The EDI Group Limited

A company owned by local government, a elwir hefyd yn EDI

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    From: Info Sent: 24 April 2012 14:34 To: '[email address]' Subject: Freedom of Information request - Land ownership of Fountainbridge site...
Email address of CEO of EDI Group Ltd
Cais wedi ei anfon i The EDI Group Limited gan Stephen Richard ar .

Yn hwyr iawn

I wish to write to Ian Wall on the subject of WASPS, and wish to have an email address for convenience. Yours faithfully, Stephen Richard
Procurement of Contractors and Construction Consultancy Services
Cais am adolygiad mewnol a anfonwyd at The EDI Group Limited gan Nicola ar .

Yn aros am adolygiad mewnol.

When will I receive a response? This is long overdue. Yours faithfully, Nicola

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