Newcastle New Deal for Communities

A New Deal for Communities partnership and a body that is now defunct

Although New Deal for Communities Partnerships are not technically subject to the Freedom of Information Act they are public authorities and many voluntarily comply with the Act.

This authority no longer exists, so you cannot make a request to it.

2 requests
Catering / Facilities Staff
Request sent to Newcastle New Deal for Communities by Mr Frederick on .

Long overdue.

1. How many catering / hospitality staff do you employ? 2. Do you employ your own cleaning / facilities staff, or do you contract it out? (By faci...
Procurement of Contractors and Construction Consultancy Services
Internal review request sent to Newcastle New Deal for Communities by Keith Griffiths on .

Awaiting internal review.

This is long overdue. When will I receive a response? Yours faithfully, Keith Griffiths

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