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IB Economics applicants
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to Jose Carlos on .


Dear Mr Carlos, The reply to your FOI request is as follows: For applicants interviewed for Economics in 2014, 2 were taking the IB and 1 was made a...
Dear Mr Dinsmore, We do not charge a pre-payment against rent. Best wishes, Dr Stephen Hampton...
I wish to thank you for your email and for kindly providing all of the information that I requested. Yours sincerely, Kenny Green
LLM applications and admissions
Request sent to Peterhouse, Cambridge by Martin on .

Long overdue.

Please provide (1) the number of students applying to study the LLM programme at this college for each of the past 5 years (ie where applicants h...
Many thanks for this full and prompt response, it is much appreciated. Yours sincerely, P Brady
Computer use
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to Faraz Andemat on .


Dear Mr Andemat, The answers to the questions you raised under the FOI Act are as follows: i) Unknown. We do not monitor Internet use as a matter of...
Student employment
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to Julian Grant on .


Dear Mr Grant, The rates of pay for undergraduate students who are employed by the College for different kinds of work are as follows: Work connecte...
Dear Mr Black, This College has 6 permanently-employed staff whose total remuneration is less than £7.45 per hour. Yours sincerely, Dr Stephen Hamp...
IT Support Services
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to John Wicker on .


We have no such contracts. -- Dr P.Pattenden, Freedom of Information Officer, Peterhouse, Cambridge CB2 1RD
Employees earning less than £7.20/hr
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to Richard Johnson on .


Procurement of Contractors and Construction Consultancy Services
Internal review request sent to Peterhouse, Cambridge by Nicola on .

Awaiting internal review.

When will I receive a response? This is long overdue. Yours faithfully, Nicola
Student Deposits
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to Prof. I.T. Swide on .


Prof. I.T. Swide wrote: As at the end of the Colleg...
Icelandic Investments
Response by Peterhouse, Cambridge to M Mash on .


Peterhouse has no money invested in Icelandic banks. We have never held deposits with any Icelandic banks. No such summary document, paper or briefin...

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