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1. Rosanne Foxton 18 requests
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3. Matt Streuli 11 requests
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6. Doug Paulley 8 requests
7. Maria Zuffova 8 requests
8. Komal Valand 7 requests
9. Michael Bolton 7 requests
10. Rachel Melly 6 requests

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1. Helen Cross 17127 requests
2. Ben Harris 4176 requests
3. John Cross 2234 requests
4. Alistair P Sloan 1968 requests
5. Colm Howard-Lloyd 1469 requests
6. Steve Campion 1326 requests
7. Michael Traill 1194 requests
8. Alex Skene 1131 requests
9. John Fletcher 879 requests
10. Ganesh Sittampalam 718 requests

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Fleet Engineer / Workshop Manager & Passenger Transport Services I am the Director of a recruitment Company called Proactive Technical Recruitment and i wondered whether you can help me please , would you be a... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Newport City Council by Andy Jennings on
Self funders of care costs 1) How many Lancashire based individuals in 2012 were financially assessed for care services and found to exceed the maximum capital funding thresho... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Lancashire County Council by Liz Faye on
Upheld appeals 2015 I would be grateful if you could please publish the number of appeals for entry September 2015 and how many were upheld . Was it non qualification ?... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Langley Grammar School by Shelley Shen on

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