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The NSPCC is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. However we have added them as they have statutory powers and/or responsibilities as defined under the Children Act 1989 and related secondary legislation. One example of the NSPCC's statutory powers is: "In England, Wales and Northern Ireland ... only local authorities and the NSPCC can apply to a court for a care, supervision, or child assessment order."*

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CSE concerns childrens homes west sussex
Response by NSPCC to H Stiring on .

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  Dear H Stiring   The NSPCC is the UK’s leading charity fighting to end child abuse and is not subject to the Freedom of information Act. While...
Child Protection in NICS and in NIO
Response by NSPCC to AIDAN QUINN on .

Information not held.

[1]New KIS Banner   Dear Enquirer   Thank you for contacting the NSPCC with your enquiry about our correspondence with the Northern Ireland Ci...
Freedom of information
Response by NSPCC to Helena Gordon on .

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Hi, Thanks for your query.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with any information that may have been shared with the NSPCC due to Data Pr...
Islamic organisations
Response by NSPCC to Abdul Hai on .

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[1]http://is-nspcc/cpas-site/Knowledge%20and%20Information%20Documents/Marketing%20and%20promotion/Banners/Word%20banner%20image.png Dear Abdul, Ma...
Dear Emailer Thank you for contacting the NSPCC, if you are reporting concerns or seeking advice about the welfare of a child we will respond within...
How many cases within the local authorities
Response by NSPCC to Samantha Richards on .

Long overdue.

[1]http://is-nspcc/cpas-site/Knowledge%20and%20Information%20Documents/Marketing%20and%20promotion/Banners/Word%20banner%20image.png Dear Samantha,...
Child Protection
Response by NSPCC to louise Deakin on .

Information not held.

Dear Louise   Thank you for contacting the NSPCC’s Knowledge and Information Service with your request for information on how many child protectio...
Child abuse cases from 2014 - 2015 and 2015 - 2016
Response by NSPCC to Temitayo Oladotun on .

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Hi Temitayo, Many thanks for your e-mail. The correct address you need is [email address] Kind Regards, Tom Folkes NSPCC Contact Centre Adviser...
Number of children involved in domestic violence cases in Staffordshire
Response by NSPCC to Alex Pearson on .

Partially successful.

[1]http://is-nspcc/cpas-site/Knowledge%20and%20Information%20Documents/Marketing%20and%20promotion/Banners/Word%20banner%20image.png Dear Alex  ...

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