School Teachers' Review Body

A public authority

The School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) makes recommendations on the pay, professional duties and working time of school teachers in England and Wales and reports to the Secretary of State for Education and the Prime Minister.

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Software Licenses
Follow up sent to School Teachers' Review Body by Leo Wu on .

Long overdue.

Could you please answer my requests as soon as possible as it's already delayed? Thank you very much indeed. Yours faithfully, Leo Wu
Eavesdropping by teachers
Request sent to School Teachers' Review Body by ismail on .

Long overdue.

What is your policy regarding eavesdropping on parents by teachers? Yours faithfully, ismail
Complaint against teacher
Response by School Teachers' Review Body to Edna Grey on .

Long overdue.

John Perrett has left OME. Please direct all enquiries to [email address] --------- Communications via the GSi may be automatically logged, monitor...

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