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Also called James College. The colleges at York differ from those at certain other collegiate universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge) in that they have no academic or financi...
1 request.
On 1 August 2013 James Watt College merged with Clydebank College and Reid Kerr College to form West College Scotland.
11 requests.
0 requests.
Also called Jesus College.
9 requests.
On 1st October 2012, Jewel and Esk College merged with two others to form Edinburgh College.
5 requests.
Also called JCoSS.
5 requests.
JFS was formerly Jews' Free School [1] and also known as The Jewish Free School[2].
18 requests.
Before 1st December 2012, Jisc's role was fulfilled by The JNT Association and the Joint Information Systems Committee. Jisc's rather complex ownershi...
1 request.
Also called Jiscom. Jiscom is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but we list is here as it is a subsidiary of Jisc.
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3 requests.
14 requests.
2 requests.
John Packer Associates Limited is (indirectly) wholly owned by Norfolk County Council.
1 request.
15 requests.
John Snow College is part of Durham University, to whom requests for information held by the College should be made.
1 request.
Also called Alcombe Pharmacy. From Merriott Pharmacy, you can request only information relating to its NHS pharmacy business. The legal name of the company is John Ware Limited.[1][...
3 requests.
This college has merged with two others to form Glasgow Kelvin College
6 requests.
The Joint Council for Qualifications is not subject to FOI The Joint Council's role includes assisting "the awarding bodies to work together to crea...
1 request.
JISC was abolished in 2012 and replaced by a new company called Jisc.
7 requests.
Also called jmc.
0 requests.
Also called JNCC.
31 requests.
Also called JSCSC.
4 requests.
Josephine Butler College is part of Durham University, to whom requests for information held by the College should be made.
1 request.
On 1st August 2011, Joseph Priestley College merged into Leeds City College.
2 requests.
Also called JACO.
25 requests.
Also called JAC.
27 requests.

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