Paddington Churches Housing Association

A housing association and a body that is now defunct

The PCHA has amalgamated with other Housing Associations to form Genesis Housing Association, any future requests should be directed there. This Housing Association was not strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act but according to the Housing Corporation: "You can also write to housing associations. Most try to be as open as possible and will provide you with information when they are able. The Housing Corporation requires housing associations to be accessible, accountable and transparent to residents and other stakeholders. The National Housing Federation Code of Governance states that associations should operate in an open and accountable manner by generally making information about their work available to their residents, local communities and other stakeholders." Also the Information Commissioner has ruled that Housing Associations are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations.

This authority no longer exists, so you cannot make a request to it.

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Hi Stephen Thank you for email, If you would like further information regarding the below property please contact Genesis Housing group on 0207 563 01...
Mis-fuelling of motor vehicles
Response by Paddington Churches Housing Association to Nick Panchaud on .

Awaiting internal review.

Dear Mr Panchaud Thank you for your email, can you please advise what type of information you were looking for and who you forwarded your request to?...
Procurement of Contractors and Construction Consultancy Services
Internal review request sent to Paddington Churches Housing Association by Nicola on .

Awaiting internal review.

Can you please tell me the following: 1. How you procure Construction Consultancy Services 2. How you procure Construction Contractors 3. If by...
Flat 9 Ralph Jackson House
Internal review request sent to Paddington Churches Housing Association by Byron Charlton on .

Awaiting internal review.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews. I am writing to request an internal review of Paddington Churches H...
Complaints logged
Internal review request sent to Paddington Churches Housing Association by Mushroom on .

Awaiting internal review.

Under the Freedom of Information Act my request had to be complied with by the 14th August 2009 and therefore the law is being broken. Yours faith...

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