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Also called AET. Academies Enterprise Trust sponsors 64 academies encompassing Primary, Secondary and Additional Support Needs.
10 requests.
Also called AAT. Amethyst Academies Trust is an Academy Trust in Wolverhampton, sponsoring Aldersley High School and Moreton School.
1 request.
Aspiration Academy Trust runs many academy schools including: Dashwood Banbury Academy (Primary), Banbury Academy (Secondary), Harriers Banbury Acad...
7 requests.
0 requests.
The trust is responsible for South Cambridgeshire village colleges in Comberton (including Sixth Form), Cambourne and Melbourn, St. Peter's School (and...
0 requests.
Also called CLT. Chiltern Learning Trust is a multi-academy trust [1]in Luton. Consider whether your request relates specifically to an individual school/academy before...
0 requests.
0 requests.
0 requests.
A multi-academy trust in London, sponsored by Future. This MAT is notable as it was co-founded by Baron Nash, a former minister for Schools [1]. Con...
0 requests.
11 requests.
0 requests.
The Inspiration Trust includes a range of schools across Norfolk and Suffolk.
7 requests.
This trust runs Barclay Primary School, Sybourn Primary School Thomas Gamuel Primary School and Brook House Primary School
4 requests.
Also know as Manor Church of England Academy, Nether Poppleton, York.
2 requests.
NET Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust. Academies it runs include Latton Green Primary Academy, Abbotsweld Primary Academy, Longwood Primary Acad...
26 requests.
Ormiston Academies Trust is both a multi academy trust, and, a sponsor of academies. Before making a request, you may wish to consider whether your...
0 requests.
0 requests.
Trust running Listerdale Primary School and Anston Greenlands Primary School in Rotherham.
3 requests.
The Consortium Academy Trust, Cottingham. Founded in September 2017 by Cottingham Academy Trust, The Hessle Academy Community Trust and Wolfreton Schoo...
0 requests.
Also called DOWAT. The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust (DOWAT) is a multi-academy trust.
4 requests.
The Three Rivers Learning Trust manages three schools: King Edward VI School, Morpeth Morpeth Chantry Middle School Morpeth Newminster Middle School...
3 requests.
Thornhill Community Academy Trust runs Thornhill Community Academy.
3 requests.

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