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Aberdeen Sports Village is jointly owned by Aberdeen City Council and the University of Aberdeen.
5 cais.
Archery GB (the national governing body for Olympic Archery in the UK) is not formally subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but as it it receives...
2 gais.
This is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital. Although businesses are not normally subject to FOI, they have got a specific ema...
9 cais.
British Rowing is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but as it receives National Lottery and Exchequer (Department for Culture, Media and S...
5 cais.
Gelwir hefyd Glasgow Life. Glasgow Life is a charity and the operating name of Culture and Sport Glasgow. Glasgow Life is a charity that delivers cultural, sporting and learni...
54 cais.
Gelwir hefyd DCMS. Until 3 July 2017 this department was known as the 'Department for Culture, Media and Sport'[1]
871 cais.
Gelwir hefyd SportScotland. SportScotland (SpòrsAlba) is the national agency for sport in Scotland.
22 cais.
Gelwir hefyd Sport Northern Ireland.
14 cais.
Gelwir hefyd SGSA. Before 1st November 2011, the SGSA was the Football Licensing Authority.
19 cais.
Formerly known as the Sport Council for Wales
56 cais.
Gelwir hefyd The Football Association. This organisation is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. We are listing it on our site it because we consider it has the character of a publ...
19 cais.
Gelwir hefyd British Athletics. This body is not formally subject to the Freedom of Information Act but we've decided to list it due to its public role representing the UK in internat...
10 cais.
Gelwir hefyd UK Sport.
79 cais.
Volleyball England is the recognised National Governing Body for volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball in England. It is not subject to t...
1 cais.

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