National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit

A body voluntarily applying FOI and a policing body, also called NETCU

NETCU state the following on their website:

"NETCU is not a public authority as defined by Schedule 1 of the FOIA. Therefore there are no obligations on NETCU to disclose information under the Act.

In the spirit of the Act, NETCU aims to make available as much information that it properly can."

They don't publish an email address, but media enquiries are handled by ACPO - requests for information made via WhatDoTheyKnow will be sent to ACPO.

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ERP/Finance System

Awaiting classification.

Dear Ms Hodges, Thank you for your email to the National Police Chiefs' Council - NPCC. I apologise for the late response. The National Extremism Ta...
FOIA Responsiveness
Response by National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit to Coran Archer on .


Good afternoon Mr Archer   Please find attached ACPO response to your Freedom of Information request.   With kind regards   Sherry   Sherry Tra...
Network analysis...
Request sent to National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit by Paul Gaffney on .

Long overdue.

Various types of technology are used for uncovering hidden human networks .They are called different things but they employ similar techniques for e...
I have been forwarded the request you made to ACPO regarding the misfuelling of vehicles in connection with NETCU. Under the FOIA organisations list...
I have been forwarded the request you made to NETCU, via ACPO, regarding the running costs of radio communication equipment. Under the FOIA organisa...

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