Gwent Police Authority

A policing body, a body that is now defunct and a police authority

Police Authorities ceased to exist as of the 22nd of November 2012. Police and Crime Commissioners are now responsible for setting the strategic direction of local policing. If you need to make a FOI request on operational police matters for this local area please address your request to the police force.

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Cais 10
Accident/speeding statistics
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NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED Dear Ms Jones   Freedom of Information Request 2012/15574   Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of In...
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NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED Dear Mr Norris   Freedom of Information Request 2012/15443   Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of I...
Dear Independent Police Support Group I can confirm that we have not convened a PA panel as a result of a request from a Chief Constable to hear a cas...
Police Injury Pensions
Cais i Gwent Police Authority gan John Jarman. Wedi ei anodi gan John Jarman ar .


If you are a former officer on an injury pension and would like to make contact with an email-based self help group of others then send a message to Ed...
Many thanks for your e-mail. However, as your enquiry relates to an operational matter I have forwarded it to the Chief Constable's Staff Officer, Insp...

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