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Also called COI The Central Office of Information closed on 31st March 2012.
36 requests.
Also called Charity Commission Not called the "Charities Commission" but sometimes searched for using that term.
1217 requests.
The Competition and Markets Authority is a non-ministerial government department, it is the UK's lead competition and consumer body. The CMA aims to...
175 requests.
Also called CPS The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is the head of the Crown Prosecution Service. The Director operates under the superintendence of the Attorney...
1556 requests.
The agency contracts ACTSO Ltd in connection with the provision of "National Trading Standards". We list ACTSO Ltd so you can make a request in public...
306 requests.
The Forestry Commission is unusual in that it is both a Government Department and a statutory body with a board of Commissioners.[1] Users wishing to...
242 requests.
Also called GAD
75 requests.
On 1 April 2015 the Treasury Solicitor's Department became the Government Legal Department. ‘Bona Vacantia’ means vacant goods and is the name gi...
236 requests.
Also called HMRC Do not make requests for your own personal information, or seek to correspond about your own personal circumstances, via WhatDoTheyKnow. Anything which...
4193 requests.
781 requests.
The National Archives is the official archive and publisher for the UK Government, and for England and Wales and holds over 1,000 years of public recor...
305 requests.
Also called NCA The National Crime Agency (NCA) has been set up by the Home Office to tackle organised crime, defend the UK's borders, fight fraud and cyber crime and...
201 requests.
Also called NS&I NS&I is a state-owned savings bank that offers Premium Bonds and a range of other savings and investment products.
108 requests.
Now defunct.
41 requests.
Also called OFT The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) closed on 31 March 2014, and its work and responsibilities passed to a number of different bodies. The Competition...
90 requests.
Also called Ofgem
352 requests.
Also called OGC The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) seems to have been abolished and subsumed into the Cabinet Office's "Government Procurement Service" (More deta...
19 requests.
Also called Ofqual
233 requests.
Also called ORR Known as the Office for Rail Regulation from 5th July 2004. Renamed to its current title on 1 April 2015 following the passage of the Infrastructure Ac...
254 requests.
Also called Ofwat Also known as the Water Services Regulation Authority.
111 requests.
The Public Works Loan Board was abolished in 2020.[1]
45 requests.
Also called RCPO RCPO was merged with The Crown Prosecution Service on 1 January 2010
2 requests.
Also called SFO
151 requests.
On 1 April 2015 the Treasury Solicitor's Department became the Government Legal Department.
67 requests.
According to its website the UK Statistics Authority has two main functions:2. oversight of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - its executive of...
329 requests.
UKTI was replaced by the Department for International Trade in July 2016.
76 requests.

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