NHS Creative

A part of the National Health Service

NHS Creative provides design and marketing services and is an advertising agency within the NHS, hosted by the Isle of Wight NHS trust.

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Links to Healthcare Leadership Academy
Follow up sent to NHS Creative by Harold Ruxton on .

Long overdue.

I have yet to have a response from you regarding my FoI request. You are obliged to respond within 20 working days. Please could you respond fo...
Information on app development
Response by NHS Creative to Daniel Scott on .


Hi Daniel, Here¹s the answer to your questions: 1. None 2. None 3. N/A Thank you Steve Steve Hubbard Advertising and Marketing Manager Direct tel...
Current Staff – Office Contact Details
Request sent to NHS Creative by Austin Bond on .

Long overdue.

Please may I request the names, office telephone numbers and job titles of current staff that are involved with or work in the following departments...

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