North Glasgow College

A further educational institution and a body that is now defunct

This college has merged with two others to form Glasgow Kelvin College

This authority no longer exists, so you cannot make a request to it.

9 requests
FOI: bereavement services
Response by North Glasgow College to Poppy Damon on .

Withdrawn by the requester.

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. Thi...
Number of Staff on Zero Hours Contracts
Request to North Glasgow College by Hugh Paton. Annotated by Doug Paulley on .

Information not held.

This request was sent to the new successor organisation to this college. --...
Request sent to North Glasgow College by Ryan Evans on .

Long overdue.

This request follows legal and mandatory legislation under the European Performance of Buildings Directive and specifically TM44 Air Conditioning As...
Your HR function
Response by North Glasgow College to Paul Smith on .


Dear Paul, The salaries of the staff are private and confidential and under the Data Protection Act I am unable to supply these. Only the Principal's s...
Response by North Glasgow College to David Blades on .


Dear David, This email from 14^th June is being re-sent as requested. Best Regards, George Stewart Associate Principal From: George Stewart...
IT Patch Management Strategy
Follow up sent to North Glasgow College by David Blades on .


Thank you for your response and cooperation in this matter. Yours sincerely, David Blades
Power Management
Response by North Glasgow College to Martin McKenna on .


From: George Stewart Sent: 17 February 2011 13:42 To: '[FOI #62166 email]' Subject: North Glasgow College FOI request - response Dear Mr McKenna...
Equal Pay Progress
Response by North Glasgow College to Abdul Waqar on .


Dear Abdul, Thank you for your enquiry and interest shown in North Glasgow College. I have attached a copy of our Equal Pay Progress Report as re...
Dear Nicola, FOI request to North Glasgow College I initially received your request on 22 July 2010 and replied on 23 July 2010. I replied a...

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