2 questions about reporting charity filing annual return for linked charity

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Dear Charity Commission for England and Wales,

I am a beneficiary of a smallish registered housing charity (gross income more than £25k). We are linked by a charity commission scheme to a reporting charity. We are its only linked charity.

1) Does our reporting charity need to file with the Commission a separate annual report, audited accounts etc for us?

2) In recent years our reporting charity did not file a separate annual report etc for us. It only filed its own annual report etc which appeared in the normal way on the Commission's website. Does the Commission's website fail to pick up when a reporting charity has not filed for its linked charity?

Yours faithfully,

Helen Borodzicz

Dear Charity Commission for England and Wales,
I should add that we are a charitable trust referring to leasehold flats . We have our own governing document i.e. trust deed. Our leases require audited accounts accompanied by an explanation of how the service charges have been calculated. Our reporting charity is our corporate trustee.

Charity commission advice on linked charities states that only one set of accounts need to be produced. I can't see how that would work for us as our reporting charity is a company & we are a charitable trust i.e. not a company.

Given that our accounts are separate should they appear on the Commission's website?

Yours faithfully,

Helen Borodzicz

CS - Correspondence2, Charity Commission for England and Wales

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Dear Helen,

Thank you for your email. The way in which your linked charity reports its
accounts depends on the way in which the charity was first linked, be it
for accounting purposes or other reasons. If the charity was linked for
accounting reasons, your accounts and annual return will need to combine
both entities, to be uploaded by the reporting charity.

Advantages of linking charities
Linked charities:

• prepare only one set of accounts and trustees’ annual report
• share a charity number
• submit only one annual return

Once charities are linked, one will be the reporting charity, producing
only one set of accounts for all of the linked charities. The accounts
must still report separately on the assets and activities of each linked
charity, including how they provide public benefit.

If you require further assistance, it may be suggested to seek independent
professional advice.

I hope this helps.
Yours sincerely,
Customer Services
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DPIR, Charity Commission for England and Wales

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Dear Ms Borodzicz,
Please find attached our response to your request for information.
Yours sincerely,
Data Protection and Information Rights team

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