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On 1st April 2012, Whipps Cross University Hospital became part of Barts Health NHS Trust.
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Previously known as The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, name officially changed 6 November 2017. Whittington Health is an Integrated Care Organisation...
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On 9th January 2012, this trust became part of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
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The services provided by this trust were provided before 1st July 2011 by NHS Worcestershire and Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.
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On 1st July 2011, this trust was abolished, its functions being taken on by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.
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On 1st April 2009, this trust was replaced by the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.
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Before 1st April 2011, this trust was called Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust.
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