Exmoor National Park Authority

A national park authority

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Intranet Queries
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i DeborahManley ar .


Dear Deborah   As per your email request for an FOI on ICT and HR, I have attached our response in the format requested.   Kind Regards  ...
Dear Jon   In response to the Freedom of Information request (original attached above) on TPOs received on 23 July, I can provide the following i...
Online Information
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i angela ar .


Dear Angela   Further to your request below, I can confirm the following:   1. The Authority places public notices in the West Somerset Free Press...
Tree Preservation Orders Digital Format
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Mr Wilde ar .


Dear Mr Wilde I checked my sent items and the files were definitely attached. I have attached them again so if it doesn’t work this time I will try an...
TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Paul Evans ar .


  Dear Mr Evans,   I refer to your recent Freedom of Information request regards TM44 - Air Conditioning Assessment, please see the answers to y...
Permitted Development B1 to C3
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Trudy Scanlon ar .

Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.

We acknowledge safe receipt of this communication and will forward it to the appropriate person for reply/action.
ERP System
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Antoine Cornet ar .


Dear Antoine 1.What ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) or Finance system is currently used at the council? Exmoor National Park Authority currently...
Software Licenses
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Leo Wu ar .

Yn hwyr iawn

Dear Leo Wu   Thank you for your Freedom Of Information request dated 1 April 2015 regarding Software Licences, I have appended your questions bel...
Property in the vicinity of Blackmoor Gate
Cais i Exmoor National Park Authority gan Mr D E Young. Wedi ei anodi gan Mr D E Young ar .


Dear Exmoor National Park Authority, Many thanks for your very prompt response to my FOI request, and for the information you have provided, which an...
Dear Ruth Thank you for resending this request. As confirmed on 10th December, Exmoor National Park  Authority has not received any payment under Se...
Water tests done by Exmoor National Park Authority
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Pippa King ar .

Gwybodaeth heb ei gadw.

Dear Pippa   Thank you for your email dated 13 November 2012 with a request under the Environmental Regulations 2004 and Freedom Of Information Ac...
Mis-fuelling of motor vehicles
Ymateb gan Exmoor National Park Authority i Nick Panchaud ar .


In response to your request:- 1) This Authority has 16 diesel fuelled road going vehicles 2) Number of times mis-filled with petrol: Nil 3) Not appl...
Dear Nicola, Being a small organisation this Authority has no frameworks for construction consultancy or construction contractors although it is in the...
Dear Barbara Whittle, Exmoor National Park Authority holds one business response service, Licence no. EX292, linked to address Exmoor House, Dulverton,...
Dear Mr White Answers to your queries. In the last 5 years: 1) How many planning applications have you received featuring a change of use from...

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