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Primary Schools Supply & Temporary staff costs for Academic year 16/17,,,,
Type,Academic Year,CostC(T),Supplier Customer name,Total
Primary,16/17,Banister Inf (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,"5,867.91"
Primary,16/17,Banister Inf (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,182.00
Primary,16/17,Banister Inf (0),Oakwood Primary School,540.00
Primary,16/17,Banister Inf (0) Total,,"6,589.91"
Primary,16/17,Bassett Green Prim (0),Prospero Group Ltd,269.00
Primary,16/17,Bassett Green Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"15,206.90"
Primary,16/17,Bassett Green Prim (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,344.00
Primary,16/17,Bassett Green Prim (0),SCC Temporary Employment Agency,"9,520.30"
Primary,16/17,Bassett Green Prim (0) Total,,"25,340.20"
Primary,16/17,Bevois Town Prim (0),Bluestones Investments Group Ltd on behalf of The Classroom P/ship Soton Ltd,"13,530.00"
Primary,16/17,Bevois Town Prim (0),Capita Education Resourcing,102.00
Primary,16/17,Bevois Town Prim (0),Simply Supply Ltd,"19,320.13"
Primary,16/17,Bevois Town Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"26,715.25"
Primary,16/17,Bevois Town Prim (0) Total,,"59,667.38"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne CofE Primary (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"26,043.24"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne CofE Primary (0),Capita Resourcing Ltd,"1,192.22"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne CofE Primary (0),CER a div of Monarch Education Ltd,"7,316.24"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne CofE Primary (0),Condor Office Solutions Ltd,163.56
Primary,16/17,Bitterne CofE Primary (0),County Locksmiths Bitterne,50.00
Primary,16/17,Bitterne CofE Primary (0) Total,,"34,765.26"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Manor Prim (0),Bluestones Investments Group Ltd on behalf of The Classroom P/ship Soton Ltd,"15,237.50"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Manor Prim (0),Supply Desk Limited,"5,963.00"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Manor Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,170.00
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Manor Prim (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"1,902.00"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Manor Prim (0) Total,,"23,272.50"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Park Primary (0),Celsian Education,134.00
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Park Primary (0),CofE Fed of St Marys & St Saviours,185.00
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Park Primary (0),Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd,541.37
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Park Primary (0),Supply Desk Limited,"18,368.20"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Park Primary (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"69,017.50"
Primary,16/17,Bitterne Park Primary (0) Total,,"88,246.07"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Inf (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"4,551.24"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Inf (0),CER a div of Monarch Education Ltd,"3,655.20"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Inf (0),Hampshire County Council,200.00
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Inf (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"41,444.85"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Inf (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,688.00
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Inf (0) Total,,"50,539.29"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Jun (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"2,862.40"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Jun (0),Capita Resourcing Ltd,320.00
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Jun (0),Hampshire County Council,189.00
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Jun (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,"8,960.73"
Primary,16/17,Fairisle Jun (0) Total,,"12,332.13"
Primary,16/17,Foundry Lane Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"9,406.89"
Primary,16/17,Foundry Lane Prim (0) Total,,"9,406.89"
Primary,16/17,Great Oaks (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"36,948.00"
Primary,16/17,Great Oaks (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"2,300.50"
Primary,16/17,Great Oaks (0) Total,,"39,248.50"
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),A W Fraser,"6,750.00"
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),A&A Business Supplies Ltd,136.44
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Capita Education Resourcing,261.20
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Celsian Education,100.00
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Hampshire County Council,324.00
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Ludlow Junior School,341.50
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Office Angels,113.55
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Prospero Group Ltd,656.00
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Simply Supply Ltd,"2,301.04"
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Supply Desk Limited,"4,054.60"
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"60,824.00"
Primary,16/17,Holy Family Prim (0) Total,,"75,862.33"
Primary,16/17,Mansbridge Prim (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,740.00
Primary,16/17,Mansbridge Prim (0) Total,,740.00
Primary,16/17,Mansel Primary (0),Capita Education Resourcing,178.87
Primary,16/17,Mansel Primary (0),Celsian Education,150.00
Primary,16/17,Mansel Primary (0),Supply Desk Limited,"58,700.33"
Primary,16/17,Mansel Primary (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,496.60
Primary,16/17,Mansel Primary (0),The Classroom Partnership Southampton Ltd,"1,915.00"
Primary,16/17,Mansel Primary (0) Total,,"61,440.80"
Primary,16/17,Mason Moor Prim (0),Maraca Jacks,100.00
Primary,16/17,Mason Moor Prim (0),Miss Emily S Harper,180.00
Primary,16/17,Mason Moor Prim (0),Sandrine Leoni,240.00
Primary,16/17,Mason Moor Prim (0),St John the Baptist Primary School,168.38
Primary,16/17,Mason Moor Prim (0),Supply Desk Limited,"1,587.00"
Primary,16/17,Mason Moor Prim (0) Total,,"2,275.38"
Primary,16/17,Moorlands Primary (0),Longdown Activity Farm Ltd,0.00
Primary,16/17,Moorlands Primary (0),Simply Supply Ltd,"25,130.62"
Primary,16/17,Moorlands Primary (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"18,891.86"
Primary,16/17,Moorlands Primary (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,435.00
Primary,16/17,Moorlands Primary (0) Total,,"44,457.48"
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Celsian Education,310.00
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,172.00
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Paula OHara,"5,690.00"
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Premier Coaches Ltd,"1,006.25"
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Prospero Group Ltd,"26,063.07"
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Supply Desk Limited,"1,629.00"
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,320.60
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"2,924.00"
Primary,16/17,Mount Pleasant Jun (0) Total,,"38,114.92"
Primary,16/17,Newlands Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,190.90
Primary,16/17,Newlands Prim (0) Total,,190.90
Primary,16/17,Oakwood Primary (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,516.00
Primary,16/17,Oakwood Primary (0),William Burns,500.00
Primary,16/17,Oakwood Primary (0) Total,,"1,016.00"
Primary,16/17,Polygon (0),Teacher Active Ltd,"1,441.44"
Primary,16/17,Polygon (0) Total,,"1,441.44"
Primary,16/17,Redbridge Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,489.80
Primary,16/17,Redbridge Prim (0) Total,,489.80
Primary,16/17,Shirley Warren Prim (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"31,577.44"
Primary,16/17,Shirley Warren Prim (0),Capita Resourcing Ltd,130.00
Primary,16/17,Shirley Warren Prim (0),CER a div of Monarch Education Ltd,"1,550.00"
Primary,16/17,Shirley Warren Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,283.85
Primary,16/17,Shirley Warren Prim (0) Total,,"33,541.29"
Primary,16/17,Sholing Inf (0),Hampshire County Council,336.76
Primary,16/17,Sholing Inf (0),Horndean Infant School / The Solent Teaching School Alliance,510.00
Primary,16/17,Sholing Inf (0),Simply Supply Ltd,"1,521.60"
Primary,16/17,Sholing Inf (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"13,885.42"
Primary,16/17,Sholing Inf (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"2,762.00"
Primary,16/17,Sholing Inf (0) Total,,"19,015.78"
Primary,16/17,Sholing Jun (0),Amanda Rippengale,163.43
Primary,16/17,Sholing Jun (0),Simply Supply Ltd,"16,996.68"
Primary,16/17,Sholing Jun (0),The Hermitage School,180.00
Primary,16/17,Sholing Jun (0) Total,,"17,340.11"
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0),A W Fraser,"5,375.00"
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0),Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd,"1,239.40"
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0),Simply Supply Ltd,"21,628.47"
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0),Strictly Education Ltd,87.00
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0),Supply Desk Limited,120.00
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,602.00
Primary,16/17,Sinclair Primary School (0) Total,,"29,051.87"
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Bluestones Investments Group Ltd on behalf of The Classroom P/ship Soton Ltd,494.20
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Capita,0.00
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"2,818.00"
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Capita Resourcing Ltd,685.20
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),CER a div of Monarch Education Ltd,"1,376.00"
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Paula OHara,120.00
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Portswood Primary School Direct,172.00
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"2,255.70"
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"7,333.00"
Primary,16/17,St Johns Primary and Nursery School (0) Total,,"15,254.10"
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0),Bluestones Investments Group Ltd on behalf of The Classroom P/ship Soton Ltd,157.00
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0),Capita Business Services Ltd,0.00
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0),Dobwalls CP School,149.00
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,"41,586.50"
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,651.45
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"32,856.00"
Primary,16/17,St Marks Primary School (0) Total,,"75,399.95"
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Capita Business Services Ltd,61.67
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"56,555.05"
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Capita Resourcing Ltd,"3,125.08"
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),CER a div of Monarch Education Ltd,"16,599.34"
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Coliseum Coaches Ltd,710.00
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Ludlow Infant Academy,402.27
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd,102.00
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Simply Supply Ltd,162.00
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"31,604.90"
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"1,649.00"
Primary,16/17,St Monica Primary School (0) Total,,"110,971.31"
Primary,16/17,St Patricks Prim (0),Capita Business Services Ltd,152.37
Primary,16/17,St Patricks Prim (0),Capita Education Resourcing,7.08
Primary,16/17,St Patricks Prim (0),Carlisle Staffing PLC T/A Tate,0.00
Primary,16/17,St Patricks Prim (0),Celsian Education,169.00
Primary,16/17,St Patricks Prim (0),Supply Desk Limited,"30,288.00"
Primary,16/17,St Patricks Prim (0) Total,,"30,616.45"
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"1,065.00"
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0),Freemantle C of E Community Academy,450.00
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,708.80
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0),Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd,"1,400.00"
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0),Simply Supply Ltd,33.41
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"1,646.40"
Primary,16/17,Swaythling Prim (0) Total,,"5,303.61"
Primary,16/17,Thornhill Prim (0),Bluestones Investments Group Ltd on behalf of The Classroom P/ship Soton Ltd,640.00
Primary,16/17,Thornhill Prim (0),The Classroom Partnership Southampton Ltd,"2,698.80"
Primary,16/17,Thornhill Prim (0) Total,,"3,338.80"
Primary,16/17,Townhill Jun (0),Bitterne Park Secondary School,792.20
Primary,16/17,Townhill Jun (0),Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd,"7,689.32"
Primary,16/17,Townhill Jun (0),Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd,646.00
Primary,16/17,Townhill Jun (0),Supply Desk Limited,230.00
Primary,16/17,Townhill Jun (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"2,072.50"
Primary,16/17,Townhill Jun (0) Total,,"11,430.02"
Primary,16/17,Valentine Primary School (0),Capita Education Resourcing,"6,476.60"
Primary,16/17,Valentine Primary School (0),ITN Mark Education,330.00
Primary,16/17,Valentine Primary School (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"10,030.14"
Primary,16/17,Valentine Primary School (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"1,759.00"
Primary,16/17,Valentine Primary School (0) Total,,"18,595.74"
Primary,16/17,Weston Park Primary (0),Capita Education Resourcing,174.76
Primary,16/17,Weston Park Primary (0),Celsian Education,169.00
Primary,16/17,Weston Park Primary (0),Teaching Personnel Ltd,"31,999.35"
Primary,16/17,Weston Park Primary (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,"51,441.00"
Primary,16/17,Weston Park Primary (0) Total,,"83,784.11"
Primary,16/17,Woolston Inf (0),Celsian Education,686.00
Primary,16/17,Woolston Inf (0),Hampshire County Council,388.80
Primary,16/17,Woolston Inf (0),Prospero Group Ltd,98.60
Primary,16/17,Woolston Inf (0),Timeplan Education Group Ltd,263.00
Primary,16/17,Woolston Inf (0) Total,,"1,436.40"
Primary,16/17 Total,,,"1,030,516.72"