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Also called BEHHIS This body was made defunct in 2011 through outsourcing of its functions.
6 requests.
This body no longer exists as an independent organisation.
4 requests.
Also called Kent and Medway HIS This body ceased to exist as of 30/09/2019 *
15 requests.
Also called lhis
9 requests.
NHS Shared Business Services provides back office services to parts of the National Health Service. It is a partnership between the UK Department o...
44 requests.
Also called NWIS It appears this body has been succeeded by Digital Health and Care Wales. NHS Wales Informatics Service provided national informatics support to NHS...
49 requests.
The North Mersey Health Informatics Service is part of the National Health Service; it provides information technology support.
6 requests.
Also called OHIS This body was renamed 'IM&T Services' and forms part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
6 requests.
As of 2021 this body no longer appears to exist. Do contact us if this is not correct. South Staffordshire Health Informatics Service was part of the...
7 requests.
Also called SHIS This organisation appears to no-longer exist.
4 requests.
Also called THIS
10 requests.
Also called WHIS
2 requests.

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