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Common questions
from local authorities 
        May 2014
Closure of the ILF
How will the funding be transferred 
Since the announcement on 6 March 2014,  after June 2015 – yearly or monthly? 
we have had a number of questions from 
This is a matter for DWP to discuss with 
local authorities about the practicalities 
CLG or the relevant body in each country, 
between now and then.  Hopefully this 
but our initial understanding is that it will 
information sheet will address some of 
be a one-off payment within the broader 
these questions.    
delegation amount to the local authority. 
What is the mechanism for applying 
What will the transferred budget be 
for funding to support ILF users after 
now that the ILF is not closing until 
June 2015?
Funding in respect of former ILF users 
The UK Government previously 
from 2016-17 onwards will be decided 
announced that £262 million will be 
in the next spending review and will be 
available for the 2015/16 financial year 
agreed through the established process 
following the closure of the ILF. The new 
for agreeing local authority/delegated 
decision means that the ILF will continue  budgets from Government.
to make user payments until 30 June 
Will users be given funding to cover 
2015. DWP will therefore discuss the split  the month of June and then local 
of funding for that year with the relevant 
authorities/devolved administrations 
should be ready to release funds to 
The ILF will provide DWP, the Department  users by July? 
for Communities and Local Government 
Yes, the ILF will make payments to users 
(CLG) and the Devolved Administrations 
for the period up to 30 June 2015. 
with a financial breakdown of ILF user 
funding by local authority/country as at 
30 June 2015. 
Please continue to contact us 
The money will not be ring fenced to 
with your questions at:  
individual ILF users, it will be for the Local
Authority and devolved administrations 
in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland 
to decide on how funding is awarded 
following the closure of the ILF.

Group 1 users
especially, with the Group 1 users, who 
have been on a higher rate of funding 
Will local authorities be informed about  compared to Group 2? 
who their Group 1 users are again?
Individual funding decisions will be a 
The ILF started collecting consent from 
matter for the local authority, through 
group 1 users to share details with local 
authorities again in April 2014.  We 
their normal assessment process. We 
anticipate being able to share their 
are collecting and sharing alignment 
details with local authorities from June 
information on users to try to assist local 
onwards, and we will contact you once 
authorities with information that may 
the information is available.  
be helpful to them in understanding the 
packages and desired outcomes of the 
When will Scottish local authorities 
individuals that will transfer.  
know who their group 1 users are?
Although Group 1 users have a higher 
Due to the decision in Scotland to 
maximum sum than Group 2 users, the 
establish a Scottish Independent Living 
average Group 1 award is only marginally 
Fund (SILF) following the closure of 
higher than the average Group 2 award 
the ILF, we will not be sharing any 
so on the whole the packages should 
information with local authorities in 
not be a great deal higher.  The current 
Scotland as the consent we gathered is 
average Group 1 award is £402.76 and 
no longer valid.  This is because it was 
the average Group 2 award is £313.22.
collected on the basis that users would 
transfer to their local authority, which is 
Post-June 2015
not now the case.  
What will the Government’s 
When we allocate group 1 visits 
expectations be for English local 
in Scotland, the user will have the 
authorities who will be managing the 
opportunity to tell us whether they would  funds in future? 
like their local authority to be invited 
to the visit, however, we will not share 
The rationale for the closure is that 
copies of the support plans or undertake 
social care support will be managed 
any data transfer on group 1 users in 
through one mainstream system.  Our 
understanding is that the government 
does not have separate expectations in 
It is likely that the ILF will need to 
relation to ex-ILF users, simply that they 
undertake a wider consent exercise with 
are supported within the mainstream 
all users in Scotland, to gain consent to 
transferring their details to the SILF.  This 
will depend on the structure and status of  In terms of handover, what support will 
the SILF.  We will write to all Scottish local  be given by ILF after the transfer?  
authorities if this is required. 
The ILF will close on 30 June 2015, 
As funding will not be ring fenced 
although a small lights out team will 
once under the local authority’s 
remain to close the building etc, we will 
control, are local authorities/devolved 
not be able to provide a service beyond 
administrations going to be left to 
this date. We are currently working with a 
manage the risks/users concerns, 
number of local authorities to design the 
final information and support handover 

package and intend to meet with all local  What will happen for users visited 
authorities before we close to ensure they  between 6 November 2013 and 6 March 
have the information they require prior to  2014? 
30 June 2015.  We have also had initial 
discussions with the Scottish Government  You should have received a copy of the 
to understand the practicalities of transfer  documentation we are planning to send 
in Scotland and will continue to develop 
out to these users (and are currently 
these plans with them.  
piloting), if you have not, please let us 
know and we will arrange a copy for you. 
General queries
Users visited between these dates did 
Where can I find a copy of the equality 
not have a discussion about potential 
analysis that DWP published?
alignment issues in preparation for being 
transferred, as this decision had not been
made.  Our independent assessor did not 
publications/closure-of-the-independent- talk to users about how they would like to 
receive and manage support in the future. 
How will redundancy payments for 
This means that users did not have the 
personal assistants be funded, in the 
opportunity to answer some questions 
event that the support they provide 
about how they would like their care 
falls outside of local authority eligibility  to be provided from 1 July 2015.  The 
criteria/different policy decisions in 
ILF is piloting a scheme to collect this 
information at the moment, contacting 
We understand that users will be required  250 users to discuss these specific issues.  
to meet their obligations as an employer.   The results from this pilot will be used to 
inform the approach for the other 3,750 
Our policies allow us to support users 
users in this situation and we will let you 
with redundancy payments in certain 
know the outcome.
circumstances.  This would only apply 
where it is necessary for a user to make 
We have included Scottish users in 
an employee redundant before 30 June 
this pilot as, even thought the transfer 
2015 and one of the factors considered 
arrangements are different, it is still 
in a redundancy payment request is the 
important to collect the information 
reason for the redundancy. It must be 
about future support from users, to be 
remembered that the ILF funding will 
able to share this with the SILF.  
continue until 30 June 2015 and we will 
request details of why the PA is being 
made redundant when our funding is still 
The amount of support available depends 
on whether the user continues to be 
eligible for ILF funding or not: if they do, 
payments are subject to the restriction of 
the maximum sum that the ILF can pay.