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Also called COPFS Among other duties the Procurator Fiscal performs, in Scotland, a role analogous to the role carried out in England and Wales by coroners.
314 requests.
Also called Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland
24 requests.
Also called HMIAS
9 requests.
Also called KLTR This public authority was called the Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer (QLTR) during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
10 requests.
Also called KPS The King's Printer for Scotland (KPS) is responsible for overseeing the publication of Scottish legislation, and for the management of Crown copyright...
10 requests.
Also called Registers of Scotland Also called, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. We previously had two separate listings one for the Registers of Scotland, and one for the Keeper of...
56 requests.
Also called Registrar of Independent Schools
12 requests.
11 requests.
Revenue Scotland is non-ministerial department of the Scottish Administration and is responsible for collecting and administering the devolved taxes in...
25 requests.
Also called SEPA
198 requests.

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