Mae hwn yn fersiwn HTML o atodiad i'r cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 'Police officers convicted of road traffic offences while on duty'.

Date: 23rd February 2010 
Our Ref: FOI/047/10 
Contact: Alice Duarte 
By email only to: request-28249-
Tel:  01707 638436   
Fax: 01707 354669 
Dear Mr Lewis, 
Thank you for your request for information on the number of Hertfordshire Police Officers 
who have been convicted of road traffic offences while on duty. 
I am able to confirm that your request has been processed under the terms of the Freedom 
of Information Act 2000 (FOI).  
Following enquiries within the Professional Standards Department I have been advised that 
in the period 1/1/2009 to 31/12/2009 the Professional Standards Department have not dealt 
with any officers for on duty road traffic offences. 
Yours sincerely, 
Alice Duarte 
Freedom of Information Assistant 
Hertfordshire Constabulary provides you the right to request a re-examination of your case under its review procedure.  If you decide to 
request such a review and having followed Hertfordshire Constabulary’s full process and you are still dissatisfied, then you have the right 
to direct your comments to the Information Commissioner who will give it consideration. 
Information Services Office, Police Headquarters, Stanborough Road,  
Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6XF 
Hertfordshire Constabulary, Information Services Office, DX 153960, Welwyn Garden City 7