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A extended arms-length organisation. As this LLP is half owned by the council, with the other half owned by a private company, it is not formally subje...
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City Building (Contracts) LLP (CBC) is a wholly owned Arms Length External Organisation (ALEO) of Glasgow City Council (GCC). This body is linked to C...
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City Building (Glasgow) LLP is a joint venture between Glasgow City Council and Wheatley Housing Group Limited [1] As this body is no longer wholly ow...
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City Markets (Glasgow) LLP was an arms-length external organisation (indirectly) wholly owned by Glasgow City Council. The operations of this body t...
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This body became defunct on 1 August 2021[1], with its functions returning to its owner, Glasgow City Council. Prior to 1 August 2021, the organisatio...
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City Property (Glasgow) LLP provide for the management, development and disposal of Glasgow City Council’s Non Operational Surplus Land and Property As...
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Also called CPP LLP Commercial procurement company wholly owned by NHS trusts. Service provider delivering three contracts within the NHS Supply Chain Operating Model.
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Also called Cordia All services delivered by Cordia and the Cordia brand name transferred to Glasgow City Council on 30 September and Cordia ceased to trade. The vital se...
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E20 Stadium LLP is a joint venture between the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and Newham Legacy Investments (a company wholly owned by Ne...
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GeoPlace LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership jointly owned by the Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government (trading as Local Governme...
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The partnership is owned by Folkestone and Hythe District Council and Otterpool Park Development Company Ltd. Otterpool Park Development Company Ltd i...
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Also called Psychiatry-UK This body is likely to only be subject to the Freedom of Information Act in respect of some, if any, of its services. Consider if your request woul...
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This body also describes itself as "ACCESS LLP". This body is subject to Freedom of Information law as it is wholly owned by Glasgow City Counc...
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