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Ref: FOI/2296 
05 September 2017 
Dear Mr Bailey 
Further to your enquiry, which we received on 09 August 2017, you requested the following 
information which we have provided our response in green below each question asked for 
your reference: 
1.  What medical qualifications, regulated or otherwise, are required to operate 
as Emergency Ambulance Crew within your trust? 
The West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (WMAS) workforce 
operating model is primarily registered Paramedic and Associate Ambulance 
Practitioner (formerly known as Ambulance Technician). Paramedics must hold a 
minimum of Level 5 Diploma in Higher Education in Paramedic Science, equivalent 
or higher. Legacy qualifications such as IHCD Paramedic are still accepted. The 
former IHCD Ambulance Technician is still accepted, although now replaced with 
Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners. 
2.  What medical qualifications, regulated or otherwise, are accepted by your 
trust for direct entry employment to Emergency Ambulance Crew within your 
As per our response to question 1. 
3.  What medical qualifications, regulated or otherwise, are accepted by your 
trust for Emergency Ambulance Crew employed by a Private Ambulance 
Provider working on behalf of your trust? 
WMAS does not utilise private ambulance provision.  
4.  What Emergency Response Driving qualifications, regulated or otherwise, are 
required to operate as Emergency Ambulance Crew within your trust? 
Former IHCD D1/D2 qualification or the current Level 3 Certificate in Emergency 
Response Ambulance Driving (CERAD). 
5.  What Emergency Response Driver qualifications, regulated or otherwise, are 
accepted by your trust for direct entry employment to Emergency Ambulance 
Crew within your trust? 
As above, plus we operate a robust Recognition of Prior Learning policy, which 
allows us to deliver an abridged version of the Level 3 CERAD, should applicants 
have prior knowledge or qualifications, where responsible and practical. 

FOI/2296 continued 
6.  What Emergency Response Driver qualifications, regulated or otherwise, are 
accepted by your trust for Emergency Ambulance Crew employed by a 
Private Ambulance Provider working on behalf of your trust?  
WMAS does not utilise private ambulance provision.  
7.  What authorities/bodies, if any, oversee/regulate these decisions for your 
The decisions of which qualifications and their indicative content is set nationally by 
the employing sector under the auspices of Association of Ambulance Chief 
Executives. Newly designed qualifications are then passed to Future (Awards & 
Qualifications) Ltd under contract with AACE to be regulated. All decisions of 
employer requirements are made by the employer sector. Our Awarding 
Organisation is responsible for the regulation of the qualifications through OFQUAL 
The Trust must demonstrate that all Paramedics employed are appropriately 
registered with the Health and Care Professions Council [HCPC].  This registration 
body is also responsible for ensuring all Paramedic education provision meets the 
required curriculum standards as set by the College of Paramedics. 
We hope that this answers your request. If you are dissatisfied with our response you have 
the right to appeal in line with guidance from the Information Commissioner: 
In the first instance you may write to the Chief Executive Officer of this Trust 
  Mr A C Marsh 
Regional Headquarters 
Millennium Point 
Waterfront Way 
Brierley Hill 
West Midlands 
DY5 1LX 
Tel: 01384 215555 
The Chief Executive Officer will then appoint a nominated deputy to oversee and 
respond to the appeal with their approval.  
If you are unhappy with the findings of the Panel you can then write to the Information 
Commissioner at: 
  Information Commissioner’s Office, 
Wycliffe House,  
Water Lane, 
SK9 5AF 
Tel:  01625 545 700 
Fax: 01625 524 510 
If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Yours sincerely 
Lynsey Kumari 
Freedom of Information Officer