Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

A part of the National Health Service, an NHS trust and a body that is now defunct

The trust ceased to exist on 1 October 2014 when it merged with The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust to form the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Nid yw'r awdurdod hwn yn bodoli bellach, felly ni allwch wneud cais iddo.

Cais 67
Social Care Team Managers
Cais i Ealing Hospital NHS Trust gan Clare Green. Wedi ei anodi gan Patricia ar .

Gwybodaeth heb ei gadw.

I think it unfair to label that Ealing Hospital did not have the required information when the employment of such people is not in their gift! You may...
Ref: FOI/13/103   Hi Jonathan   Thank you for your freedom of information request.   It’s a nil return. No income.   Regards   Neel...

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