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A police force, also called RUCGCF

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Mertin The RUC GC Foundation do not hold ant records sorry we cannot be of assistance. Denise
Domestic Abuse Incidents
Response by Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross Foundation to E Martin on .

Information not held.

Mrs Martin The RUC GC Foundation is not a Police Force. The RUC ceased to exist in 2001 and the current Police Force in Northern Ireland is the PSNI....
Andrew RUC GC Foundation have two paid members of staff, paid through the PSNI HR system. N/A to questions 1-3 Denise
Patrick We here in the Foundation administer the Memorial Garden only, we have no input at all to policing. You may wish to contact the PSNI re your q...
e-Learning Contact

Information not held.

[name removed] The RUC GC Foundation does not have an e learning Dept. It is made up of two members of paid staff and all the remainder are volunteers...
Nicola We have searched our records and have established that we do not hold any information relating to your request. If you are unhappy at the way...

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