St Benet’s Hall, Oxford

An Oxford college or permanent private hall, also called St Benet’s Hall

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College fines
Request sent to St Benet’s Hall, Oxford by James Lamming on .

Long overdue.

I would like to know how much this college has levied in fines of all kinds (library, punitive, overdue payments etc. including "administration fees...
Financial Report 2011-12
Response by St Benet’s Hall, Oxford to James Carter on .

Partially successful.

Dear Mr Carter, We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 22 March 2013, requesting information relating to St Benet’s Hall, in accordance with the F...
IT Support Services
Request sent to St Benet’s Hall, Oxford by John Wicker on .

Long overdue.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information requests. I would like to request the following breakdown of the college's h...
Dear Nicola Sorry for the delay in responding to your request, but I was on a two week holiday that turned into three weeks because of an illness in th...

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