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Northampton Borough Council 
Greyfriars Bus Station 
Operating Procedures 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Northampton Borough Council (NBC) under the Directorate of Environment & Culture, 
Town Centre Operations Division has responsibility for the management of Greyfriars Bus 
The following procedures relate to all occupiers and users of the Bus Station.  This 
includes public service vehicles and mini buses, all taxis, contractor vehicles and any 
other vehicles entering the Bus Station. 
All users are reminded of their responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 
1974. All employees of the users have responsibilities for their own personal safety and a 
duty of care to their fellow employees and others (general public). 

April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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NBC - Management Control and Responsibility: 
NBC’s main responsibilities within the Bus Station are as follows: 
a.  To ensure that the structure and common areas are maintained to a safe 
b. To liaise with all bus station occupiers and users and issue guidance as 
necessary regarding any health and safety matters as required 
c.  To co-ordinate and liaise with all bus station users regarding the emergency 
evacuation procedures 
d.  To deal with any unauthorised vehicles accessing or using the Bus Station 
e.  To provide a security service to ensure compliance with NBC policies and deal 
with any anti social behaviour in or around the Bus Station 
f.  To provide first aid assistance and call emergency services when necessary 
g.  To co-ordinate and manage bi-monthly Health and Safety meetings with all bus 
station users 
h.  In partnership with bus station users ensuring the safety and well being of all 
users of the Bus Station  
i.  To undertake six-monthly reviews of all risk assessments and keep all bus 
station users informed of any significant findings 
j.  To undertake an annual review of operating procedures 
k.  To maintain a clean and safe environment 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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2. Contact 
Day-to-Day Services 
Bus Superintendent & Office 
01604 – 637831 
Car Parks & Bus Station Team Leader   
01604 – 838407 

NBC Health & Safety Team   01604 




CCTV Control Room (Emergency Only)   
01604 – 838406 
Out of Hours Services 

Structure    01604 

April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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3. Operational 
Bus Station - Opening Hours:   
Monday  -  Saturday 
04.30 – 23.30 hours 
Sunday     05.30 
NBC Staff Coverage: 
Monday  -  Saturday 
07.00 – 16.00 hours 
(Please note that staff operational times are currently being reviewed)  
Security Services Operational Hours: 
Monday  -  Saturday 
07.00 – 19.00 hours 
Sunday     08.00 

Stagecoach Security: 
Monday  -  Sunday   
22.00 – 06.00 Hours 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Bus Operators Responsibility: 
Bus Operators are fully accountable and responsible for their employees, vehicles, 
sub contractors and any other third parties accessing the Bus Station on their 
Bus Operators must ensure all third parties, working on their behalf, are provided 
with a copy of the operating procedures to abide by. 
Bus Operators must comply with the following operating procedures: 
a.  All buses and mini buses operated by Bus Operators entering the Bus Station 
must be maintained and comply to the appropriate statutory road safety 
regulations as set by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) 
b.  Ensure no vehicle is left unattended with the engine running 
c.  Ensure vehicles are left secure with keys and cash removed when unattended 
d.  Ensure all vehicles are driven by suitably trained and competent employees.   
e.  Ensure all employees are fit to undertake their duties. 
f.  Ensure all vehicles comply with the 10 mph speed limit 
g.  Ensure all vehicles are parked in bays allocated to the Bus Operator 
h.  Ensure that passengers leave their buses at the allocated bay only 
i.  Ensure bus drivers do not obstruct bus bays or bus lanes whilst parking 
between journeys 
j.   Any bus reversing must use reversing alarms (if fitted) and / or flashing 
warning lights 
k.  Ensure bus drivers close doors and do not allow passengers to board once the 
vehicle commences movement from the bay 
l.  Ensure bus drivers take reasonable precautions (dipped headlights, hazard 
lights when reversing, compliance with speed limit) whilst moving through the 
Bus Station, with special attention for other moving vehicles 
m. No vehicle maintenance is allowed within the Bus Station without prior approval 
of NBC. 
n.  All vehicle refuelling must comply with all instructions from the refuelling staff  
o.  All vehicles using the bus wash must comply with all instructions from the bus 
wash operative 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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p. All bus operators must ensure that their employees comply with all NBC 
instructions for the Bus Station, this includes but is not exhaustive of the 
Wearing of Hi-Vis coats  
(see appendix 1) 
Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – (see appendix 1) 
Eating & drinking policy  
see appendix 1 
Acceptable behaviour towards the public, council employees, security 
employees and other users of the Bus Station – (see appendix 1)  
Immediate reporting of accidents / incidents / near misses with a 
summary provided at every bi-monthly meeting 
Provision of any health & safety risk assessments as and when 
requested by NBC for inspection purposes (normally annually) 
General Note: 
All bus station users must co-operate to ensure the smooth operation of the facility to 
ensure the operation of their services do not conflict with other operator services. 
No service timetables shall be adjusted without first obtaining written agreement of NBC. 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Hackney Carriage, Private Hire & Mini Bus Operators Responsibility: 
Hackney Carriage, Private Hire and Mini Bus Operators are responsible for their 
vehicles when accessing the Bus Station. Hackney Carriage and Private Hire 
vehicles are only permitted within the Bus Station to drop off passengers or pick up 
a pre-arranged fare.  
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Operators must comply with the following 
operating procedures: 
a.  All Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles and mini buses entering the 
Bus Station must be maintained and comply with NBC’s Conditions of Fitness 
and appropriate road safety regulations.  
b.  Ensure their vehicle is not left unattended with the engine running. 
c.  When left unattended keys and cash are removed from the vehicle which is left 
d.  Ensure their vehicle is driven by a suitably trained and competent person 
e.  Ensure all employees are fit to undertake their duties. 
f.  Ensure their vehicles comply with the 10 mph speed limit 
g.  Ensure their vehicles park in the allocated bay only (Bay H) 
h.  Ensure their passengers leave their vehicles at the allocated bay only 
i.  Ensure their vehicles do not obstruct any bus bays or bus lanes whilst dropping 
off or picking up a fare 
j.  All Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles and mini buses must use 
dipped headlights and flashing warning lights when driving in the Bus Station 
k.  All Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles and mini buses must take 
reasonable precautions when driving through the Bus Station and pay special 
attention to other moving vehicles 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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6. Enforcement 
Operating Procedures 
a.  NBC will use legally recognised Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) 
technology to monitor and enforce compliance with the 10mph speed limit.  Any 
driver found contravening the 10mph speed limit will be reported to the relevant 
operations manager and / or NBC Licensing as applicable.  Any driver found 
contravening the speed limit on more than two occasions within a six month 
period will not be permitted to drive within the Bus Station boundaries. 
b.  All Bus Station occupiers will comply with NBC policies for the Bus Station, this 
includes but is not exhaustive of the following: 
2.  Wearing of Hi-Vis coats  
(see appendix 1) 
3.  Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – (see appendix 1) 
4.  Eating & drinking policy  
(see appendix 1) 
5. Acceptable behaviour towards the public, NBC employees, security 
employees and other users of the bus station – (see appendix 1) 
All Bus Station occupiers are responsible for ensuring their employees, or any 
other party undertaking work in their behalf, comply with NBC policies.  
Any breach of NBC policies will be investigated in accordance with the 
appropriate regulations / guidelines.  The outcome of any investigation may 
result in sanctions being applied to the relevant parties involved –  (see 
appendix 2) 
c.  All Bus Station occupiers must comply with Bus Station Operating Procedures 
at all times. 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Relevant Health & Safety Acts / Legislation: 
This includes but is not exhaustive of the following: 
•  PPE at Work Regulations 1992 
•  Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 
•  The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 
•  Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 
•  Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 
•  The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 
•  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) 
•  The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 
•  The Noise at Work Regulations 1989 
•  The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 
•  Fire Precautions Act 1971 
• Lone 
• Working 
•  Any reference to any Act of Parliament, Order, Regulations, Statutory Instrument 
or the like shall be deemed to include a reference to any amendment or re-
enactment of the same. 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Appendix 1 
All users associated with any operation within the Bus Station must adhere to the 
following instruction: 
 Smoking Policy: 
Smoking is not permitted on the bus level of the Bus Station. This includes the ends of the 
roadways and either end of the main building. Smoking is now only permitted at the 
subway exits on the lower level of the Bus Station. 
Hi – Vis Policy
All users must not exit or enter the Bus Station from across the roadways, unless 
undertaking duties commensurate with their employment (eg going to board a parked 
bus, coming from parking a bus, using the bus wash, for fuelling and general 
Any employee on the roadways is required to wear Hi Vis at all times. 
Eating & Drinking Policy: 
Drinks and food are not to be consumed whilst on smoke breaks at subway exits, or 
whilst an operative is outside on the roadways (unless your specific job is based in these 
areas for example fuelling / wash station operation) 
These instructions are being introduced to ensure that all operatives are seen to be 
showing an example to the public of the behaviours expected within the Bus Station and 
to address significant health and safety risks. It is expected that all companies operating 
within or from the Bus Station take steps to enforce this working instruction with 
employees under their responsibility. 
Behaviour Policy: 
All NBC employees and third parties working on behalf of NBC have the right to work in a 
safe environment and NBC will not tolerate verbal abuse, aggressive or other 
inappropriate behaviour directed at them or any other users of our services. 
All employers within the confines of the Bus Station will ensure that their employees, sub-
contractors and third parties are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.  
PPE Policy: 
All companies/relevant employers using the Bus Station must supply their employees, 
sub-contractors and third parties with the appropriate PPE to ensure their safety whilst 
working within the confines of the Bus Station. 
NBC may request and will receive copies of Bus Station Operators PPE records upon 
All Operators and users will comply with all reasonable requests made by NBC without 
undue delay.   
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Appendix 2 
Bus Station Users – Disciplinary Procedures 
The following disciplinary procedures are necessary for promoting safety, fairness and 
order in the treatment of all users of the Bus Station. 
These procedures set standards of conduct and working practices. 
The following procedures provide a fair method of dealing with anyone who contravenes 
the procedures. 
NBC will deal with minor breaches of procedures in an informal manner. NBC employees 
and / or Security employees working on behalf of the NBC will speak with any individuals 
who breach the procedures. The company/relevant employer employing the individual(s) 
concerned or the individual if self-employed will be informed of the contravened 
procedure and advised of the correct procedures to be followed. 
Following an informal warning, any individual who continually breaches the procedures 
will receive a formal verbal warning. The company/relevant employer employing the 
individual(s) or the individual if self-employed will be informed in writing of the reasons for 
the formal verbal warning and the improvements required.  A record of the warning will be 
placed on file for a period of six months.  
If an individual(s) breach NBC procedures again within six months of receiving a formal 
verbal warning then a written warning will be issued to the company/relevant employer 
employing that individual(s) or individual if self-employed.  The company/relevant 
employer/individual if self-employed will be informed of the reasons for the warning and 
the improvements/rectifications required to prevent further action being taken.  A written 
warning will be kept on file for a period of twelve months. 
Written warnings will be given to anyone who breach the procedures continually or uses 
verbal, abusive or threatening behaviour 
If an individual(s) breaches the procedures again within twelve months of a written 
warning being issued then a final written warning will be issued to the company/relevant 
employer employing the individual(s) or individual if self-employed.  The 
company/relevant employer or individual if self-employed will be informed of the breach 
including any dates and times of other breaches. The company/relevant employer or 
individual if self-employed will be warned that failure to comply with NBC procedures will 
result in the individual being suspended from working within the Bus Station. A final 
written warning will be kept on file for a period of twelve months. 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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If a Company/relevant employer fails to control its employees, sub-contractors or third 
parties acting on behalf of the company/relevant employer or an individual if self-
employed and this endangers the safety and well-being of the public, Council employees 
or other third parties using the Bus Station, then NBC will terminate their 
licence/permission to use the Bus Station. 
If an individual(s) is suspected of a serious breach of procedure NBC will contact their 
employer, otherwise the individual(s) direct and inform them of the breach. NBC will 
undertake a formal investigation and in liaison with the company/relevant employer if 
applicable will investigate the incident within 10 working days (if possible). If the offence is 
proven, NBC will inform the company/relevant employer or individual if self employed in 
writing that they or their employee or sub-contractor is suspended from working within the 
Bus Station confines.  NBC will inform the individual direct if self-employed.  The 
individual does not have to receive any previous formal warnings in this instance. 
If an individual is suspected of being involved in or party to a serious criminal offence 
NBC in liaison with the relevant company/ employer will determine if that employee or 
sub-contractor is suspended pending further investigation. Any internal investigation will 
be completed within 28 days unless the Police or other Government Agency is involved, 
in which case, the employee or sub-contractor may be suspended until after the 
determination of the formal investigation and / or any prosecution arising is dealt with. If a 
serious offence is proven NBC will liaise with the relevant Company / employer to agree 
the appropriate course of action in line with the employment legislation and relevant 
contract.   NBC will inform the individual direct if self-employed.  The individual does not 
have to have received any previous formal warnings in this instance. 
The following suspension periods will not be implemented if the incident has already been 
dealt with by the appropriate judicial system. 
Listed below are examples of criminal offences that NBC deem serious.  A specified 
period must elapse, in respect of these, prior to NBC considering any application to lift the 
suspension.  The periods prescribed below are provided for indicative purposes.  The fact 
that NBC will consider an application, after the expiry period, does not necessarily imply 
that the suspension will be lifted.  
Category 1  - 
5 years or more. Category 2 

2 to 5 years. Category 3 
0 to 2 years.  
Individual circumstances will be considered and mitigation taken into account. Other 
matters may aggravate an offence, for example, the assault of a NBC employee. 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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Category 1 
Attempt Murder 
Child Abduction 
Section 1 Protection of Children Act 1978 (indecent photographs) 
Serious Firearms Offences 
Drugs – production of a controlled drug, supply or possession with intent to supply. 
Category 2 
Indecent assault  
Making threats to kill  
Actual bodily harm  
Racially aggravated public order  
Racially aggravated harassment  
Racially aggravated assaults  
False imprisonment  
Bomb hoax  
Offences under the Public Order Act 1986 (affray, harassment)  
Assault Police  
Obstruct Police 
Possession of an offensive weapon  
Handling Stolen Goods  
Criminal damage  
Category 3 
Common Assault 
Bus Station Users Appeal Procedure 
All Users may appeal at any stage of the disciplinary procedure. 
All appeals will be made in writing to NBC. 
The appeal will be determined, as far as practicable, within 28 working days.  
All parties to the appeal will be informed of the determination in writing. 
April 2009 – Derrick Simpson - NBC 
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