B Route,Technical Services
gc0122,Minor Works B Route-Mid-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0123,Minor Works B Route-South-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0131,Minor Works C Route,Technical Services
gc0132,Minor Works C Route-Mid-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0133,Minor Works C Route-South-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0141,Minor Works-`UC`Route,Technical Services
gc0142,Minor Works-UC Route-Mid-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0143,Minor Works-UC route-South-DLO Direct,Technical Services
gc0214,A4120 Bryncwith Culvert-Bridge Mainten,Technical Services
gc0321,B4353 Pont Leri Ynys Las,Technical Services
gc0333,C3079 Lechryd Bridge,Technical Services
gc0523,Hengall Culvert - Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc0622,Rhydfendigaid Bridge,Technical Services
gc0722,Blaendyffryn,Technical Services
gc0824,Rhydisa Culvert Bridge B4578,Technical Services
gc0842,U1165 Penybanc Bridge,Technical Services
gc0924,B4343 Gorwydd Culvet-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc0941,Penyrangor Bridge (agency),Technical Services
gc1024,B4338 Rhydhaiarn Culvert - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc1042,Groginon Footbridge FP22/29,Technical Services
gc1124,B4343 Treflyn Culvert-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc1142,U1214 Rhydlas Bridge,Technical Services
gc1224,B4353 TynybrynCulvert Ynyslas-BridgeMain,Technical Services
gc1342,Penybont,Technical Services
gc1431,C1082 Pont Rheidol,Technical Services
gc1441,Melindwr,Technical Services
gc1541,Glanyrafon,Technical Services
gc1631,C1043 Pont Wemyss,Technical Services
gc1641,Troedrhiw Castell,Technical Services
gc1732,C1104 Penuwch Clwyd Culvert,Technical Services
gc1742,Henllys,Technical Services
gc1842,Tyn y Cwm,Technical Services
gc1942,Black Lion,Technical Services
gc2032,Abermeuig,Technical Services
gc2041,Dyffryn Cell,Technical Services
gc2131,West of Bow Street,Technical Services
gc2142,Hafod Rhudd,Technical Services
gc2231,Nant Ceiro,Technical Services
gc2244,Ciliau Culvert,Technical Services
gc2332,Baylie Natgoy,Technical Services
gc2344,Wenallt Bridge,Technical Services
gc2434,Penygraig Culvert,Technical Services
gc2444,Esgair Wen Culvert,Technical Services
gc2534,Penybont Bridge,Technical Services
gc2544,Cwmsymlog Culvert,Technical Services
gc2634,Cynffon y Gath Culvert,Technical Services
gc2644,Tynant Bridge,Technical Services
gc2734,Pentre Bach Bridge,Technical Services
gc2744,Llanafan Culvert,Technical Services
gc2834,Dugoed Bridge,Technical Services
gc2844,Culvert Brynglas No 1,Technical Services
gc2944,U1351 Dolchenog-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3034,Slaughterhouse Culvert,Technical Services
gc3044,U1 Maesgwyn-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3134,Melindwr Fach,Technical Services
gc3144,U1104 Bwadrain-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3234,Tanfron,Technical Services
gc3244,U1078 Cwmergyr Rd Culvert-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc3334,Blaenwaun Culvert,Technical Services
gc3344,U1360 Tyncwm Chapel-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3434,Cwmgrognant Bridge C1109,Technical Services
gc3444,U1516 Hafdre Bridge-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3534,Maes y Celyn,Technical Services
gc3544,U5065 Trepibau Culvert-Bridge Maintenanc,Technical Services
gc3634,Nant Caerhedyn,Technical Services
gc3644,U5214 Brongest Culvert Salem-Bridge Main,Technical Services
gc3734,C1089 Rhyd Fudr-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3744,U/C Cae Morgan Culvert-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc3834,C1118 Culvert-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc3844,U1464 TirbachCulvert Bwlchllan-BridgMain,Technical Services
gc3934,C1130 Factory Bridge Capel Bangor-Maint,Technical Services
gc4034,C1240 NangYCwr Culvert-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4134,C1008 CulvertYGlen-Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc4234,C1082BankErosion-Pont Rhiwarthen BridgMa,Technical Services
gc4334,C1050 Rhydybannau Culvert-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4434,C1081 CwmFarm Culvert Llangoedmor-BridgM,Technical Services
gc4534,C1061 Culvert Nr Trisant Lake-BridgeMain,Technical Services
gc4634,Hafod Peris Bridge B4337,Technical Services
gc4734,"C1118 Abernant Culvert,CwmYst Bridge Mai",Technical Services
gc4834,C1151 Pwllpeiran 1 Culvert-Bridge maint,Technical Services
gc4844,B4574 Pont Y Twll Arch - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4854,A485 Pont Tanyffordd Precast Conc Boxes,Technical Services
gc4864,B4321 Pont Garreg Precast Concrete Boxes,Technical Services
gc4874,Tan y Garn Culvert - Bridge Maintenance,Technical Services
gc4884,Rhydomen C1085 culvert - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4894,Nant Ceiro C1142 culvert - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4904,Blaenwaun C1092 culvert - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4947,The Arch Cwmystwyth - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4948,Refurb 55 A&B Rd Masonary Arch Structure,Technical Services
gc4949,Water channel clearance project,Technical Services
gc4950,Cwmcynfelin Culvert - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4951,Llanwnnen Bridge - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4952,Brynglas Culvert - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4953,"C1240 Ffrwd ar Gamddwr, Diffwys",Technical Services
gc4954,"C1073 Ty Gwyn Armco, Ystumtuen",Technical Services
gc4955,"Melin Geri Footbridge, Cwmcou",Technical Services
gc4956,"B4576 03/0 Tanygarn Culvert, Penuwch",Technical Services
gc4957,"U1367 Penbontbren Culvert, Tregaron",Technical Services
gc4958,Remedial Works C1082 Pont Rhiwarthen,Technical Services
gc4959,u1511 Soar y Mynydd Culvert Replacement,Technical Services
gc4960,c1082 Pont Rhiwarthen Parapet Repairs,Technical Services
gc4961,c1083 Pont Rhiwarthen Weight Limit Asses,Technical Services
gc4962,Pont yr Odyn Principal Insp Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4963,Pont PlascrugPrincipal Insp Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4964,Weight limit assessments Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4965,Highmead Terr Bridge Repair Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4966,A484Llechryd ret wall adj Glanaberth Est,Technical Services
gc4967,Highmead Terrace Repairs - Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4968,Pont Plascrug Principal Ins-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4969,Pont yr Odyn Principal Ins-Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4970,Llanfair Clydogau Bridge Collapse-Safety,Technical Services
gc4971,Weight Limit Assessments on Bridges 2016,Technical Services
gc4972,Diving Inspections for Scour,Technical Services
gc4973,c1082 Pont Rhiwarthen,Technical Services
gc4974,A475 Point Rhydowen Repairs,Technical Services
gc4975,C1069 Pont Bargoed Bwlch y Groes,Technical Services
gc4976,B4334 Brithdir Bridge Repairs,Technical Services
gc4977,B4578 Pontgarreg Llwynpiod,Technical Services
gc4978,C1041 Neuadd Oakford Repairs,Technical Services
gc4979,U1603 Pont Creuddyn,Technical Services
gc4980,B4338 Alltgoch Quarry Repairs,Technical Services
gc4981,C1005 Tynswydd Tyncelyn Repairs,Technical Services
gc4982,FP79/40 Bont Footbridge Inspection,Technical Services
gc4983,Various Minor Bridge Repairs,Technical Services
gc4984,Ystwyth Trail Penygraig Old Railway,Technical Services
gc4985,Various Cyclic Bridge Maint Programme,Technical Services
gc4986,Lower Mwldan Maint Works,Technical Services
gc4987,Plascrug Footbridge Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4988,C1118 01 0 Nant Caeglas Culvert Underpin,Technical Services
gc4989,A485 Bryndulas Culvert undermining wall,Technical Services
gc4990,Pont Ffrwd-ddu Cwm Rheidol Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4991,Pont Plwca Cwm Rheidol Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4992,Bont Fach Wenallt Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4993,Llanilar Footway Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4994,Cenarth Sawmill Footbridge Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4995,Rhydfendigaid Footbridge Bridge Maint,Technical Services
gc4996,Pontcoch Blaenporth BridgeCulvert Refurb,Technical Services
gc4997,Bowls Blaenporth BridgeCulvert Refurb,Technical Services
gc4998,TynantCulvert Ciliau BridgeCulvertRefurb,Technical Services
gc4999,Rhodmad Abermad BridgeCulvert Refurb,Technical Services
gc5000,B4342 Brodawel Talsarn - repair ret wall,Technical Services
gc5001,Lower Mwldan Market Lane Cardigan,Technical Services
ge2901,NMWTRA 2012-13 Income,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3200,A44 Urban Trunk Rd - routine maintenance,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3201,A44 Rural Trunk Rd - routine maintenance,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3202,A487 Urban Trunk Rd-routine maintenance,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3203,A487 Rural Trunk Rd-routine maintenance,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3205,A44 Grass Cutting,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3206,A487 Grass Cutting,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3207,Maint/Trunk/Structures A44,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge3208,Maint/Trunk/Structures A487,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge4100,Winter MaintenanceStandby Costs,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge4101,Winter Maintenance A44 - Trunk Rd Rural,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge4102,Winter Maintenance A487 - Trunk Rd Urban,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge4103,Winter Maintenance A487 - Trunk Rd Rural,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge4104,Winter Maintenance - Fixed Costs,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge4208,Trunk Rd Agency Partner-Tech Admin Servs,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
ge5000,Highway damage by persons unknown,NorthMid Wales Trunk Rd Agency
gf0000,Highways Winter Maintenance-Budget,Technical Services
gf3004,Winter Maintenance Overtime & Standby,Technical Services
gf3011,Winter Maintenance Principal Roads,Technical Services
gf3014,Winter Maintenance - HQ - Contractor,Technical Services
gf3015,Winter Maint Principal Rds Urban,Technical Services
gf3016,Winter Maint Principal Rds Rural,Technical Services
gf3021,Winter Maintenance Class 2 Rds,Technical Services
gf3023,Wint Mtce - South - Class 2 Rds,Technical Services
gf3024,Wint Mtce - HQ- Class 2 Rds,Technical Services
gf3025,Winter Maint Class 2 Rds Urban,Technical Services
gf3026,Winter Maint Class 2 Rds Rural,Technical Services
gf3031,Winter Maintenance Class 3 Rds,Technical Services
gf3033,Wint Mtce - South - Class 3 Rds,Technical Services
gf3034,Wint Mtce - HQ - Class 3 Rds,Technical Services
gf3035,Winter Maint Class 3 Rds Urban,Technical Services
gf3036,Winter Maint Class 3 Rds Rural,Technical Services
gf3041,Winter Maintenance Unclass Rds,Technical Services
gf3043,Wint Mtce - South - Unclass Rds,Technical Services
gf3044,Wint Mtce - HQ - Unclass Rds,Technical Services
gf3046,Winter Maint Unclassified Rds Rural,Technical Services
gf3050,Winter Maintenance - Fleet Costs,Technical Services
gf3065,Winter Maint Cycle Ways Urban,Technical Services
gg0000,Car Parks-Budget,Technical Services
gg0299,P&E Dummy Estates Recharges,Performance and Economy
gg0421,Estates Section,Performance and Economy
gg0423,Building Control Section,Lifestyle Services
gg5001,Car Parks - General,Technical Services
gg5041,Maes yr Afon-Aberyswyth,Technical Services
gg5051,Car Park Salaries,Technical Services
gg5052,Lower Park Avenue-Aberyswyth,Technical Services
gg5061,Aberystwyth Harbour/Promenade,Technical Services
gg5065,"Aberystwyth,Othrs",Technical Services
gg5075,Park&Ride Aberystwyth,Technical Services
gg5166,Tregaron,Technical Services
gg5205,"Regent St,Aberaeron",Technical Services
gg5212,North Promenade-Aberaeron,Technical Services
gg5222,South Promenade-Aberaeron,Technical Services
gg5232,Pwll Cam-Aberaeron,Technical Services
gg5315,"Rookery,Lampeter",Technical Services
gg5322,Common-Lampeter,Technical Services
gg5332,Market Street-Lampeter,Technical Services
gg5342,Others-Lampeter,Technical Services
gg5413,Paragon New Quay,Technical Services
gg5423,Church Rd New Quay,Technical Services
gg5435,"Llanina,NQ",Technical Services
gg5445,"New Quay,Others",Technical Services
gg5513,Llangrannog,Technical Services
gg5563,Llandysul,Technical Services
gg5613,Bath House Cardigan,Technical Services
gg5623,Greenfield SQ Cardigan,Technical Services
gg5633,Fairfield Cardigan,Technical Services
gg5643,Quay St Cardigan,Technical Services
gg5655,"Cardigan,Others",Technical Services
gg5665,NorthRd Clinic Aberystwyth,Technical Services
gg5675,GlosterRow Cardigan,Technical Services
gg5685,Cwmins Lampeter,Technical Services
gg5715,Trefechan,Technical Services
gg5716,Fairs Aberystwyth,Technical Services
gg5726,Fairs Tregaron,Technical Services
gg5735,Fairs Aberaeron,Technical Services
gg5745,Fairs Lampeter,Technical Services
gg5755,Fairs Cardigan,Technical Services
gg5815,Car P - Canolfan Rheidol Aberystwyth,Technical Services
gg6000,CPE - Income,Technical Services
gg6100,CPE Expenditure,Technical Services
gh0000,Street Naming-Budget,Technical Services
gj0434,TRACC-RTP Preparatory Works 09-10,Technical Services
gj1374,Llys Derwen Section 38 Works Completion,Technical Services
gj1474,Maesafallen Private Streetworks,Technical Services
gj1852,B4340 Road Closure vehicle off lorry,Technical Services
gj2052,B4337 Llanrhystud - RTA Bridge,Technical Services
gj2552,B4575 Trawscoed Bridge,Technical Services
gj2614,Cambrian Coastal Group 5.7.11 - Ann Meet,Technical Services
gj2952,Stad Ddu Llanon New Manhole Cover,Technical Services
gj2953,Talsarn Bridge Repairs,Technical Services
gj3312,Ty Gwyn Clarach - landslide,Technical Services
gj3313,Bath House Development - Clearway Order,Technical Services
gj3314,Autocad (Licences) - Excitech Ltd,Technical Services
gj3414,Asset Management Software,Technical Services
gj3514,Laying street light cables - Llanbadarn,Technical Services
gj6341,Boulevard St Brieuc - fuel spill,Technical Services
gj6441,Damage to wall Aberystywth Harbour,Technical Services
gj6741,Damaged fence Park Avenue car park,Technical Services
gj7841,Felin y Mor Rd St Lighting Remedial Work,Technical Services
gj8424,Bath House Mitigation (Park & Ride),Technical Services
gj9244,Bwlch Nant yr Arian tourism sign,Technical Services
gj9246,brown & white tourism sign-Plas Nanteos,Technical Services
gj9247,"La Calabria, Ffostrasol - tourism signs",Technical Services
gj9248,New nameplate for Pencroswel,Technical Services
gj9249,Rheidol Steam Railway-brown tourism sign,Technical Services
gj9250,Installation 2no counters Talybont Est,Technical Services
gj9251,Replace village sign scheme - Ffair Rhos,Technical Services
gj9252,Junction Markings for WG Rhodfa Padarn,Technical Services
gj9254,Brown Tourism Signs for Cardigan Castle,Technical Services
gj9255,Penrhiwllan Village Nameplates,Technical Services
gj9256,Llandre Church Direction Sign,Technical Services
gj9257,Collision Data Supplied,Technical Services
gj9259,Two bilingual Doubly Thankful signs,Technical Services
gj9260,Damaged traffic counter Aberystwyth Rd,Technical Services
gj9263,Supply of collision data for Park Avenue,Technical Services
gj9334,Rech Works - Street Lighting,Technical Services
gj9374,Rech Works - Road Closures,Technical Services
gj9636,Emergency Rd Closure-c1030 Trebedw ,Technical Services
gj9659,Llandyfiriog - damage to house,Technical Services
gj9926,Direction signage works adj to Rhydowen,Technical Services
gj9927,Collision Data Morrisons Roundabout Aber,Technical Services
gj9929,Collision Data New Quay,Technical Services
gj9930,Personal Injury Accident Data,Technical Services
gj9931,Mill St Development Road Safety Audit,Technical Services
gj9932,Army Reserve Centre Signs Blvd St Brieuc,Technical Services
gj9933,Vale of Rheidol Railway Tourism signage,Technical Services
gj9934,Lampeter Rugby Signs,Technical Services
gj9935,TrafficOrder20mph limit Adpar&Llandysul,Technical Services
gj9936,"DirectionSignsDihewyd-Chapel,Hall,Church",Technical Services
gj9966,A482 Temple Bar (charged 50/50),Technical Services
gj9967,Felinfach Stores Vehicles,Technical Services
gk0000,Other Services-Budget,Technical Services
gk9114,Section 38 Roads - HQ,Technical Services
gk9164,Corporate CCTV,Technical Services
gm1010,All Waste - HQ,Technical Services
gm1011,All Waste - North,Technical Services
gm1012,All Waste - South,Technical Services
gm1030,Hire of Bulk Containers - HQ,Technical Services
gm1033,Commercial Waste Income 0102 North,Technical Services
gm1037,Commercial waste Income 04-05 North,Technical Services
gm1038,Commerial waste Income 04/05 South,Technical Services
gm1041,Trade Waste Income 06/07 North,Technical Services
gm1042,Trade Waste Income 06/07 South,Technical Services
gm1043,Trade Waste Income 0809 North,Technical Services
gm1044,Trade Waste Income 0809 South,Technical Services
gn1104,Landfill Sites-HQ,Technical Services
gn1111,Landfill Sites-Borth,Technical Services
gn1121,Landfill Sites - Felinymor,Technical Services
gn1132,Landfill Sites-Rhydeinon,Technical Services
gn1143,Landfill Sites - Cilmaenllwyd,Technical Services
gn2104,Waste Transfer Stations-HQ,Technical Services
gn2111,Waste transfer Stations-Glanyrafon,Technical Services
gn2122,Food Waste Facility - Glanyrafon,Technical Services
gn2123,Waste transfer Stations-Cilmaenllwyd,Technical Services
gn2124,Beulah Waste Transfer Station,Technical Services
gn2125,Waste Transfer Station - Tanygroes,Technical Services
gn2126,CWM Waste Transfer System,Technical Services
gn2132,Lampeter MRF,Technical Services
gn3104,Household Waste Sites-HQ,Technical Services
gn3111,Household Waste Sites-Borth,Technical Services
gn3121,Household Waste Sites-Felinymor,Technical Services
gn3131,Household Waste Sites-Glanyrafon,Technical Services
gn3142,Household Waste Sites-Lampeter,Technical Services
gn3152,Household Waste Sites-Rhydeinon,Technical Services
gn3163,Household Waste Sites-Cilmaenllwyd,Technical Services
gn4104,Recycling-HQ,Technical Services
gn4111,Recycling - North,Technical Services
gn4123,Recycling - South,Technical Services
gn5104,Bulky Items Income - HQ,Technical Services
gn5114,Wales Waste Strategy NAW Grant,Technical Services
gn5124,Disposal of Fridges NAW Grant,Technical Services
gn5134,Disposal of Hazardous Waste,Technical Services
gn7105,Residual Waste - Procurement Costs,Technical Services
gn8100,Sustainable Waste Management-General,Technical Services
gn8101,Consultants Fees,Technical Services
gn8102,Garden Waste Collection Service,Technical Services
gn8103,Delivery of composter bins & water butts,Technical Services
gn8104,Advertising for recycling & green waste,Technical Services
gn8105,Additional recycling,Technical Services
gn8106,SWMG - Staffing Costs I-Trent,Technical Services
gn8107,Shredded waste-Glanyrafon&Trpt to Borth,Technical Services
gn8108,Rural recycling trail by ECG,Technical Services
gn8109,TWR Can sorter and baler,Technical Services
gn8110,YMLAEN consultation of strategy,Technical Services
gn8111,Attendance at Waste Conferences,Technical Services
gn8112,Real Nappy Campaign,Technical Services
gn8113,30% Cost of Cilmaenllwyd CA site,Technical Services
gn8114,30% Cost of Rhydeinon CA site,Technical Services
gn8115,30% Cost of Lampeter CA site,Technical Services
gn8116,Lampeter Kerbside,Technical Services
gn8117,Kerbside collection-purchase colouredbag,Technical Services
gn8118,30% Costs Borth Civic Amenity Site,Technical Services
gn8119,30%Costs Glanyrafon Civic Amenity Centre,Technical Services
gn8120,Acquiring land North of county for MRF,Technical Services
gn8121,Waste Awareness CD rom,Technical Services
gn8122,Machynlleth Civic Amenity Site,Technical Services
gn8123,Contract with ARC,Technical Services
gn8124,Recycling form Council Offices,Technical Services
gn8125,Assistance for LAS-dvlp Lampeter Site,Technical Services
gn8126,Sustainable Waste Management GrantIncome,Technical Services
gn8127,Mixed Bag Kerbside North,Technical Services
gn8128,Schools Recycling,Technical Services
gn8129,Home Composting,Technical Services
gn8130,Trade Recycling,Technical Services
gn8131,Route Management,Technical Services
gn8132,SWMG Food Waste Collection,Technical Services
gn8133,SWMG Facilities - Compositional analysis,Technical Services
gn8134,Tanygroes Transfer Station ,Technical Services
gn8135,All sorted - implementation,Technical Services
gn8136,All Sorted recycling costs,Technical Services
gn8137,Agrivert - food collection and disposal,Technical Services
gn8138,CW Food Waste (Revenue Contribution),Technical Services
gn8139,Green Waste - Transfer (DI Evans) to CWM,Technical Services
gn8140,Green Waste - Transfer (LAS) to CWM,Technical Services
gn8141,Garden Waste - Treatment by CWM for Comp,Technical Services
gn8142,Processing of Clear Recycling - CWM(MRF),Technical Services
gn8143,CB Transfer of Green Waste to CWM,Technical Services
gn8144,Consultation Exercise (Recycle/Collect),Technical Services
gn8145,Carbon Model,Technical Services
gn8146,Community Fund,Technical Services
gn8147,Optimizing Efficiency of Frontline Serv,Technical Services
gn8148,SLA - Furniture re-use,Technical Services
gn8149,Mobile Education Unit,Technical Services
gn8150,Council Depot Development,Technical Services
gn8151,Kerbside Glass Collection pilot,Technical Services
gn8201,Waste Awareness Wales Comms Grant,Technical Services
gn9100,CWWP Food Waste and Treatment,CentralWalesWastePartnership
gn9110,Income - CWWP Food Waste and Treatment,CentralWalesWastePartnership
gp0000,Coast Protection-Budget,Technical Services
gp0046,Beach Monitoring Surveys-HQ,Technical Services
gp0047,Coastal Strategy Monitoring 2007/08,Technical Services
gp0048,Coastal Strategy Monitoring 2008/09,Technical Services
gp0049,Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping,Technical Services
gp0050,Shoreline Management Plan 2,Technical Services
gp0051,New Quay Coastal Slope-Instability Study,Technical Services
gp0100,CP - National Asset Database,Technical Services
gp0111,Coast ProtectionBorth-Ynyslas-Wallog ,Technical Services
gp0141,Borth-Ynyslas-Wallog HQ DLO Direct,Technical Services
gp0146,Borth-Ynyslas-Wallog HQ Contractor,Technical Services
gp0161,Coast P Borth/Ynyslas/Wallog Rural DLO D,Technical Services
gp0211,Coast Protection Aberystwyth-Tanybwlch,Technical Services
gp0216,Aberystwyth-Tanybwlch Nth Contractor,Technical Services
gp0246,Coast Protection - Aberystwyth/Tanybwlch,Technical Services
gp0251,Coast P Aberyst/Tanybwlch Urban DLO D,Technical Services
gp0256,Coast P Aberyst/Tanybwlch Urban - Contr,Technical Services
gp0321,Coast Protection Aberarth,Technical Services
gp0361,Coast Protection-AberarthRural-DLODirect,Technical Services
gp0446,Coast Protection Aberaeron,Technical Services
gp0451,Coast P Aberaeron Urban DLO Direct,Technical Services
gp0456,Coast P Aberaeron Urban Contractor,Technical Services
gp0531,Coast Protection Cei Bach,Technical Services
gp0551,Coast Protection Cardigan,Technical Services
gp0741,Coast Pro Llangrannog-Tresaith-Aberporth,Technical Services
gp0761,Coast Llangran/Tresaith/Aberpor Ru DLO D,Technical Services
gp0861,Coast Protection Gwbert,Technical Services
gp0951,Coast Protection New Quay,Technical Services
gp0956,Coast P New Quay Urban Contractor,Technical Services
gr2011,Aberystwyth Harbour,Technical Services
gr2022,Aberaeron Harbour,Technical Services
gr2033,New Quay Harbour,Technical Services
gr2044,River Teifi Cardigan Harbour,Technical Services
gr2051,Navigation Aids - Aberystwyth,Technical Services
gr2062,Navigation Aids - Aberaeron,Technical Services
gr2073,Navigation Aids - New Quay,Technical Services
gr2083,Navigation Aids - River Teifi Cardigan,Technical Services
gr2091,Navigation Aids - Borth,Technical Services
gs4001,Promenades-North,Technical Services
gs4002,Promenades-Mid,Technical Services
gs4004,Promenades-HQ,Technical Services
gs4005,Promenades Urban,Technical Services
gs4006,Promenades Rural,Technical Services
gs5269,TRA487 Talybont-Tre Taliesin 29 Dec 08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gu1704,Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management,Technical Services
gu1741,Flood Alleviation HQ - DLO,Technical Services
gu1751,Flood Alleviation Urban DLO Direct,Technical Services
gu1761,Flood Alleviation Rural DLO Direct,Technical Services
gw1000,Social Services Transport Ops Staff,Technical Services
gw1100,Social Services Transport Vehicle Costs,Technical Services
gw3000,Primary School Transport,Technical Services
gw6000,Secondary School Transport,Technical Services
gw7000,Home School Transport Initiative,Technical Services
gw9000,College Transport,Technical Services
gx5001,Rchg damage barriers A44 Eisteddfa Gurig,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5002,"Llwynhelyg Farm,Sarnau RTA A487",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5003,Elec Survey Tesco Junction Cardigan,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5004,RTA A487 1/8/05,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5005,RTA A487 8/7/05,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5006,RTA at Tregynan bends Llanrhystud 5/9/05,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5007,RTA at Rhydyfelin,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5008,Survey work at Mill Street-Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5009,RTA Rhosycastell Llangurig MWTRA,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5010,RTA Milestone Eisteddfa Gurig MWTRA,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5011,Gateway Entry Treatments-MWTRA,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5012,TRA Surfacing Contract-MWTRA,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5013,TRA Fence Contract - MWTRA,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5014,Traffic Count at Furnace - MWTRA,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5015,A487 - Anti Skid Testing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5016,A444 Topographical Survey Llanbadarn Sq,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5017,A487 Top Survey Aberaeron Footways,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5018,A487 Signs at Gorgerddan Cross roads,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5019,A487 Signs at North Parade Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5020,A487 RTA at Clogfryn Bend Aberaeron,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5021,A487 Alexandra Road Sign,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5023,A487 RTA at Feidr Dinas Cross Pembs,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5024,A487 RTA Furnace Bridge 14th Jan 06,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5025,A487 Llanarth Cattle Lights,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5026,A487 RTA Furnace Bridge 29th Jan 06,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5027,A487 Appraisal wrk-Health Ctr Penglais,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5028,A44 Nursery Caradog Rd-Appraisal work,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5029,RTA A487 Lovesgrove,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5030,RTA A487 Pentregat,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5031,RTA - Llanon,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5032,RTA - Rhydtir Bow Street,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5033,RTA - Northgate Street,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5034,RTA - Signs for G Lester,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5035,A487 Tanygroes to Aberporth Footway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5036,A487 Speed limit Synod Inn,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5037,RTA at Eisteddfa Gurig,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5038,Dolgam to Talybont Cycleway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5039,Work at Dewi Villa Aberarth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5040,A44 Erwyd Cottages Improvements,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5041,Furnace Footway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5042,Pont Llyfnant-Major Maintenance,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5043,Footway Resurfacing at Penglais Rd,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5044,Treddol Taliesin Feasibility Studies,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5045,Traffic counts 0607,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5046,"Resurfacing A44, A487 Phase 1",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5047,Improvement School Lane Junc-Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5048,A487 Llanarth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5049,Principal Inpections 06/07 Structures,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5050,General Inspections 2006/2007,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5051,Aberaeron Footway Refurbishment Phase 2,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5052,Thin Surfacing Contract 2006/07 Phase 2,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5053,North Parade Aberystwyth Fway Refurb,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5054,Llanbadarn Rd Pedestrian Crossings,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5055,Llety Gwyn Footway Extension,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5056,Trefechan Pedestrian Crossing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5057,Henfynyw to Aberaeron Cycleway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5058,Cardigan to Penpar Cycleway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5059,Morfa Farm Improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5060,Pencroescastell Crossroads Improvements,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5061,Gwenlli Crossroads Improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5062,Plwmp Crossroads Improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5063,Rhydyfelin Traffic Calming,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5064,Llanfarian Junction Improvment,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5065,Maesycrugiau Traffic calming,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5066,Synod Inn Junction Improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5067,Furnace to Machynlleth Cycleway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5068,Road SweepingA487Penparc HorseShow 20506,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5069,Ponthydtir Bow St - Signing Design,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5070,"Cae Pistyll, Improvement Morfa Mawr",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5071,Cwm Brwyno A44 RTA 19/8/2006,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5072,Ty Capel Ffosyffin RTA 14/9/06,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5073,Llwyncelyn RTA 15/9/2006,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5074,A44Llanbadarn-Instal Traff Counter Loops,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5075,A487 Llanon-Llanrhystud-Cycle Sch ED1956,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5076,Capel Bangor Cycle Scheme ED1957,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5077,Cardigan Tesco-Cycleway Scheme ED1958,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5078,A44&A487 Resurfacing Contract Ph2 ED2060,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5079,"RTA A487 Morfa Mawr, Llanon 13/10/06",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5080,A487 Ford Rd wall North Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5081,A44 Pont Dolau culvert,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5082,A487 Rhydyfelin wall,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5083,A44 Crib wall 2 (A44 40 W75),Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5084,A44 Crib wall 3 (A44 40 W79),Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5085,A44 Masonry wall (East of Llysarthur)W93,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5086,A487 Llanfarian wall A487 150 W10/16,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5087,A487 Trefechan Bridge A487 170,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5088,A487 Waunfawr speed limit&highway light,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5089,RTA A487 by Aberaron Rugby Club,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5090,TRA Llysarthur culvert reconstruction,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5091,TRA44 Structure A4450 Llysarthur culvert,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5092,TRA487 Llanrhystud Bridge Drainage Impro,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5093,TRA487 Aberaeron Bridge Waterproofing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5094,TRA44 Glanyrafon - Pont Dole improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5095,TRA44 Pont Dole Flooding,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5096,"RTA Ffynonddewi, Plwmp 23102006",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5097,Aberarth Clearance Work Planting Area,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5098,Tree Planting @ North Parade Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5099,Blaengeuffordd A44 Village Signs,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5100,A44 Street Lighting - Llanbadarn,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5101,A487 Street Lighting Llanon,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5102,A487 Street Lighting - Blaenplwyf,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5103,A487 Street Lighting - Penparcau,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5104,A487 Street Lighting - Penglais,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5105,A487 Street Lighting Bow Street,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5106,RTA 120207 Danydderwen Felindre Farchog,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5107,RTA 070207 Nr Rhydypennau CP,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5108,"Maeshelig, West of Newport",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5109,Felindre Farchog,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5110,Felindre Farchog to Danydderwen,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5111,A487 Dolgau Farm Improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5112,TRA44 Ponterwyd Footway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5113,TRA487 Gogerddan Crossrds/Tanygroes Foot,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5114,Patching prior to overlay,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5115,RTA A487 Llanon-Llanrhystud Rd 6/2/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5116,RTA A44 Red Kite Cafe Llywernog 16030720,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5117,A487 Sign PierSt/Darkgate St junction,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5118,Aberarth Impr Speed&Traffic Flow Surveys,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5119,Traffic Counts Apr 2007-March 2008,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5120,Trunk Rd Resurfacing Ph 1 North 2007/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5121,Trunk Rd Resurfacing Ph 1 South 2007/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5122,RTA A487 Plwmp 130307,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5123,RTA A44 bet Lovesgrove&Capel Bangor5/3/7,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5124,"RTA Penparc, Cardigan 18/4/07",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5125,"RTA Penglais Hill, Aberystwyth 1/4/07",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5126,RTA nr Rhydypennau Inn BowSt 16/05/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5127,"RTA A487-Chancery,Nr PantgwynVilla 3/5/7",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5128,RTA between Bow st & Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5129,"RTA 6/5/07 Nr Croft Bungalow,Eglwyswrw",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5130,RTA A487 Bow St junction nr Build Centre,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5131,Llanon Carriageway Recon&Resurfacing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5132,Resurfacing Prog Ph2-A44 Ceredigion 0708,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5133,Resurf Prog Ph2-A487 Cere North 0708,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5134,Resurf Prog Ph2-A487 Cere South 07/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5135,RTA A44 Llanbadarn Junction 2/7/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5136,RTA Near Shire Horse Centre-Eglwyswrw,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5137,RTA A44 Cwmbrwyno Bend 21/6/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5138,A487 Bow St Stage 4 Rd Safety Audit,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5139,A44 Goginan Traf Calming-FeasibilityStu ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5140,A44 Ponterwyd Traf Calming-Feasibilty,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5141,A487 Bleanporth&Blaenannerch-Speed Limit,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5142,A487 Penparcau Rd-Disabled CrossingPoint,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5143,A487 Brynhoffnant-New Inn-Drainage&Resur,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5144,A487 Footway Extension at Tanygroes,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5146,ED2138 TrunkRd Structures Gen Inspection,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5147,ED2139 Trunkrd Structures Principal Insp,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5148,"RTA A44 nrGroveCottage, Llanbadarn1/8/07",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5149,Southgate man operated Traffic Control,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5150,Collapsed Chamber & Cover 02/07/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5151,Rplace Broken Cast Iron Bollard-Talybont,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5152,RTA 18/08/07 Clogfryn Bends-Aberaeron,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5153,CA1160 Newport-Llwyngwair Cycle Path-Fee,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5154,RTA Llandeiniol 30/07/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5155,A44 Footway east of Ponterwyd,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5156,A487 Rhydhouse-Llwyncoed Rd Footway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5157,A487 Eglwysfach Footway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5158,A487 Temple Bar Crossroads,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5159,A487 Maeshelig West of Newport,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5160,RTA A44 Cwmbrwyno 23/7/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5161,Accident 26/8/07 Synod Inn,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5162,A487 Bow St-Carriageway & Footworks,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5163,RTC 7/7/2007 A487 Llantood,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5164,RTA 8/6/07 near Old School Goginan,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5165,RTA Glanyrafon Ind Estate Junc 20/9/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5166,RTA North of Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5167,A487 Cardigan by-pass Tesco Junction2007,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5168,A487 Aberarth Bus Lay By Infill,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5169,RTA A487 West B4582 Temple Bar 22/11/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5170,A487&A44 Aberystwyth Trunking&DeTrunking,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5171,Road Conditions reports -A487 Pencwmmawr,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5173,A487 Llanon speed survey&preliminary inv,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5174,A487 Rd Condition report-Ddol crossroads,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5175,Gritting ice after burst water main16/12,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5176,BrynMelin-Commins 6/1/08 damage-adv sign,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5177,"A487 Llwyncelyn-Henfynyw,Traffic Calming",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5178,Removal of tree fell on A487-AberUniLand,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5179,RTA PenglaisHill-Commins junc 26/12/2007,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5180,"RTC 21/01/08 Tregynan Bend,turned lorry ",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5181,RTC 30/07/07 Penygraig Nrth Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5182,Vehicle fire 12/2/08 TRA487 Glandyfi,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5183,make safe BT manhole A487 Gt Darkgate St,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5184,RTA 9/1/08 Pencwmmawr-Blaenplwyf&Llanrhy,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5185,Pedestrian Surv&report-4 crossings A483 ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5186,"A487 Rhydhouse, Provision of Footway",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5187,Accident A487 bet Taliesin&Talybont 7/2/,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5188,Acc 19/11/07 Pencwmmawr bet Blaen&Llanrh,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5189,RTA 8/2/08 A44 Eisteddfa Gurig-Forestry,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5190,Broken BT pole A44 Cwmbrwyno 20/12/07,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5191,"RTA 4/1/08 A487 Maesnewydd,Talybont",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5192,ResurfaceA44 Goginan-llwyndel 21/12&18/1,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5193,Topographical survey at Plwmp March 08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5194,RTA Pentregat 01/03/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5195,RTC 5/3/08 Felindre Farchog clean up acc,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5196,RTA between Ponterwyd & Goginan 14/03/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5197,RTA 10/03/08 Penglais Rd National Librar,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5198,RTA 310308-Synod Inn to Cardigan Rd,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5199,Sweeping road-surfacing work on Trunk R,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5200,Footway Refurbishment at Bridge St A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5201,Footway Extension Llanrhystud A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5202,Footway Refurbishment Aberaeron A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5203,Footway Refurbishment Brynhoffnant A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5204,FeasibilityStudy Feidr Brenin Junc-inves,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5205,Feasability Study Flooding-Felindre Farc,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5206,"RTC 12/6/08 Pencwmmawr,Llanddeiniol",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5207,WestWalesAirport 278Agreemnt DesignTeam,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5208,A487 Cardigan bypass Lantern&Sign replac,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5209,A487 Alexandra Rd Pelican Cross replacem,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5210,A487 Darkgate St Pelican Cross replaceme,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5211,A487 Northgate St Pelican Crossing repla,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5212,MWTRA Structures GeneralInspections 0809,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5213,MWTRA Structural Principal Inspects 0809,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5214,Zebra Cross Rplc&Lighting on PenparcauRd,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5215,A44Ponterwyd public lighting feasibility,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5216,A487 Llwyncelyn-Henfynyw public lighting,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5217,A487 Penparc public lighting feasibility,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5218,A487Tanygroes public lighting feasibilit,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5219,Tre`r Ddol to Taliesin Carriageway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5220,A487 Cardigan Bypass Resurfacing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5221,A487 Resurfacing at Measnewydd,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5222,Close MillSt after fire Tabernacle Chape,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5223,RTC Llanarth 26/04/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5224,RTC Ridgeway Roundabout 12/04/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5225,A487Llwyncelyn-FFosyffin traffic calming,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5226,RTC 24/8/08 at Aberarth Bridge A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5227,RTC 23/8/08 North of Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5228,"RTC A487 Tre`r ddol, near the lodge",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5229,RTC 4/9/08 nr GogerddanArms CrossRd B433,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5230,RTC nr Llangurig 1/9/08 Road Closure&Div,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5231,RTC 14/9/08 nr Llangurig -road closure,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5232,Review-speed lim&Traffic calmi Llanrhyst,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5233,Road Closure and Diversion at Llanrhystu,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5234,Environ Imp Ass-Commins Bus Layby LSS,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5235,"Road Traff Collision TRA44, Llanbadarn ",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5236,Road Traff Collision-TRA487 - Penparcau,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5237,Road Traffic Collision-RA 44 -Cwmbywno,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5238,Road Traffic Collision-RA44 Capel Bangor,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5239,Road Traffic Collision-RA44 Capel Bangor,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5240,"RTC 4/10/08 Capel Newydd, Dinas, Pembs",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5241,RTC 23/10/08 Penglais Road Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5242,Broken manhole 101008 Murco Garage Llano,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5243,RTC TRA487 bet Llanddeiniol&Cofiwch 25/5,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5244,RTC 10/7/08 Priory/Pont y Cleifion,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5245,Remedial works at TRA44 Eisteddfa Gurig,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5246,RTC at Pont Dole 31/7/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5247,"RTC A487 Fishguard Rd, Ridgeway Cardigan",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5248,Purchase of Adobe writer software,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5249,"RTC-A487 12/11/08 Penclawddhelyg, Comins",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5250,RTC A487 Penparcau,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5251,"RTC 19/11/08 nr Bwlchygroes,Tanygroes",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5252,Emergency drainage works at Llanarth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5253,"RTC Rhiw Sion Saer,Comins Coch 26/11/08",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5254,Road Conditions Surveys 2008/2009,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5255,rentention inv A44 Cwmbrwyno HPW Imp,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5256,"RTC 30/7/08 A487 Jericho, Eglwyswrw",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5257,RTC 18/12/08 Cardigan By Pass,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5258,A487 Road SAfety review-Ddol Crossroads ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5259,A44 Llanbadarn Square Scheme Review,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5260,A487-Improvements Alexandra Rd Aberystwy,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5261,A487 Gogerddan-Blaenporth Rd Safety Rev,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5262,RTC on TRA44 near Ponterwyd on 6/12/08,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5263,"A487PreliminInvest Quarry Layby,Aberarth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5264,A44 Gelli Farm Improvement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5266,A487 Cardigan Bypass barrier risk assess,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5267,A487 Ffosyffin-Henfynyw road safety revi,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5268,A44 Llanbadarn Rd Pedestrian Facilities,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5269,"TRA487 Talybont-Tre Taliesin, 29 Dec 200",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5270,TRA44 Cwmbrwyno-Goginan 01 Jan 09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5271,TRA487 Eglwysfach 02 Jan 09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5272,TRA487 Bow Street 03 Jan 09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5273,TRA487 Rhydtir Bow Street 03 Jan 09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5274,"TRA44 Dyffryn Castell,Ponterwyd 4 Jan 09",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5275,"TRA487 Tregynan, Llanrhystud 05 Jan 09",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5276,TRA487 Dole Bow Street 03 Feb 09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5277,TRA487 Blaenporth-Blaenannerch 18 Feb 09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5278,"TRA487 Rhiw Sion Saer, Comins 18 Feb 09",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5279,"TRA487 Ridgeway, Cardigan 21 Feb 09",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5280,"TRA487 Rhiw Sion Saer,Comins 20 Feb 09",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5281,TRA44 Eisteddfa Gurig 25/02/09 10105103,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5282,TRA487 Temple Bar-Felindre Farchog101052,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5283,TRA487 Tre`r ddol Mayrise 10105306,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5284,"TRA44 Pont Dolau,Llanbadarn 26/02/09",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5285,Skidding resistance Llanbadarn,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5286,TRA44 Eisteddfa Gurig RTC Mayri 10106122,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5287,TRA487 Tregnan RTC Mayrise 10106396,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5288,TRA487 Warren Farm RTC Mayrise 10106405,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5289,A487T Pedestrian Island Rplace various ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5290,A487T Trefechan footways ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5291,W/1988 TR0026 RTA 02/05/2009 Bow St,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5292,A487T Thespian Street Footways,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5293,MWTRA Structures General Inspect 09/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5294,MWTRA Structures Principal Inspect 09/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5295,TRA44 Eisteddfa Gurig-Damaged safety fen,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5296,RTC - Blaenplwyf 12/05/09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5297,TRA487 8/5/09 Blaenplwyf-granules spill,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5298,"Design,procure & install Pelican crossin",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5299,A487T Newport Phase 2-highway impr,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5300,Aberaeron Town Footway-Phase 3,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5301,A487T CarriagewayResurface BridgeSt Aber,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5302,A44T Carriageway Resurface Pont Dole-Lla,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5303,Resurface footways Penparc Village Cardi,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5304,Renewing pedestrian table in Gt Dkgte St,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5305,Llanon Traffic Calming,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5306,Accident Cluster site analysis,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5307,Penweddig School,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
GX5308,Trunk Road Tourism Signs Review,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5309,Cellar support proposals 9/10 Bridge ST,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5310,TRA487 Bow Street Lighting Renewal,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5311,TRA487 Llanon Lighting Renewal ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5312,"RTA-TRA487,Morfa Mawr, Llanon 250709",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5313,"RTC-TRA44,Natyrarian, Ponterwyd 260709",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5314,Bridge Renewals09/10-Invert Works A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5315,Bridge Renewals 09/10-Invert Works A44,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5316,Bridge Renewals 09/10 Joint Repairs A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5317,Bridge Renewals 09/10-Joint Repairs A44,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5318,Bridge Renewals 09/10-Parapet Works A487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5319,Bridge Renewals 09/10 Parapet Works A44,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5320,Bridge Renewals 09/10 Pointing WorksA487,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5321,"RTC - TRA487 Meini Bends, Blaenplwyf ",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5322,"RTC - TRA487 Morfa Mawr, Llanon",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5323,TRA487 Aberaeron-Serious incident invest,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5324,Glanyrafon-Pont Dole-Preliminary Invest,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5325,Chancery-Penparcau Traffic Ass-Prelim In,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5326,Dinas Cross Traffic Calming-Small Scheme,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5327,TRA487Cardigan-Emergency att x2 sweepMud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5328,"RTC-TRA487 Penygraig, Llanddeinol",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5329,"RTC-TRA487 Rhydypennau,Bow Street",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5330,"RTC-TRA487 near Berth Rhys,Blaenplwyf",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5331,Road Conditions Survey 2009/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5332,Fuel Spillage.Attend & apply dispersant,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5333,"RTC Attend,clean up&apply absorbent gran",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5334,Site investigation A44 St George Ter,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5335,Design check-highway alignment Bronglais,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5336,RTC near Llandinam. Road closure&divers,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5337,RTC Sweet lamb Powys.Road closure&divers,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5338,"RTC-TRA487 North Parade, Aberystwyth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5339,A487 Tremain to Blaennerch Cycleway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5340,"Improvements at Bridge St, Aberystwyth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5341,A487 Penparcau Zebra Crossing Replacemen,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5342,RTC-TRA487 between Llwyncelyn&Ffosyffin,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5343,RTC TRA487 app 1 mile south Blaenplwyf,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5344,RTC TRA44 near Glanyrafon Ind Estate,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5345,"RTC TRA487 Tregynan,Llanrhystud",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5346,"RTC Fatal -TRA487 Tregynan, Llanrhystud",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5347,"RTC-TRA487 Rhiw Sion Saer,Comins Coch",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5348,RTC-TRA44 Cwmbrwyno,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5349,A44 Llanbadarn Rd Street Lamp Renewals,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5350,Glandyfi to Pont Llyfnant-Phase 2,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5351,RTC TRA44 - Cwmbrwyno,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5352,RTC TRA44 - Goginan,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5353,RTC - TRA487 Comins Coch,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5354,"RTC - TRA487 near Tegfan, Llanarth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5355,RTC - TRA44 Cwmbrwyno,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5356,A44T Capel Bangor - Install 3 Counters,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5357,A487T Aberarth - Install 3 Counters,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5358,RTC - A487T Blaenplwyf-clear up 09/12/09,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5359,"RTC - TRA487 nr Morben, Derwenlas 061209",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5360,RTC - Rd clos & div for clean up 220110,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5361,A487T Glandyfi Vegetation Clearance Work,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5362,MWTRA Service Provider Agreement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5363,A487T Road Safety Review at Aberarth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5364,RTC - TRA487 Comins Coch 05 Feb 2010,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5365,RTC - TRA44 Capel Bangor on 15/02/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5366,RTC - TRA44 Goginan - Capel Bangor 2302,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5367,"RTC - Coed Cadw, Felindre Farchog 211209",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5368,"RTC-TRA487 nr. Bridge Farm, Dinas 280210",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5369,Broken / damaged BT cover in footway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5370,Failed temp. traffic signals - 180310,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5371,RTC - TRA44 Goginan - Cwmbrwyno,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5372,"RTC - TRA487 Felindre Farchog, Pembroke",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5373,Damage to OBB safety fence - 10/02/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5374,RTC-TRA44 Ponterwyd-Eisteddfa Gurig 1104,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5375,TRA487 Great Darkgate St - damaged rail,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5376,RTC - TRA487 Maesnewydd Talybont 270310,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5377,Prov traffic mgmt for collapsed BT cover,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5378,RTC - Attend Clean Up & Repairs 130210,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5379,RTC- clear debris & spread granules,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5380,MWTRA Structure Insp-Prin&Gen A44 10/11,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5381,MWTRA Structure Insp-Prin&Gen A487 10/11,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5382,Incidents with insuff detail to reclaim,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5383,RTC - Attend and clean up 08/05/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5384,Recover damaged ped. guardrail 11/05/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5385,"A487 Moelifor, Llanrhystud",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5386,A487 Tynbwlch to Berthrhys,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5387,A487 Waunfawr to Penclawddhelyg,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5388,A487 Eglwysfach to Glandyfi,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5389,RTC-TRA487 Penglais Aberystwyth 01/06/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5390,RTC - TRA487 Llanarth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5391,Traffic Management Speed Surveys 1011,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5392,TRA487 Talybont-Carriageway resurfacing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5393,RTC - TRA487 Blaenporth 08/04/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5394,RTC - Road closure & diversion 01/05/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5395,A487 Moelifor to Tregynan,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5396,"A487 Ffynnon Ddewi Bends, Synod Inn",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5397,A487 Dorglwyd Junction,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5398,"A487 Pencwmmawr - Berth Rhys, Blaenplwyf",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5399,"A487 Alban Square, Aberaeron (LSS)",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5400,"A487 Town Centre, Aberystwyth (LSS)",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5401,"A487 Caradoc Road Jctn, Penglais Hill",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5402,"A487 Penglais Hill, Aberystwyth (LSS)",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5403,"A44 Conker Lane, nr Glanyrafon",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5404,Fuel spillage on carriageway 250610,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5405,"RTC - Rhydygwyn, Llanfarian 250610",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5406,A487 Bridge Parapet Upgrade,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5407,A487 Structures Management,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5408,RTC - TRA487 Llanfarian 05/08/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5409,TRA44 Cwmbrwyno bends-replacement signs,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5410,TRA487 speed restrictions - Blaenannerch,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5411,Mill Street - attend & restore site 1309,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5412,Aberarth - attend to spillage 1709,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5413,"Counters - Bow St, Antaron Av, Ponterwyd",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5414,RTC-Road clos/div for accident investig,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5415,RTC-TRA487 Derwenlas-Machynlleth 250910,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5416,RTC - TRA44 Nantyrarian 25/09/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5417,RTC - Attend and clean up 04/09/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5418,RTC - Attend and clean up etc 03/10/10,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5419,Damaged BT cables obstructing highway,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5420,RTC-Attend & make safe/repair c/way surf,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5421,RTC-Attend with sweeper & clean mud etc,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5422,TRA44 Cwmbrwyno Bends Skid Resist Scheme,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5423,RTC - Road closure and diversion - 2842,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5424,RTC - Road closure & diversion - 2847,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5425,Cwmbrwyno Bends - 122991,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5426,A487 Speed Limit Review budget 10123266,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5427,A44 Speed Limit Review budget 10123266,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5428,Drainage Invest&Refurb A44 Cere10123269,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5429,Drainage Refurb A487 Pembs10123269,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5430,A44 Drainage Scheme 10123269,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5431,A487 Danydderwen Drainage Replacement,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5432,A487 High Friction Surf Gogerddan Junct,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5433,RTC - Llanrhystud-Blaenplwyf 120111,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5434,RTC - Aberaeron (attend & make safe),Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5435,"RTC-Traws, Eglwyswrw, Pembs 181210",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5436,Ponterwyd - attend & make safe BT cover,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5437,A487 Speed reduction measures,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5438,"Dimming Ballast - A487 Dinas Cross, Pemb",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5439,"Dimming Ballast - A487 Newport, Pembs",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5440,"Dimming Ballast - A487 Eglwyswrw, Pembs",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5441,Dimming Ballast - A487 Felindre Farchog,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5442,RTC-attend with sweeper&clean up 270111,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5443,RTC-vehicle fire traffic control 310111,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5444,A487 Furnace HFS,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5445,A44 Llwynhowel Ponterwyd to Nantyrarian,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5446,Review of stationary Traffic Order on TR,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5447,RTC Glandyfi - attend & clean up,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5448,"RTC - attend, make safe & repair damage",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5449,A487 Pembs Asbestos survey of WC block,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5450,Add Surfacing Works - Furnace & Taliesin,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5451,Flashing Amber Lights o/s St Padarns A44,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5452,"Add surf wks Clogfryn,Ffynnonddewi,Plwmp",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5453,Failed temp traffic lights - Llywernog,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5454,"RTC Fatal - Tanyrallt, Llanon",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5455,Rhydyfelin Hill - HGV breakdown,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5456,Civil Enforcement-Updating Traffic Order,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5457,SCRIM Resurf 201112 - A487 Rhydypennau,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5458,SCRIM Resurf 201112 - A487 Blaenplwyf,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5459,SCRIM Resurf 1112 - A487 Penclawddhelyg,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5460,SCRIM Resurf 201112 - A487 Synod Inn,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5461,140211 Llywernog-failed temp traffic sig,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5462,A44 Pont Ddole to Llanbadarn resurfacing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5463,"A487 West of Cenarth Rd Junc, Eglwyswrw",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5464,A487 Danydderwen layby to Henllan,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5465,A487 Llwyngwair to Temple Bar,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5466,A487 Aberaeron Town,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5467,A487 Tennis Courts to Maes Dderwen Dinas,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5468,Site Identification & Monitoring-Cered,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5469,"A44 Llywernog bends, west of Ponterwyd",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5470,A487 Moelifor-Tregynan-N of Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5471,A487 Waunfawr to Dorglwyd Junction,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5472,A44 Cwmbrwyno bends,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5473,A487 Bends south of Blaenplwyf,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5474,"A487 Spite Uchaf, Llanddeiniol",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5475,"A487 Rhydypennau to Dole, N of Bow St",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5476,"A487 Chancery to Rhydygwin Lane, Llanfar",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5477,"A487 Pencroescastell, north of Llanarth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5478,"A487 Penrhyn Gerwin, near Furnace",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5479,"A487 Erglodd, north of Talybont",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5480,"A487 Tremain, Cardigan",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5481,A487 Llanrhystud,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5482,"A487 Glanrhos, south of Blaenplwyf",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5483,"A487 Dolgau Farm, north of Bow Street",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5484,"A487 Rhiw Sion Saer, N of Aberystwyth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5485,"A487 TroedyRhiw junc, N of Llanrhystud",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5486,A44 Glanyrafon to Pont Dole,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5487,A487 Southgate&Penparcau Rd Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5488,"A487 Llanon village, Ceredigion",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5489,"A487 / B4334 Junction, Brynhoffnant",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5490,"A487 Bow Street, Aberystwyth",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5491,A487 Waunfawr to Bow Street - Invest RSM,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5492,A487 Llanrhystud to Llanfarian - Invest,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5493,A44 Glanyrafon to Pont Dole - Invest RSM,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5494,A487 Cardigan Bypass Lantern Replace Ph1,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5495,A487 Alexandra Rd Aber Pelican Cross Rep,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5496,A487 & A44 Trunking/Detrunking prop Aber,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5497,A487 Chancery - Penparcau Traffic Assess,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5498,A487 Alexandra Rd Impments Aberystwyth,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5499,A487 Street Lighting Energy Reducing Mea,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5500,RTC - TRA487 Tregynan (manned clos&div),Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5501,"RTC - TRA44 Cwmbrwyno (attend, clean up)",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5502,RTC - TRA44 Allt y Gwreiddyn,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5503,"TRA487 Dolgau, Bow St - damage to c/way",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5504,Site Identification & Monitoring - Pembs,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5505,A44 Milestone 15,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5506,A487 Dorglwyd Roundabout,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5507,A44 Ceredigion Invert Works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5508,A487 Ceredigion Invert Works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5509,A487 Ceredigion Joint Repairs,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5510,A44 Ceredigion Parapet Works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5511,A487 Ceredigion Parapet Works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5512,A44 Ceredigion Pointing Works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5513,A487 Ceredigion Pointing Works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5514,A44 & A487 Insp of FireRisk under Bridge,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5515,A487 HD41/03 Highway Geotechnical Assets,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5516,A44 HD41/03 Highway Geotechnical Assets,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5517,A44 Principal Inspections,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5518,A487 Principal Inspections,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5519,A44 & A487 General Inspections,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5520,RTC-TRA487 Blaenannerch 010711 Road clos,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5521,"RTC-TRA487 Dinas, Pembs 110611 - attend",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5522,TRA487 Rhydyfelin 150611 - congestion,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5523,TRA487 Llanrhystud-Blaenplwyf Fuel Spill,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5524,TRA487 Llanbadarn 170711 fallen tree,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5525,A487 AberaeronTown020811-effluent spill,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5526,A487 Rhydypennau CP - damaged guard rail,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5527,RTC-TRA487 Bet Dinas and Newport 100811,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5528,RTC-TRA487 Blaenporth Road Closure110811,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5529,TRA487 nr jct to Ystumtuen 160811,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5530,"RTC-TRA487 near Berth Rhys,Blaenplwyf",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5531,TRA487 Sarnau RTC 190811-Attend&CleanUp,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5532,TRA487 Nr Llanrhystud 030911 - RTC,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5533,TRA487 nr 40mph signs Penparc 080911,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5534,TRA44 nr Eirianfa Capel Bangor 110911,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5535,TRA487 jct Commins Coch 300811,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5536,TRA487 Blaenplwyf 080911 fatal RTC,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5537,TRA487 N of Tre`r Ddol - RTC 200911,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5538,TRA487 Sarnau Village - RTC,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5539,TRA44 Llanbadarn Rd-failed lights 210911,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5540,TRA487 Glandyfi Improvement-250911,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5541,A487/A44 - Environmental Grass Cut,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5542,TRA487 Pencwm Mawr bend nr Blaenplwyf,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5543,TRA44 Capel Bangor o/s Sunnycroft,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5544,SCRIM Annual Activities - Asset Mangmnt,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5545,Carbon Reduction Prog Delivery Cered,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5546,"TRA487 Nr Ty Gwyn, Comins Coch 011111",Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5547,TRA487 Llanfarian Village 011111OilSpill,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5548,TRA487 Beehive Terrace 091111 RTC Rd Cl,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5549,TRA44 nr milestone 15 151111 - RTC,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5550,TRA487Sth of Blaenplwyf clear debris,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5551,TRA487Nthbnd lne SthofBow St 30mph sign,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5552,TRA487 Aberarth improvement - Phase 2,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5553,Traffic Section - Small responsive activ,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5554,TRA487 Aberaeron(Panteg crossrds) 301111,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5555,TRA487 Rhydypennau 101211-make safe RTC,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5556,Repairs to sign on A487 Rhydyfelin,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5557,TRA487 Glyndwr Square-clear broken glass,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5558,Environmental Grass Cut A44 A487 Aut2011,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5559,TRA487 Llanrhystud - RTC 270112,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5560,TRA487 Tanygroes - RTC 290112,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5561,TRA487 North of Penparc - 030212 Ice,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5562,TRA487 Nr Glandyfi Castle - RTC 080212,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5563,TRA487 N of Tre`r Ddol - flood 090212,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5564,Install amber lights at A44 (K Spain),Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5565,A487 Cardigan Bypass plantation works,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5566,TRA487 S of Ridgeway Roundabout RTA 0902,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5567,A487 Clogfryn Bends Aberaeron-resurface,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5568,A487 Llanfarian Village - resurfacing,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5569,TRA44 nr Nant yr Arian - RTC 150312,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5570,TRA487 Borth of Llanon - RTC 230312,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
gx5571,Invite to tender patching A487&A44 1213,Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
hh0027,Prevention Person centred needs mapping,Lifestyle Services
hh0028,Prev Mit homelessness through skills,Lifestyle Services
hh0029,Transitional Prevention Funding,Lifestyle Services
hh0030,Transitional Funding - homelessness,Lifestyle Services
hh0031,Rough Sleepers,Lifestyle Services
hh0100,Housing Strategy and Enabling,Lifestyle Services
hh0104,Default Works,Lifestyle Services
hh0105,Homelessness,Lifestyle Services
hh0106,Homelessness - Leased Properties,Lifestyle Services
hh0111,Welfare Reform Officer,Lifestyle Services
hh0114,Housing Renewal,Lifestyle Services
hh0122,Common Housing Register & Allocations,Lifestyle Services
hh0124,STW Maintenance,Lifestyle Services
hh0125,Post Stock Transfer Costs,Lifestyle Services
hh0130,Maximising ECO Scheme,Lifestyle Services
hh0132,ECO Revenue Grant Funding,Lifestyle Services
hh0133,Client Contributions,Lifestyle Services
hh0134,ARBED Property Survey Grant,Lifestyle Services
hh0135,STWs - Adoption Costs,Lifestyle Services
j04030,Rec.& Open Spaces General,Technical Services
j12000,Public Conveniences-Budget,Technical Services
j12010,Community Toilet Scheme,Technical Services
j12100,Public Conveniences - North,Technical Services
j12110,Aberystwyth Pub Conveniences,Technical Services
j12112,Aberystwyth - New harbour toilets,Technical Services
j12120,Tregaron Public Conveniences,Technical Services
j12200,South,Technical Services
j12210,Aberaeron/New Quay Pub Conv,Technical Services
j12220,Lampeter Public Conveniences,Technical Services
j12250,Cardigan Public Conveniences,Technical Services
j12302,Aberystwyth - Shelter,Technical Services
j12303,Aberystwyth - Plas Crug Avenue,Technical Services
j12305,Aberystwyth - Castle,Technical Services
j12307,Aberystwyth - Penparcau,Technical Services
j12309,Aberystwyth - Parc Avenue,Technical Services
j12310,Borth - Pantyfedwen,Technical Services
j12311,Borth - Adjoining Canteen St.,Technical Services
j12312,Tregaron - Car Park,Technical Services
j12315,Aberaeron - Mason`s Row,Technical Services
j12316,Aberaeron - South Beach,Technical Services
j12317,Aberaeron - North Beach,Technical Services
j12318,Aberaeron - Pencei,Technical Services
j12319,New Quay - Paragon,Technical Services
j12320,New Quay - Ranmore,Technical Services
j12321,New Quay - St. John Street,Technical Services
j12322,New Quay - Memorial Hall,Technical Services
j12323,New Quay - Cei Bach,Technical Services
j12324,New Quay - Cwm Tydu,Technical Services
j12326,Aberporth - Glanmordy,Technical Services
j12327,Aberporth - Penrhodyn,Technical Services
j12328,Adpar,Technical Services
j12329,Cenarth,Technical Services
j12330,Llangranog Beach,Technical Services
j12331,Llangranog Car Park,Technical Services
j12333,Tresaith,Technical Services
j12334,Cardigan - Bath House,Technical Services
j12335,Cardigan - Feidr Fair,Technical Services
j12336,Cardigan - Chancery Lane,Technical Services
j12337,Cardigan - Lwr Mwldan,Technical Services
j12338,Cardigan - Greenfield,Technical Services
j12339,Cardigan - Victoria Gardens,Technical Services
j12341,Lampeter - Rookery Lane,Technical Services
j12342,Lampeter - St. thomas Street,Technical Services
j12343,Lampeter - Sainsbury`s,Technical Services
j12344,Lampeter - Victoria Hall,Technical Services
j12345,Llandysul - Car Park,Technical Services
j12346,Llandysul - Bradford Square,Technical Services
j12347,Devils Bridge,Technical Services
j12348,Llandewi Brefi,Technical Services
j12349,Llangeitho,Technical Services
j12351,Pontrhydfendigaid,Technical Services
j12353,Talybont,Technical Services
j12355,Llanon P.C.,Technical Services
j12356,Mwnt P.C.,Technical Services
j12357,Penbryn P.C.,Technical Services
j12358,Llanrhystud (Rent Only),Technical Services
j12359,New Quay Sandy Slip,Technical Services
j12999,Public Conveniences General,Technical Services
j13099,Parks & Gardens General,Technical Services
j13100,North,Technical Services
j13101,Plascrug Ave Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j13102,Castle - General Aberystwyh,Technical Services
j13103,Castle Grounds-Putting Green,Technical Services
j13104,Castle - Crazy Golf Course,Technical Services
j13105,Queens Rd-Gen Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j13106,Queens Rd - Tennis Courts,Technical Services
j13107,Queens Rd - Putting Green,Technical Services
j13108,Queens Rd - Bowling Green,Technical Services
j13109,Prom. Gardens - Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j13110,Queens Sq Garden Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j13112,Pavillion Minyddol Penparcau,Technical Services
j13115,Other Gardens - Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j13121,Recreation Ground Tregaron,Technical Services
j13125,Other Gardens Tregaron,Technical Services
j13126,Tregaron Amenities,Technical Services
j13200,South,Technical Services
j13211,Parc Y Fro Aberaeron,Technical Services
j13212,Parks & Gardens New Quay,Technical Services
j13215,Other Gardens - Aberaeron,Technical Services
j13221,King George Park Lampeter,Technical Services
j13222,St Thomas Square Lampeter,Technical Services
j13223,War Memorial Lampeter,Technical Services
j13225,Hafan Deg Lampeter,Technical Services
j13255,Other Gardens - Cardigan,Technical Services
j13999,Nursery Allocation,Technical Services
j14100,North,Technical Services
j14101,Plascrug Playing Field,Technical Services
j14102,Playing Field Penparcau,Technical Services
j14103,Minyddol Penparcau,Technical Services
j14105,Erw Goch,Technical Services
j14106,Rhydypennau,Technical Services
j14107,Rhos Hendre Waun Fawr,Technical Services
j14108,Penglais Park,Technical Services
j14109,Cwmcynfelin,Technical Services
j14110,Constitution Hill,Technical Services
j14111,Llanbadarn Common,Technical Services
j14112,Dinas Terrace Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j14114,Plascrug Ditches,Technical Services
j14121,Aberystwyth - Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14122,Bowling Club Tregaron,Technical Services
j14129,Tregaron - Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14199,North - Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14200,South,Technical Services
j14201,Parc Y Fro Aberaeron,Technical Services
j14202,Adj Lower Bridge Aberaeron,Technical Services
j14203,Aberaeron Football Ground,Technical Services
j14205,Recreation Ground New Quay,Technical Services
j14208,South Beach Toilet Aberaeron,Technical Services
j14209,Bowling Club New Quay,Technical Services
j14219,Aberaeron/New Quay Open Spac,Technical Services
j14229,Lampeter - Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14239,Llandysul-Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14249,Adpar-Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14251,King George V Field Cardigan,Technical Services
j14253,Mwldan Stream Banks Cardigan,Technical Services
j14255,Dolwerdd Fields,Technical Services
j14259,Cardigan - Open Spaces,Technical Services
j14299,South - Open Spaces,Technical Services
j15100,North,Technical Services
j15110,Cemeteries General,Technical Services
j15120,Lledrod,Technical Services
j15130,Cefnllan Cemetery,Technical Services
j15210,New Quay,Technical Services
j15250,Cardigan,Technical Services
j15300,Aberystwyth Crematorium,Technical Services
j16100,North,Technical Services
j16110,Childrens Playgrounds Gen,Technical Services
j16111,Castle Grounds Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j16112,Caebach Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j16113,Penparcau,Technical Services
j16200,South,Technical Services
j16211,Parc Y Fro Aberaeron,Technical Services
j16212,Square Field Aberaeron,Technical Services
j16213,New Quay,Technical Services
j16221,Lampeter,Technical Services
j16251,King George V Field Cardigan,Technical Services
j16252,Netpool Cardigan,Technical Services
j17100,Allotments - North,Technical Services
j17200,Allotments - South,Technical Services
j24111,Bandstand Aberystwyth,Technical Services
j24211,Memorial Hall New Quay,Technical Services
j24221,Town Hall Lampeter,Technical Services
j24251,Guildhall Cardigan,Technical Services
j30000,Promenades Amenities-General,Technical Services
j30010,Promenade Amenities-North,Technical Services
j30020,Promenade Amenities-South,Technical Services
j30030,Aberystwyth Shelters,Technical Services
j30040,Aberaeron/New Quay Shelters,Technical Services
j30050,Lampeter Shelters,Technical Services
kb2100,Building Cleaning Direct Costs,Technical Services
kb2200,DSO Building Cleaning-Public Convenience,Technical Services
kb2300,Building Cleaning - Schools,Technical Services
kb2400,Building Cleaning - Offices & Other,Technical Services
kb3100,Ground Maintenance Operational Costs,Technical Services
km1100,Highways Operational Costs,Technical Services
km2100,Street & Other Cleaning Operational Cost,Technical Services
km3100,Garage Services Holding Ac,Technical Services
km3400,Vehicle Fuel Holding Account,Technical Services
km5100,Refuse Collection Service,Technical Services
km5200,WTS Operational Costs,Technical Services
km9100,Engineering contracts - Labour Oncost,Technical Services
km9300,Engineering Contracts - Overheads,Technical Services
ll0000,Leisure Service Management,Lifestyle Services
ll0001,Plascrug,Lifestyle Services
ll0003,Tregaron Pool,Lifestyle Services
ll0005,Lampeter Pool,Lifestyle Services
ll0101,Tregaron,Lifestyle Services
ll0201,Cardigan,Lifestyle Services
ll0301,Lampeter,Lifestyle Services
ll0401,Penglais,Lifestyle Services
ll0411,Aberaeron,Lifestyle Services
ll0421,Sports Facilities - Education usage,Lifestyle Services
ll0431,Llandysul,Lifestyle Services
ll0501,Cardigan Pool,Lifestyle Services
ll0701,Teifiside Pool,Lifestyle Services
ll0801,Aberaeron Pool,Lifestyle Services
ll1001,Voluntary Pools General,Lifestyle Services
ll1101,Sports Development Officer,Lifestyle Services
ll1104,Head of Education & Well-being,Lifestyle Services
ll1105,Dragon Sports Coordinator,Lifestyle Services
ll1106,Disability Sports Officer,Lifestyle Services
ll1108,Senior PESS Co ordinator,Lifestyle Services
ll1110,Aberystwyth PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1111,Aberaeron PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1112,Cardigan PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1113,Free Swim Initiative,Lifestyle Services
ll1115,Lampeter PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1116,Llandysul PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1117,Tregaron PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1118,PESS Co ordinator,Lifestyle Services
ll1121,Aberystwyth 2 PESS Development Centre,Lifestyle Services
ll1124,GP Referral- WAG,Lifestyle Services
ll1125,"MEND - Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It",Lifestyle Services
ll1130,5x60 Penglais & Penweddig,Lifestyle Services
ll1132,5x60 Lampeter & Tregaron,Lifestyle Services
ll1133,5x60 Cardigan & Llandysul,Lifestyle Services
ll1134,5 x 60 General Fund,Lifestyle Services
ll1135,Community Cricket,Lifestyle Services
ll1136,Aim High Walking Project,Lifestyle Services
ll1137,PESS Network Grant,Lifestyle Services
ll1140,LAPA,Lifestyle Services
mm0001,Coliseum,Performance and Economy
mm0002,Tre`r Ddol,Performance and Economy
mm0003,Bath Street Stores,Performance and Economy
mm0004,Llanon,Performance and Economy
mm0005,Other Museums,Performance and Economy
mm0006,Exhibitions,Performance and Economy
mm0007,Aberystwyth Yesterday,Performance and Economy
mm0009,Museum Shop,Performance and Economy
mm0012,Vending Machine,Performance and Economy
mm0014,Cymal - Museum,Performance and Economy
mm0015,Museum Heritage Lottery Fund Project,Performance and Economy
mm0016,Museum Arts Council Wales Project,Performance and Economy
mm0017,Happy Museum Project,Performance and Economy
mm0018,HLF WW1 Posters Exhibition,Performance and Economy
mm0019,New Approaches HLF Devmt Phase,Performance and Economy
mm0020,Ceredigion Museum New Approaches Project,Performance and Economy
mm0101,Archives Office,ICT and Customer Services
mm0102,Lifeboat Station,ICT and Customer Services
mm0103,Archives Donations & Conservation,ICT and Customer Services
mm0106,The Wellcome Trust Project,ICT and Customer Services
mm0201,Aberystwyth Regional Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0202,Tregaron Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0203,Aberaeron Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0204,New Quay Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0205,Lampeter Branch Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0206,Llandysul Branch Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0207,Cardigan Branch Library,ICT and Customer Services
mm0208,Llyfryddol,ICT and Customer Services
MM0212,Glan-yr-Afon Units,ICT and Customer Services
mm0301,School Library Service,ICT and Customer Services
mm0401,Mobile Libraries,ICT and Customer Services
nn0030,Primary General,HR and Health & Safety
nn0031,Secondary General,HR and Health & Safety
nn0032,Special Schools General,HR and Health & Safety
nn0040,Primary - Carms Pension costs,HR and Health & Safety
nn0041,Secondary - Carms Pension costs,HR and Health & Safety
nn0501,Chief Executive Dummy,HR and Health & Safety
nn0587,Research Team,Performance and Economy
nn0589,Corporate HR System,HR and Health & Safety
nn0590,Corporate Human Resources,HR and Health & Safety
nn0594,Corporate Health and Safety Unit,HR and Health & Safety
nn0600,Corporate Performance,Performance and Economy
nn0601,Performance & Economy Service Mgmt,Performance and Economy
nn0901,College Pension Costs,HR and Health & Safety
nn4801,Social Services Training,HR and Health & Safety
nn4831,Practice Teachers,HR and Health & Safety
o3,Feeder Imbalance Items,Suspense
pp0156,Flying Start Guidance,Policy Support
pp0502,Theatr Felin-fach,Policy Support
pp0504,Special Activity,Policy Support
pp0505,Theatre Hires Professional and Community,Policy Support
pp0506,Siop Y Theatr,Policy Support
pp0508,Box Office Split,Policy Support
pp0511,Astydiaeth Dychonoldeb,Policy Support
pp0514,Arts Council Project,Policy Support
pp0576,Tidy Towns,Lifestyle Services
pp0579,Food Fraud Unit,Lifestyle Services
pp0586,Trading Standards,Lifestyle Services
pp0588,Environmental Control,Lifestyle Services
pp0590,Community Warden,Lifestyle Services
pp0592,Licensing,Lifestyle Services
pp0596,Animal Health & Welfare Service,Lifestyle Services
pp0601,Professional Education Centre,Policy Support
pp0602,Site Management - Felin-fach,Policy Support
pp0603,Cefnogi`r Celfyddydau,Policy Support
pp0702,Menter Iaith Cered,Policy Support
pp1001,Head of Policy Support,Policy Support
pp1002,Policy Support Team,Policy Support
pp1004,Polisi`r Iaith Cymraeg a Chydraddoldeb,Policy Support
pp1005,Press Office,Policy Support
pp1006,Cefnogi Partneriaeth a Cyfranogiad,Policy Support
pp1007,LSB - Support Officer,Policy Support
pp1008,Future Generations Manager,Policy Support
pp1009,Citizens Panel,Policy Support
pp1010,Complaints Officer,Policy Support
pp1011,Families First Co-ordinator,Policy Support
pp1012,Community Cohesion,Policy Support
pp1013,Syrian Refugee,Policy Support
pp1014,Prevent Duty,Policy Support
pp1015,Assessment of Local Wellbeing,Policy Support
pp1586,Community Safety & Civil Contingencies,Policy Support
pp3007,LSB - Project Officer,Policy Support
pp4042,Childcare Act 2006,Policy Support
pp4043,Out Of School Provision,Policy Support
pp4045,Play Sufficiency Assessment,Policy Support
pp4050,Cardigan Integrated Centre,Policy Support
pp4060,Llandysul Integrated Centre,Policy Support
qq0003,St of Movement in GF Balance,Finance
qq0004,Capital Transactions allocated to I&E,Finance