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Ethnic Demographic Request
Request sent to Oasis Academy Brightstowe by Carys Evans on .

Long overdue.

I am writing to request statistics of the ethic demographic in your school. As an equal opportunities employer, I’m sure you collect information suc...
1. What form of school library, if any, does your school provide? Please outline the facilities and services included in the library. 2. Please provi...
Permanent Exclusion Numbers
Response by Oasis Academy Brightstowe to Rose White on .


Dear Ms White, Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request regarding permanent exclusion numbers at 3 of our Oasis Academies in Bristol...
Internal review request sent to Oasis Academy Brightstowe by Revolution Rocks on .

Awaiting internal review.

this is my third mail to you. you are now in breach of the lawful time to respond to my freedom of information request. i will advice you i have a...
Marketing/PR activities
Request to Oasis Academy Brightstowe by Rhian Jones. Annotated by Rhian Jones on .


The academy responded on the 16th of Jan 2012.

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