2012 Standard Civil Contract Family and Housing Specification SECTION 10 OTHER CATEGORY SPECIFIC RULES

mark davis made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Legal Aid Agency

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Dear Legal Aid Agency,


Subject: 2012 Standard Civil Contract (Family and Housing) - Specification SECTION 10 OTHER CATEGORY SPECIFIC RULES

Legal Aid Contracts.

Dear Legal Aid,
I am making this request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and if you can provide this information under a general request for information then please do so so I do not have to wait 21 days.

The information being sought is to do with 3 firms that would of held contracts with you: and under the Legal Services Commission, Pre April 2013 this data would be held in your archives.

1) Law Hurst and Taylor, Solicitors
153 Hamlet Ct Rd,

SRA ID:53673

2) ESN Solicitors,
267-271 High Street,
B23 6SR

SRA ID:441787

3) Kerrigan's Family Law Limited
13 St. Johns Avenue,
DY11 6AT,

SRA ID:548037SRA Regulated

Information requested:

1) I Request who was the named persons who were named as supervisors, at each firm and did they hold contracts to carry out actions against the Police in 2012? ) Please provide the named person for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 who were named as supervisors under Family and Housing?

When providing Family services you must maintain a ratio of employing at least one employed full-time equivalent Supervisor for every four full-time equivalent Caseworkers at each Office from which you are delivering work in the Family Category.
The Supervisor must be either be:
(a) A member of the Law Society‟s Family Law Accreditation Scheme;
(b) A member of the Law Society‟s Children Panel Accreditation Scheme; or
(c) A Resolution Accredited Specialist or have successfully completed Part I (core assignment) of the Resolution Specialist Accreditation Scheme.

2) I Request what contracts all firms held with you and hold now with you in the same above years?

3) I Request under the 1 to 4 ratio who were the named employers who were named or any trainees that were being supervised for the above named years.

4) Please provide The Contract for signature, provided for the 2010 Standard Terms on the 2010 Standard Civil Contract and the 2010 Standard Terms and the same for the 2007 unified contract that these firms provided to you? and the 2012 Family and Housing contract.

5) Please provide, The Family Supervisor Declaration Form, for the above same years

6) Please provide, The Housing Supervisor Declaration Form, for the above same years.

7) Please provide any sanctions imposed on the above firms or complaints raised in the above years? I note Law Hurst and Taylor no longer hold a family contract any longer, can you provide the reason why this is no longer in force? and in what year did this end?


Mark Davis