Awdurdodau cyhoeddus

Cafwyd hyd i 11 awdurdod cyhoeddus yn y categori 'Bodies funded by local government'

68 cais.
Gelwir hefyd Cordia.
3 cais.
Delivers leisure and culture services on behalf of East Dunbartonshire Council
4 cais.
Manages and develops sport & leisure services on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council.
8 cais.
Delivers the management and operation of Inverclyde Council’s sport and recreational services
3 cais.
Gelwir hefyd KA Leisure. Provides access to recreation and leisure facilities for the community of North Ayrshire. Established and funded by North Ayrshire Council.
7 cais.
Manages and operates sports centres and swimming pools on behalf of East Renfrewshire Council
4 cais.
Delivers sports and recreation facilities, country parks, museums, libraries, Outdoor Resource Base and Arts Development services on behalf ofSouth Lan...
7 cais.

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