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Also called Places for People. Places for People Homes Limited, one of People Group Limited's companies is a housing association which is responsible for the majority of Places for P...
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Also called PACNI.
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The National Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate is part of the Planning Inspectorate
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Also called Plasma Resources UK.
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A wholly owned subsidiary of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory an agency of the Ministry of Defence.
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The core membership of Local Safeguarding Children Boards is set out in the Children Act 2004, and includes Local Authorities, health bodies, the polic...
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Also called NHS Plymouth.
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Also called PAW. Police Authorities of Wales (PAW) was a statutory joint committee representing the four Police Authorities in Wales (Dyfed-Powys, South Wales, Gwent...
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On 1 April 2013, the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland became the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner.
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Also called PIRC. Prior to 1 April 2013, the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner was known as the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland.
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The Police Service of Scotland (Police Scotland) became operational on 1 April 2013, and replaces the 8 regional police forces in Scotland: Central Sc...
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Also called PSNI.
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Most Port Authorities are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 but are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations.
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On 1st April 2010, this body was replaced by the Cwn Taf Community Health Council.
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