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Finance system
Response by Royal Armouries to Jayne Casey on .
Partially successful.
Dear Ms Casey Please find the answers to your recent request below. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know. 1) What Finance system...
IT questions
Request sent to Royal Armouries by Andy Gilbert on .
Long overdue.
1) What Applications are you running for: • Finance (Enterprise Resource Planning) • Planning and Budgeting • HR and Payroll • Projects • Work...
Software Licenses
Response by Royal Armouries to Leo Wu on .
Dear Leo Further to your request for information: Q1. Do you look after your own IT or is it outsourced? The Royal Armouries manages its own IT Q2....
Response by Royal Armouries to Scott Davies on .
Long overdue.
Dear Mr Davies Thank you for your email, I shall find the relevant information for you, and send it on within the time frame specified by the Act. I s...
Image sales
Response by Royal Armouries to Cheryl Hall on .
Dear Cheryl Here are some figures for you: LIBRARY INCOME 2007/8 41,625.92 2008/9 17,176.00 2009/10 17,712.80 2010/11 12,568.23 2011/12 27,577.01...
Planned and Reactive Building Maintenance
Response by Royal Armouries to Alan Noakes on .
Dear  Sir   Thank you for your recent request for information regarding maintenance contracts. Please find attached the details requested.   P...
Dear Mr Griffiths With reference to your recent request for information regard the procurement of contractors and construction consultancy services, p...
Annual Accounts Report 2004-05
Request sent to Royal Armouries by Claire Lewis on .
Long overdue.
I would like to request a pdf version of the Royal Armouries annual report and accounts for 2004-05 (House of Commons paper number HC 357), as it app...
Dear Mr. Roberto We have records for 68,253 objects on our collections database, however, please note that the Museum has no clear definition of what...

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