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Lists of Accessible Taxis under S167 Equality Act 2010
Ymateb gan Ribble Valley Borough Council i Doug Paulley ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Mr. Paulley Please find enclosed response to your correspondence of 24 April 2017. Yours faithfully Katharine Collinge Legal Assistant and Fr...
NSL Parking Enforcement
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Lewisham Borough Council gan Lr306 ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
Following your response on 11 April (2 weeks ago) has there been any progress on this? I think I am happy to wait until the end of this week, befo...
Oxford - Council Tax Arrears
Ymateb gan Oxford City Council i Pat James ar .
Dear Pat, Thank you for your FOI request and please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to this. 1. There were 7360 summons issued in 20...
Private Prison Contract Schedule
Ymateb gan Ministry of Justice i Mr Ivan ar .
  Dear Mr Ivan   Please see attached the response to your FOI request.   Regards Commercial and Contract Management     Data Access &...
Council officer resigns after fraud investigation
Ymateb gan North East Lincolnshire Council i Si Simons ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Sir / Madam Thank you for your further correspondence in relation to information request reference 5065_1718. I can clarify that the abbreviation...
FOI Policy
Ymateb gan Nominet UK i Jim Killock ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
Dear Jim,   Thank you for your reply.   As we are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act we do not have a public transparency policy. A...
Non Traditional House Types
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Enfield Council gan Lisa Wilson ar .
Thank you for your information. Yours sincerely, Lisa Wilson
ECFRS Station Grounds
Ymateb gan Essex County Fire and Rescue Service i Leo Bruce ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your email received by Essex County Fire & Rescue Service. Your request is being dealt with under the Freedom of Info...
Joe Anderson's Letter to Chief Constable Bernard Hogan Howe in 2006
Ymateb gan Merseyside Police i Josie Mullen ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Ms Mullen, Thank you for your e-mail. I presume that the e-mail is a comment and not a request for information as a new FOI application. D. Jac...
Members' Registers of Interest
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Eastfield Town Council gan Nigel Ward ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
Thank you very much for your response, confirming that Councillor Tracey Anne WHITE's Register of Interests has now been updated to include the earl...
Peter is talking about me. As Peter is already aware, I DID make a complaint to PALS, when I was illegally sectioned two years ago, for those who don'...
Use of Agency Social Workers
Ymateb gan Bradford City Council i Dee Green ar .
Dear Dee Thank you for your Freedom of Information request to Bradford Council. Please find below the response to your questions. 1 - How many qua...
Housing Related Support Contracts
Ymateb gan Copeland Borough Council i A Hare ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
Dear A Hare, Thank you for your request for information regarding Housing Related Support Contracts. Please accept my apology for the delay in respons...
Dear Mr Tully,   Please see attached response to your FOI Request as submitted to Liverpool City Council.   Regards   Information Team  ...
Thefts during NDR work
Ymateb gan Norfolk Constabulary i Lauren Cope ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Dear Customer, Please check your package delivery details attached! FedEx -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- LujXy6trrqjTh/2MQhP9ZhHwRFsiQcnM1oDj...
Ymateb gan Torfaen Council i angela ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Welcome, You have made the following changes to your Torfaen County Borough Council subscriber preferences. * Your subscriber preferences for Torf...
Lists of Accessible Taxis under S167 Equality Act 2010
Ymateb gan Ashford Borough Council i Doug Paulley ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Good Morning,   The list created before commencement is essentially the same list, however you are correct in stating that it is not particularly...
Ex Military Vehicle Service Histories
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Y Weinyddiaeth Amddiffyn gan Les Adams ar .
Thanks for supplying the information I requested. Yours sincerely, Les Adams
Ex Military Vehicle Service Histories
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Defence Equipment and Support gan Les Adams ar .
Thanks for providing the requested information so promptly. It's greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Les Adams
Ymateb gan Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust i Sue Br ar .
Dear Ms Br   Please see the attached letter.   Many thanks   Claire Davison Freedom of Information Assistant Email: [1][email address]...
Could you alternatively state that the Advisory Committee that was referred to in the case study (Page 30 of the Annual Report 2015-16) was NOT the...
OPG unfit for purpose #1
Cais i Office of the Public Guardian gan Janik2. Wedi ei anodi gan Janik2 ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
There are other things discreetly happening at the OPG that virtually mitigate my dissatisfaction with the strange service I experienced.
Thank you for your e-mail. I am out of the office until Thursday 27 April 2017 and will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible after I return. If y...
Non traditional housing lists
Ymateb gan East Lothian Council i Steven Lees ar .
Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.
Inspectors Handbook
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Planning Inspectorate gan Carter Sheringham ar .
Rhannol lwyddiannus.
Thank you for your timely response. You mention the 'Inspector Training Manual'; can I please receive the most up to date version. Yours sincer...