Mae hwn yn fersiwn HTML o atodiad i'r cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 'Atos FFW recommendations overturned by DWP 10/08 – 02/11'.

To J Newman   
C/o [Cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth e-bost #106444 ] 
DWP Central Freedom of Information Team 
e-mail: [E-bost cais Adran Gwaith a Phensiynau] 
Our Ref: VTR 2926-735  
DATE 19 March 2012 
Dear J Newman, 
Thank you for your Freedom of Information request that was received by the Department for 
Work and Pensions (DWP) Adelphi on 18 February 2012 and forwarded on 21 February for 
response by myself, the DWP Medical Services Contracts Correspondence Team (MSCCT) 
Freedom of Information Officer.  
In your email you asked  
Dear Department for Work and Pensions, 
In response VTR 0192 you have provided data relating to the Atos FFW recommendations that 
were subsequently overturned by DWP between Oct 08 and Feb 11. It shows an alarming 
increase in the percentage overturned to WRAG in the latter part of 2010. 

1.  What interpretation did DWP place on this huge increase andwhat action did it take to 
address both within DWP & within Atos?This would have been recorded in meeting 
minutes, emails etc. 

2.  Is more recent data available to see if this trend continued? If not, when will it be? 
3.  Does DWP routinely monitor the additional FFW decision reversals made by the 

Tribunals service? 
4.  If so, what is the most up to date information available? 
The MSCCT FoI Officer is currently unable to offer a full response to all your questions within 
the target of 20 working days at present, and apologises for the delay in responding. The 20 
working days expires today, and the reason a response has not yet been provided is that the 
issue is still being investigated and enquiries are taking longer than anticipated. A 
comprehensive reply will be sent to you as soon as possible and it is anticipated at this stage 
that a response will be provided to you by March 31.  
If you have any queries about this response, please contact me quoting the reference number 
Yours sincerely,  
DWP Central FoI Team 

Your right to complain under the Freedom of Information Act 
If you are not happy with this response you may request an internal review by e-mailing freedom-of-
[email address]. or by writing to DWP, Central FoI Team, 5
th Floor The Adelphi, 1-
11, John Adam Street, London WC2N 6HT. Any review request should be submitted within two months 
of the date of this letter.  
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review you may apply directly to the Information 
Commissioner’s Office for a decision. Generally the Commissioner cannot make a decision unless you 
have exhausted our own complaints procedure. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: 
The Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF