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1635 requests.
The council for the London Borough of Bexley, also know as Bexley London Borough Council.
1249 requests.
We separately list First Wave Housing Limited, a company wholly owned by Brent Borough Council.
1632 requests.
1201 requests.
2048 requests.
Also called City of London. See also: Common Council of the City of London An older name for the City of London Corporation is: Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of...
645 requests.
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you can request information from the Common Council of the City of London about the work it carries out as a...
287 requests.
1973 requests.
1295 requests.
The council is currently initially responding to requests with an automatic message stating "An account was created automatically for you..."; it appea...
1393 requests.
1461 requests.
1669 requests.
We've noticed Haringey Borough Council has started to reply to requests suggesting future requests are submitted via the council's website. This is on...
2035 requests.
1253 requests.
1088 requests.
1201 requests.
1723 requests.
2491 requests.
1362 requests.
1108 requests.
1980 requests.
1431 requests.
Also called RBKC.
1336 requests.
1988 requests.
1034 requests.
2201 requests.

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