ACTSO Limited

An association of local councils a a limited company, a elwir hefyd yn National Trading Standards

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (manylion).

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HMRC requests
Ymateb gan ACTSO Limited i D. Schofield ar .


Thank you for your enquiry. National Trading Standards role is to provide grant funding to certain local authorities to carry out specified trading sta...
Number of complaints
Ymateb gan ACTSO Limited i Brian Hancock ar .

Gwybodaeth heb ei gadw.

Hi Brian Unfortunately this is not something we would have access to, however you can get in contact with Derbyshire Trading Standards who may hold th...
Legal bills for secondary ticketing prosecutions
Ymateb gan ACTSO Limited i Rob Davies ar .


Further to your enquiry, please find attached our response. Kind Regards Wendy Martin Director, National Trading Standards Director of Policy, Ass...
Dear Ed Thankyou for your email, please be advised that concerns about the actions of individual councils can be raised with the relevant ombudsmen :...

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