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FOI requests should be made to the House of Commons of which the House of Commons Administration Committee forms part. More details of the Administrati...
37 requests.
Please do NOT make the same FOI request to BOTH the House of Commons Commission AND the House of Commons. Requests sent to the House of Commons Commis...
127 requests.
Also called IPSA The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) sets, administers and regulates MPs’ staffing and business costs, pay, and pensions. The...
265 requests.
The Office of the Parliamentary Counsel is a group of government lawyers who specialise in drafting legislation. Part of the Cabinet Office but we...
23 requests.
Also called PHSO The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman provides an independent complaint handling service for complaints that have not been resolved by the NHS...
1338 requests.
The restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster, where both Houses of Parliament are located, was originally set up as a project to be run by...
2 requests.
Also known as the Parliamentary Works Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority. The restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster, where b...
2 requests.
Also called SPCB
45 requests.
The corporate body for the Welsh Parliament is known as the Senedd Commission.
28 requests.

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