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Admission information request
Request sent to Sale Grammar School by PJ Singh on .

Awaiting response.

would be grateful if you could provide me with the following information for the last 5 years (2013-14 to 2017-18) for year 7 admission. 1) The pa...
Number of children passing entrance examination
Response by Sale Grammar School to Ms Sally Wilson on .

Partially successful.

Dear Ms Wilson, Thank you for your Freedon information request information on the school admission figures. The information we hold is given below....
Result Request
Response by Sale Grammar School to Tom Prickett on .

Awaiting classification.

Dear Tom, Please accept our response to the FOI request-376050-0f23661e. We had calculated the response was due by the 19/1/17 as this would be 20 wo...
Dear Mr Pound, The answers to Q1 are provided below by the side of each question. Kind regards, Mrs H Bentley Admissions Officer
Dear Sir/Madam, Further to your request for information please find the answers to your enquiries beneath the questions in your email. If you are dis...
Dear K Anderson, Thank you for your email of 8th March 2014 where you requested information about places offered and appeals. The information you req...
Sale Grammar School 2013 Year 7 Admissions
Response by Sale Grammar School to D Wu on .


Dear D Wu, Thank you for your email of 26th March 2014. The information you requested is attached. Yours sincerely, Mrs H Bentley Admissions Office...
Pupils on roll 2009 - 2013
Clarification sent to Sale Grammar School by Sam on .


I understand that you require my full name and contact details. I have therefore sent this request via email directly to you Yours sincerely, S...
Month of Pupil's Birth
Response by Sale Grammar School to Graham Jenkins on .


Please find attached the information you requested. DOB Age (ym) 29 August 2001 11y 1m 27 August 2001 11y 1m 24 August 2001 11y 1m 22 August 2001 11...

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