Bexley Clinical Cabinet

A GP commissioning consortium a a body that is now defunct

Succeeded by NHS Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group

The Government's Health White Paper published in July 2010 proposed a fundamental shift in responsibilities and budgets for commissioning NHS healthcare and services. GPs working in groups known as consortia will lead the commissioning of most healthcare services across England. It is intended that the new GP commissioning consortia will be the statutory bodies accountable for commissioning from April 2013. The GPs within each consortia are subject to FOI although the consortia themselves may not be depending on how they are constituted.

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Please see attached acknowledgement to your Freedom of Information Request.     FOI ADMINISTRATOR Tel: 020 8298 6000 Email: [1][email addres...
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Dear Maria Broad (Bexley Care Trust) and Mary Stoneham Thank you very much for your reply to my FOI request. Much appreciated. Yours sincerely,...

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