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This university is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, as only universities funded via Higher Education Funding Councils are covered. The Un...
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Including Cambridge University Press (CUP), Cambridge Assessment, the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring and University of Cambridge International Ex...
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Please do not use this website to request your academic transcript. All communications via our site are made in public and it is therefore not appropr...
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On 1st August 2007, the University of Paisley and Bell College merged to create the University of the West of Scotland.
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The university appears to have adopted a practice of responding to requests via a link to a response letter hosted on the university website. Requester...
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The University of South Wales was formed in 2013 by the merger of the University of Glamorgan and the University of Wales, Newport.
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Gelwir hefyd UHI.
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Gelwir hefyd UWE.
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Gelwir hefyd UWIC. On 1st November 2011, UWIC became Cardiff Metropolitan University.
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On 18th November 2011, the University became part of the University of Wales Trinity St David.
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The University was formed on 18th November 2010 by the merger of the University of Wales, Lampeter and Trinity University College.
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Previously called "Thames Valley University"
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Gelwir hefyd Marjon. Formerly called University College Plymouth St Mark and St John
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Gelwir hefyd Vanbrugh College. The colleges at York differ from those at older-established collegiate universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge) in that they have no academic or fin...
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Gelwir hefyd Wentworth Graduate College. The University is committed to the principles of freedom of information. The University's Publication Scheme is a guide to the information the Universi...
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Wimbledon College of Art is part of the University of the Arts London.
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