Dear Scott, Thank you for forwarding the original request. We have minimal air conditioning in our building and confirm that the combined output of...
Online safety costs
Ymateb gan The Bourne Academy i Electra ar .


Dear Electra,   Please find below the response to your Freedom of Information Request.   1. Which web filtering product does the school use? (e...
School Pay Policy
Ymateb gan The Bourne Academy i Alex Ward ar .


Dear Alex   As promised please find attached our pay policy for 2017-2018. The job evaluation system we use for support staff  is the GLPC(Greater...
Marketing/PR activities
Ymateb gan The Bourne Academy i Rhian Jones ar .

Rhannol lwyddiannus.

In response to your request for marketing information from 18 November 2011. Please note that the Academy was in a set up period from February 2010 u...

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