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30 July 2009 
Dear Mr Bedford, 
Thank you for your request of 15 July 2009, asking for the information at a) and b) under the 
Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
(a)  the latest figures available for the number of Home Inspectors in England and Wales, and 
(b)  the latest figures for the number of Home Condition Reports being completed (preferably 
with a month by month breakdown if possible). 
Communities & Local Government does hold the information in the information you have 
requested. The figures are shown below and are current at 27 July 2009. 
(a)  Registered Home Inspectors = 973. The details of accredited home inspectors are 
uploaded to the central Register by the certification schemes. Please note these figures 
include duplicates for those Home Inspectors who may be a member of more than one 
certification scheme. 
(b)  The number of Home Conditions Reports lodged on the central Register on a monthly 
basis can be found at Annex A. The figures include lodgements from 1 August 2007 – 27 
July 2009. 
Communities and Local Government as an organisation aims to be as helpful as possible in the 
way it deals with requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If, however, 
you are not satisfied with the way in which your request has been handled or the outcome, you 
may request an internal review within two calendar months of the date of this letter. Information 
about the Department's review procedures and how to apply for an internal review of your case is 
contained in the enclosed leaflet. This also explains your right to apply directly to the Information 
Commissioner for a decision in the event that you remain dissatisfied following the authority's 
If you have any queries regarding this letter, please contact me. Remember to quote the 
reference number above in any future communications. 
Yours sincerely 
Phil Beschizza 
EPC / HCR Register Delivery 
Department for Communities and Local Government 
Tel 020 7944 5818 
Eland House 
Bressenden Place 

Annex A 
HCR Lodgements by month: 
Aug-07 37 
Sep-07 36 
Oct-07 38 
Nov-07 51 
Dec-07 15 
Jan-08 23 
Feb-08 24 
Mar-08 20 
Apr-08 11 
May-08 11 
Jun-08 12 
Jul-08 13 
Aug-08 3 
Sep-08 8 
Oct-08 3 
Nov-08 1 
Dec-08 2 
Jan-09 3 
Feb-09 2 
Mar-09 1 
Apr-09 7 
May-09 2 
Jun-09 2 
Jul-09 2 
Total 327 
Department for Communities and Local Government 
Tel 020 7944 5818 
Eland House 
Bressenden Place