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Volunteer statistics
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Staffordshire County Council gan Lee Jefferson ar .
Thanks very much for the information and prompt response. Yours sincerely, Lee Jefferson Journalist
Car Park planning permission/consent
Ymateb gan Salford City Council i Alan Smith ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Mr Smith, There is an enforcement investigation now open on this site. Thank you Lynn Dear Gleadhill, Lynn, Thank you for your reply.Sin...
Would you please acknowledge my 6 August email. Yours sincerely, kasturba Lalbhai
Vehicles Adapted to Carry 8 or More Passengers
Eglurhad a anfonwyd at North Hertfordshire College gan Peter Heath ar .
Thank you for your detailed response which fully answers my enquiry. Yours sincerely, Peter Heath
Finance system
Ymateb gan Joint Nature Conservation Committee i Jayne Casey ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Thanks for choosing O2 Hello, Jayne Casey Your Bill Summary Amount: £545.42. [1]View Billing Statement. ([FOI #400960 email]) O2 statement mes...
Thanks for staying with O2 Hi, Amanda Dew Your O2 bill(s) are now ready to view in My O2 Business. Payment reference: 688438522335 Amount: £554....
Thanks for staying with O2 Hi, Steven King Your O2 bill(s) are now ready to view in My O2 Business. Payment reference: 688438522335 Amount: £554...
Interview requirement for experimental psychology
Dilynol a anfonwyd at St Hilda’s College, Oxford gan Janice Tang ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
May I please have the TSA cut off marks for the past 3 years? thank you! Yours sincerely, Janice Tang
Grade 3 and above Pressure ulcers - safeguarded
Ymateb gan Wandsworth Borough Council i Sylvia Rushbrooke ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Ms Rushbrooke I attach further copy of the review decision. It is a typed document and appears to have scanned OK and so I am unclear why the fi...
Plymouth Highways
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Plymouth City Council gan Kevin M Riley ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
Having now had time to study your replies to my questions, I'm not sure it actually answers the questions I put forward, regarding 188 PIKE ROAD. EFF...
Number of attempted suicides
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Devon Partnership NHS Trust gan Katie Ralph ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
In response to question three you stated there were 0 transfers due to a lack of mental health beds, which for a fact I know is wrong. This is becau...
Please find attached response letter to your Freedom of Information request.       Karen Greenacre Governor Support Officer | Chief Executive...
Judicial reviews costs and process
Cais i Local Government Ombudsmen gan George Cant. Wedi ei anodi gan Mark Sman ar .
Llwyddiannus. "Papers are initially considered by the rele...
Laws of appropriation regarding Council Tax payment allocation
Ymateb gan Middlesbrough Council i Mrs J Davis ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
    Dear Mrs Davis   REF NO: 011383   I refer to your emails dated 3 August 2017 and 4 August 2017. I can confirm that Middlesbrough Counc...
Kent Council 2016/2017
Ymateb gan Kent County Council i Charlene Williams ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Ms Williams   Thank you for your request for information made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000, relating to Agency supply sta...
University e resources
Ymateb gan London Metropolitan University i Ashraaf Haque ar .
Dear Mr Haque,   I write further to your request for information dated 17 August 2017.  This request has been handled by the University in accordanc...
Many thanks for your reply to my questions. I take it that the last question concerning the 20 mph is about my concerns of a road that is designated...
Dear M Thrane, Thank you for your information request. I've attached our response letter. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questio...
Statistics indecent exposure
Ymateb gan Ministry of Justice i jenn job ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Please note I am out of the office from Thursday 24 August to Friday 25 August 2017 and am due to return on Tuesday 29 August 2017 (Monday 28 August...
Information request Our reference: 2675896   --------------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Mr Harvey   Tha...
Dear Ms Fortune Thank you for your email. The Phase 1 report describes the process for setting and agreeing the scheme objectives; the scheme options...
MP referrals for the year 2016/17
Cais i Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman gan J Roberts. Wedi ei anodi gan J Roberts ar .
I'm please they changed their mind. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Bernard Jenkin (45 referrals) did the work of ten! But did he make r...
Old FOI requests
Ymateb gan Ministry of Justice i M Bimmler ar .
Dear M Bimmler   Please find attached a reply with the information you requested in your FOI request.   Kind regards,   [1]Ministry of Jus...
Dear Mr Harvey I am writing to respond to your recent request for information. This request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 200...
James, I have checked with colleagues from Planning, Highways and my own team in Regeneration and we are not aware of the report you are referring to....