West Kent College

A further educational institution

West Kent College is now governed by the Governing Body of North Kent College. This transition has been described as "North Kent is acquiring West Kent College". West Kent College will continue to be called West Kent College. *

Cais 16
Agency spend 20/21
Ymateb gan West Kent College i Joshua ar .


Dear Joshua   Thank you for your FOI request which has been forwarded to me for a response.  I have provided a breakdown of money spent on staff e...
Staff Organogram
Cais i West Kent College gan Coral Handley. Wedi ei anodi gan Richard Taylor ar .

Gwybodaeth heb ei gadw.

This is a surprising response as the college has a website: https://www.westkent.ac.uk and a logo containing the text "West Kent College". The go...
Graphic and Web Design Spend and Schedule
Ymateb gan West Kent College i Arthur Burns ar .


I am out of the office until Monday February 24th.  If your email is urgent please forward to [email address].   The information in this email, an...
Accounts Payable and Enrolment forms
Ymateb gan West Kent College i Stephanie Mottershead ar .


Dear Ms Mottershead,   Thank you for your request   Further to your request for information please find our response below;   The accounts...

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