BRB (Residuary) Limited

Corfforaeth gyhoeddus, a body that is now defunct and a limited company

Nid yw'r awdurdod hwn yn bodoli bellach, felly ni allwch wneud cais iddo.

Cais 8
Empty buildings
Dilynol a anfonwyd at BRB (Residuary) Limited gan L.C. Looi ar .


Dear Peter Trewin, Thank you for the information. Yours sincerely, L.C. Looi
Dear Mr Noakes I attach the response to your request for information. The Board's estate, insofar as M&EE requirements are concerned, consists of thre...
Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave
Cais wedi ei anfon i BRB (Residuary) Limited gan Chris Wade ar .

Yn hwyr iawn

Dear FOI officer, I should like to request the following information: 1) With respect to the corporation’s terms and conditions of employment, the...
Port Carlisle
Cais am adolygiad mewnol a anfonwyd at BRB (Residuary) Limited gan Steve Hinks ar .

Yn aros am adolygiad mewnol.

Dear BRB (Residuary) Limited, I made a simple FOIA request regarding maintenance of your property in Port Carlisle 1 month ago and again I get no res...
British Rail Business Systems
Ymateb gan BRB (Residuary) Limited i William Olde ar .

Yn hwyr iawn

Dear Mr Olde, We have located for you two transfer schemes to BRBS and the Sale and Purchase Agreement for BRBS which are voluminous documents and wer...
Mid-Suffolk Light Railway order
Ymateb gan BRB (Residuary) Limited i Edmund Crosthwaite ar .

Gwybodaeth heb ei gadw.

Dear Mr Crosthwaite, I have no information on the Mid Suffolk Light Railway. Any papers that survive would have been passed to record offices: there i...
Dear Nicola I refer to your email dated 14^th June 2010 regarding the Board's procurement of contactors and construction consultancy services. Dea...
Meltham Branch Line properties and structures
Dilynol a anfonwyd at BRB (Residuary) Limited gan Adam Brookes ar .


Dear Peter Trewin, Thank you for your response to my recent Freedom of Information request relating to the former Meltham Branch Line. I am most grat...

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