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Gelwir hefyd HRA. The Health Research Authority (HRA) is an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. The HRA exists to p...
36 cais.
Gelwir hefyd MHAC. "The Mental Health Act Commission ceased to exist on 31 March 2009. The Care Quality Commission is the new health and social care watchdog for England....
Wedi darfod.
1 cais.
On 1st April 2013, NICE became the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.
Wedi darfod.
36 cais.
Gelwir hefyd NPSA. The NPSA was abolished on 1st October 2012. Its functions passed to the NHS Commissioning Board.
Wedi darfod.
14 cais.
Gelwir hefyd NTA. The NTA was abolished on 1st April 2013.
Wedi darfod.
10 cais.
On 1st October 2012, the Authority was replaced by the NHS Commissioning Board.
Wedi darfod.
3 cais.
Gelwir hefyd NHSCFA.
16 cais.
NHS Improvement is responsible for overseeing foundation trusts and NHS trusts, as well as independent providers that provide NHS-funded care. NHS Imp...
203 cais.
Gelwir hefyd NHS Institute. The NHS Institute was abolished on 1st April 2013.
Wedi darfod.
5 cais.
The NHS National Waiting Times Centre is an NHS Special Board made up of two distinct parts - the Golden Jubilee National Hospital and the Beardmore Ho...
23 cais.
Gelwir hefyd NHS Professionals. On 1st April 2010, the NHS Professionals Special Health Authority was abolished. Its business passed to NHS Professionals Limited.
Wedi darfod.
5 cais.
NHS Resolution is the operating name of the NHS Litigation Authority, also incorporating the functions of the National Clinical Assessment Services and...
130 cais.
Gelwir hefyd NHS TDA. As of April 2016 this body has become part of NHS Improvement.
Wedi darfod.
22 cais.
Gelwir hefyd ppd. A division of NHS Business Services Authority, the PPD processes all prescriptions issued and dispensed in England under the National Health Service Ac...
34 cais.

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