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Underline meeting 21-02-2017
Response by Yarm Town Council to patbilly on .


Dear Mr W Jackson/patbilly. I am to provide the information as your request. Please see below; 1. Copy of correspondence/communication relating to you...
Movements in reserves
Request to Yarm Town Council by Allan Mitchell. Annotated by Allan Mitchell on .

Information not held.

Yarm Residents Association (YRA) publicly announced on 21 May 2016 that a sum of £25,000 had been saved and that Yarm Town Council (YTC) had agreed tha...
Solicitors for Judicial Review Proceedings
Request to Yarm Town Council by Town Clerk. Annotated by Richard Taylor on .


An annotation has been removed from this request as it wasn't in line with our moderation policy at: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/help/requesting#m...
Ratepayer Representative
Request to Yarm Town Council by Carolyn Casey. Annotated by Carolyn Casey on .

Partially successful.

As a result of my complaint the ICO instructed Yarm Town Council to provide a copy of insurance as originally requested. Yarm Town Council have provide...
Judical review car parking
Request to Yarm Town Council by sandra mcleavy. Annotated by sandra mcleavy on .


This matter is now in the hands of the ico who are using information obtained from a similar foi request to form a decision on the handling of the foi...
FOI Request: Town/Parish Council Computers
Response by Yarm Town Council to Town Clerk on .


19^th May 2014   Good morning   Many thanks for your email dated 14^th May 2014 received at 17.23,  and entitled FOI request: Town/Parish Coun...

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