Stourbridge College

A further educational institution a a body that is now defunct

Stourbridge College is now part of Birmingham Metropolitan College (see

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Cais 8
Graphic and Web Design Spend and Schedule
Ymateb gan Stourbridge College i Arthur Burns ar .

Fe'i tynnwyd yn ôl gan y ceisydd.

Please make a note of my new contact details:   E: [email address]   T: 0121 362 1110 or 01384 399660   M: 07436 162038
Agency Spend
Ymateb gan Stourbridge College i Ash Patel ar .


Hi Ash, Is this any better? Mags Winthrop Communications Co-ordinator 01384 399660 07525 822026 Art & Design Centre Venture Way Brierley Hill...
Contact Information
Ymateb gan Stourbridge College i Thomas ar .


Hi Chris, Curriculum Managers for Stourbridge College are as follows: Andy Sylvester Assistant Principal (Creative Industries, A Levels and Humanitie...
Tier 4
Ymateb gan Stourbridge College i C.Nair ar .


Dear Sir/Madam, I am in receipt of your Freedom of Information request. I can confirm that, as a Further Education College, we do not have any intern...
Expense claims of the Principal of Stourbridge College
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Stourbridge College gan Adrian Butler ar .

Rhannol lwyddiannus.

Thank you for your very helpful response. I was hoping for a more detailed breakdown of itemised expense claims, but if your response covers the...
Vehicle Procurement
Ymateb gan Stourbridge College i James Wilson ar .


We feel this is commercially sensitive information which we are not obliged to share under the Act. In future can all Freedom of Information request...
Transparency and openness in Further Education colleges
Ymateb gan Stourbridge College i M.J.Taylor ar .

Rhannol lwyddiannus.

Prior to this we had 1 request from which was responded to within appropriate timescales. The college has only recently recei...
Senior Management Remuneration Packages
Dilynol a anfonwyd at Stourbridge College gan Dhara Chaudhary ar .

Rhannol lwyddiannus.

Many thanks for your response. Unfortunately, part of your text was difficult to comprehend, probably due to technical issues regarding your emai...

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